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Al Brooks
EUR/USD Trading Strategies: 02_20_20 By Al Brooks - 4 hours ago

The daily chart of the EUR/USD market triggered a buy signal overnight by going above yesterday’s high. There is a parabolic wedge sell climax and yesterday was a reasonable buy...

Callum Thomas
U.S. Dollar Index: What To Watch For Now By Callum Thomas - 5 hours ago

The U.S. Dollar Index (or DXY) is on the move, but what's next and why should you care? It's important to understand the technical forces at play that set this move up in the first place...

Scott Barkley
AUD/JPY: Reversal? By Scott Barkley - 6 hours ago 1

AUD/JPY Bearish: Currently we are at 74.13 in a range. With a negative employment rate (-5.3) as a catalyst, we are looking for an initial move to the ATR Target at 73.64 and then a...

Joe Perry
Where Does The Bid End For USD/JPY? By Joe Perry - 7 hours ago 2

USD/JPY is up over 200 pips since Tuesday, crossing above 112.00 during European hours. If you are looking for a reason, its difficult to pinpoint one. Some of this may stem back to the poor GDP...

JFD Team
GBP/CAD Tumbles Below An Upside Support Line By JFD Team - 7 hours ago

GBP/CAD tumbled yesterday, breaking below the 1.7155 support (now turned into resistance) barrier, and then below the upside support line taken from the low of January 28th. That said, the slide was...

Andrew Robinson
Aussie Slumps As Unemployment Rises By Andrew Robinson - 9 hours ago

AUD/USD at 11-year low Australia’s unemployment rate rose to 5.3% in January, up from 5.1% the previous month, and the highest reading since October last year. The uptick can be partly explained...

Joe Perry
Can Employment Data Save The Aussie? By Joe Perry - 21 hours ago 2

In a few hours, Australia will release the Employment Change for the month of January. The estimate is +10,000 vs +28,900 in December. Last month, AUD/USD was at an important inflection point in the...

Joe Perry
JPY On The Move By Joe Perry - Feb 19, 2020 1

On Monday, we wrote about how Japan’s GDP for Q4 was -6.3% vs an expectation of -3.7% expected. The data was horrible. Yet, yen pairs barely moved on the release, as markets know that the...

Al Brooks
EUR/USD Trading Strategies: 02-19-20 By Al Brooks - Feb 19, 2020 3

The daily chart of the EUR/USD market has sold off strongly for 3 weeks. It is now in the gap above the April 7, 2017 high, which is an important support level. Was this selloff simply...

Scott Barkley
GBP/AUD: Decision Time? By Scott Barkley - Feb 19, 2020

GBP/AUD Waiting: Currently we are at 1.9423 at the bottom of a channel in a range. Two scenarios: Bullish: a bounce and a move to the ATR target at 1.9624 area 2: Bearish: A break...

Fiona Cincotta
GBP/USD Brushes Off Upbeat Inflation By Fiona Cincotta - Feb 19, 2020 1

The pound spiked briefly higher in early trade on Wednesday following upbeat CPI reading, however, was unable to hold its gains and has slipped back through $1.30. Whilst UK inflation declined -0.3%...

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