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Well-being Issue

Well-being Issue

Night reading 丨 Chongqing noodle shop to push the price of noodles: a bowl of miscellaneous noodles 1314 yuan 丨 husband sent lover million luxury, the wife sued the court to retrieve

admin Published 2018/05/25 21:00:16

Original title: Night Reading Chongqing Chongqing noodle price: a bowl of miscellaneous noodles 1314 yuan Husband sent lover million luxury, the wife sued to the court to recover [you are willing to eat it? ] Chongqing side museum launched astronomical no


Well-being Issue

Dumbfounded! Chongqing noodle prices up to 1314

admin Published 2018/05/25 21:00:13

In the scenic spot, astronomical fish, astronomical scallops and other conditions are not uncommon, but it is rare that a bowl of ordinary noodles dares to sell astronomical prices. Recently, the sky-high noodles launched by the Chongqing Noodle House kep


Well-being Issue

Chengdu's Buying House Deemed Chain Under New Deal

admin Published 2018/05/16 21:09:26

I believe that Chengdu's small partner has been scrapped by the New Deal of yesterday. Fan Erjie turned over the discussion on the Internet and used one sentence to describe the impact of this policy as follows: Chengdu's single-person-no-person second