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Well-being Issue

Well-being Issue

It will rain! Thunderstorm + medium to heavy rain + cooling | 12-year old boy learns to have a nosebleed, more than 20 times a day! Helpless drop out of school! Diagnostic results show...

admin Published 2018/05/25 21:01:55

Zhou Chuanxiong at dusk - Forget the limits for today's Quzhou, Xingtai (including Ningjin), Handan, Tangshan, Baoding, Langfang, Qinhuangdao, and Beijing and Tianjin, with limit line numbers 3 and 8. If there is a change in the local limit number measur


Well-being Issue

A 12-year-old boy in Jinan suffers from a nosebleed to learn a nosebleed; the rules for the settlement of Qingdao's points have been published; live broadcasting: a girl from Shandong Province crosses the Qiongzhou Strait

admin Published 2018/05/25 21:01:54

2018.05.25 Good Morning Shandong Your News Breakfast Sunny Day Mode Start! Most of the weather in Shandong is fine and the temperature is close to 30°C. However, there is light rain in Lunan and southwestern Shandong. From daytime to nighttime today, the


Well-being Issue

An apology before the tomb of the martyrs.

admin Published 2018/05/25 21:01:04

The incident occurred on May 8. The Runaway comics released a short video of 58 seconds on today’s headlines and other media platforms. Their lines are suspected of insulting Dong Cunrui’s martyrs and Ye Ting’s martyrs. “Dong Cunrui glares at the enemy’s