Jilin University Establishes Artificial Intelligence College


Jilin University Establishes Artificial Intelligence College

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, May 26 (Reporter Gao Nan) The opening ceremony of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Jilin University was held on the 26th in Changchun. It is understood that the Institute of Artificial Intelligence will conduct cross-sectional research with the relevant disciplines of the university, aiming at the forefront of science and technology in the world, seizing the commanding heights of artificial intelligence, and enhancing the ability of technological innovation, talent cultivation, and serving the country's strategic needs in the field of artificial intelligence.

With the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence has become a new focus of international competition and a new engine for economic development. According to Li Yuanyuan, president of Jilin University, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence will use high starting point planning and high standards to build and integrate resources for development. This will not only give full play to the existing academic and talent advantages in the field of artificial intelligence, but also explore the development of artificial intelligence in the new era. The new model, based on its own practice, creates a new path for the development of artificial intelligence, and is committed to building a world-class, leading domestic talent cultivation base and technology innovation base for artificial intelligence, and to make the country take the initiative in a new round of international technological competition. Actively contribute.

As a leading talent in the field of international artificial intelligence, Chang Yi, Dean of the College of Artificial Intelligence at Jilin University, told reporters that the next development of the college will be a “three-pronged approach”: First, it will lay a solid foundation for artificial intelligence. Research; second is to increase cooperation with domestic high-tech companies in the "artificial intelligence + enterprise" model; third is to highlight the intersection of disciplines and integrate artificial intelligence with other disciplines.

It is understood that Jilin University is one of the first units in China to engage in artificial intelligence research. In 1977, academician Wang Xianghao first proposed to carry out research on artificial intelligence in China and subsequently established the National University Artificial Intelligence Research Association. At present, Jilin University has more prominent comprehensive advantages in disciplines, more rational distribution of discipline structure, and rapid development of disciplines such as computer science and technology, mathematics, information and communication engineering, and control science and technology, providing good conditions for schools to expand the field of artificial intelligence. .