"E-commerce exclusive version" is tricky: home appliances configuration materials are shrinking


"E-commerce exclusive version" is tricky: home appliances configuration materials are shrinking

In the last two years, some home appliance manufacturers have launched e-commerce exclusive products on the e-commerce platform. "E-commerce exclusive supply" products have been mixed since entering the public eye. Some home appliances are sold both online and offline, the appearance is exactly the same, the model is only one letter, but the price is much worse. In the eyes of sellers, e-commerce products have always been the main force of sales promotion and sales miracles. However, in the eyes of some consumers, it is often affixed with "cheap, not good" and "quality shrink." What exactly is the "E-commerce exclusive supply" product? What is the difference between "E-commerce exclusive" products and products in offline stores? The New Express reporter has made it clear to you.

1 Color TV

The difference in model number is 3,000 yuan.

"It looks exactly the same Products, but careful comparison, you will find a slight difference in the model, and even some features will be different.” The public Mr. Huang recently fancy a TV in the store, want to compare prices online, the results did not find the same model on the Internet TVs, even if they have the same appearance, have different models and have found no way to compare prices.

Mr. Lu, who lives in Tonghe, was recently renovated and is currently at the stage of selecting home appliances. "A television with the same brand, the appearance and function of the introduction is exactly the same, the model is only one worse, why the price is so bad?" Mr. Lu said that recently he saw a brand TV, compared to the line and line The price he had made him feel puzzled. Mr. Lu told reporters that his fancy TV is 60 inches, the physical store price 7999 yuan, the network price is only 4999 yuan. In the face of the difference of 3,000 yuan, Mr. Lu was somewhat guilty. He carefully compared and found that there is a difference between the two models. The last letter on the network sales section is H, and the last letter of the store sales section is L.

"One letter, the price there is such a big disparity?" Reporter carefully found that online and offline to sell the same product in the "picture quality" column, although the backlight source, resolution The panel brightness and other parameters are the same, but the core of the screen parameters of a line price under the line of 7999 yuan TV indicated that the original Japanese panel (SDP), the price of 4999 yuan on the TV is 4k LCD panel (INX).

It can be seen that some manufacturers are catering to the e-commerce price war strategy.It will specialize in "special" low-cost products for e-commerce. Even for products of the same style, the “E-commerce version” will have a large gap in appearance design, LCD screen type, base material selection, energy efficiency grade, and the number of specific models.

2 Fridges

The difference in energy consumption between insulation materials is 20%

For network specials There are also differences in the opinions and attitudes of various industry players. A home appliance chain official told reporters that although the same brand, but due to cost constraints, the network special contribution to the main "cheap", even if the same model of the product, the replacement of some components, the appearance can not see, does not affect the use of However, the quality is very different. "For example, different materials for the refrigerator insulation will lead to different energy consumption; the LCD TV is imported hard screen or ordinary soft screen, and the energy efficiency level is also different."

The above-mentioned person in charge It is further pointed out that, for example, in the introduction of refrigerators of home appliance manufacturers, the thickness of the insulation layer of the refrigerator will not be mentioned, but in fact this is an important parameter that determines the energy-saving level of the refrigerator and is also an important part of the cost of the refrigerator. The thickness of the refrigerator insulation layer on the online e-commerce store is 3.5 cm, while the refrigerator with a similar physical store is 5 cm. The energy efficiency levels of these two refrigerators are also different. One is the first-level energy efficiency, and the other is the second-level energy efficiency. The difference in daily power consumption is more than 20%. In addition, the refrigerator backboard made of steel plate is usually used in the industry, and it is also replaced with plastic plate in the e-commerce version. Even if it is a modest power cord, e-commerce products are also 20 centimeters shorter than regular products.

Speaking with reporters and Suning's promoters, it was learned that a certain brand of domestic air-conditioner cabinets had a shrinking function in comparison with the e-commerce custom models and physical stores selling the same products. , Remove some of the original features, thereby reducing production costs. "On-line appliances may also deduct some infrequently used functions, such as the electric auxiliary heating function of air-conditioners. The air-conditioning on the line may not have this function." Some consumers report that the manufacturers of electric appliances must produce different models for the electricity supplier. Products, in order to avoid the mutual benefits of the same brand, to balance the development of online and offline markets.

E-commerce exclusive version is tricky: home appliances configuration materials are shrinking

3 Food Machine

Online shopping is a stainless steel body in a PP plastic store.

"Internet special water is too deep!" Can not help but complain: "on the Internet flagship store bought a food machine, physical stores sell more than 300 yuan, online as long as more than 200 yuan, customer service is that network special offers more cost-effective, I think the price difference is not outrageous, should and physical store Same."

After receiving the goods, Ms. Wan also specifically took the physical store to compare, found that the body of the food machine he bought was PP plastic, the physical store was stainless steel, and the head was also Unlike the physical store, as thick, although not affect the use, but the quality is very different, "wool in sheep, really eat a cheap loss."

Mr. Ma, who is in charge of appliance repair, also discovered that the same model of home appliances has both online and physical versions, and the accessories are basically universal. But he personally felt that the physical version of the accessories was better than the online version. For example, the internal motherboard of a certain soymilk machine, the internal board purchased by the supermarket did a transparent gel waterproof treatment like the main board of the washing machine, and the online version of the internal board was only coated with a thin waterproof coating.

Many people in the industry know that some kitchen appliances are similar to online and offline products, but online is much cheaper. This is because online shopping is a customized product. The so-called customization is the configuration and offline formation. The distinctive difference is that everything from the configuration to the work materials is different, and the kitchen electrical products retailed by offline stores are much better than the online configuration.


Online purchase appliances must distinguish between "specialized versions"

Reporters learned that When many people buy electronic appliances online, they often find that the product's appearance is almost the same as that of a physical store, but the price is much lower. After the appliance is actually used, it will find that the function, model, and performance are different from those in the physical store. Such a product is the so-called "E-commerce exclusive edition."

According to the head of a large home appliance market in the city, Mr. Chen disclosed that, in fact, in the home appliance industry, “differential delivery” is no longer a secret. To deal with the intensive price war, many home appliance manufacturers will be alone. Customized network supply for e-commerce channels. Therefore, consumers will find that the same model of the product, "Network Edition" in the design, LCDScreen type, base material selection, energy efficiency level will also have a small gap.

“The law of a penny-a-goods product is particularly evident in the household electrical appliance manufacturing industry where profits have been low.” The person said that it is the core LCD screen of a TV or the core of a refrigerator and air conditioner. In fact, the compressor will be divided into threes and nines and so on, "You have to bargain I can only use cheap components." In fact, even if they are all qualified electrical products, but the quality of products using different components will also be obvious The difference, but in fact, the brand and model of the components used in home appliances are not clearly indicated on the product. "Electric appliances that are underpriced are likely to save some money when they buy electrical appliances, but they will not be able to use them for a few years and they will have more problems spending on after-sales maintenance."

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Online is cheap, but you should lose out

< p> User A: I purchased a refrigerator online last year. Before I bought it, I saw a sample in a physical store. It feels good and the quality is very good. The physical store price is 5190 yuan, and the online shopping price is 4790 yuan. I see hundreds of spreads. , Of course, online shopping, but the receipt of goods found that the refrigerator back online shopping is very poor work, and the physical store is not the same, I use a week later, found that the refrigerator is not cooling, or a brand name, and later not online shopping, all Repertoire.

User B: I purchased a gas stove on the Internet and could not use it in less than a week. I told the manufacturer that I was fake and I could not contact the seller. The online shopping platform doesn't care either, and they shirk each other and I don't buy online anymore.

User C: Before I didn't understand what network specials meant, I now understand that online shopping is cheaper to supply cheaply configured goods, physical stores expensive to supply high-yielding goods, a penny and a cent Goods, buyers or stores more reliable.