If the field fails, it is misrepresented as "robing children."


If the field fails, it is misrepresented as "robing children."

Failed to pass the game and "lost kid" incorrectly

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If the field fails, it is misrepresented as robing children.

With the development of society, the traffickers of the traffickers are increasingly sophisticated in their abduction techniques and their means are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This makes most parents unpredictable, which also aggravates their “human traffickers”. The vigilance. Concern is chaotic. When parents are fully resisting the traffickers, some unrealistic information from the outside world will also lead them to wrong guidance and cause unnecessary troubles and misunderstandings.

If the field fails, it is misrepresented as robing children.

In a recent circle of friends, Wechat Group and Weibo The bad guys' information, rumors and confusing people, because of this rumors, local villagers and four people clash, after the police investigation and treatment confirmed that there is no child-racing incident, the rumored "bad guys" are just going to the local picnic four young people. Local civilian police and cyber police have conducted exhortations on the dissemination of distorted information and informed the local people and online masses of the facts.

Cyber ​​Police Reminder: The Internet World is Not the LawOutside the country, people from all walks of life and netizens are requested to do nothing, no faith, no communication. Dissemination of rumors, false reports of dangerous situations, epidemics, police situations, or other violations that deliberately disturb public order will be punished accordingly. If you find unverifiable network information, you can call "110" or confirm it with the police through the network.

If the field fails, it is misrepresented as robing children.

Are there any rumours that you can go out to the picnic?

Because of the diversity and complexity of vitiligo, various related The recipes and suggestions for vitiligo have emerged in an endless stream, allowing truly vitiligo patients to be helpless in the face of disease.

If the field fails, it is misrepresented as robing children.

In the late spring and early summer, it was a good time for outing picnics, but because of the white people themselves The cause of the illness has suffered a lot of restrictions in life. There are even more online camps, barbecues, and drinking.Drinks can cause the sudden outbreak of vitiligo, causing patients with vitiligo to hesitate on the road in the wild, that vitiligo patients in the end can not wild it?


Vitiligo patients who go out on a picnic can make them feel good and give them relief, but when going out on a picnic, the weather is definitely good. Coupled with the inevitable outside there will be mosquitoes, patients must do a good job of sun protection, pest control, injury prevention measures, and can not over-fatigue consume their own strength, resulting in decreased resistance to the outside world, giving vitiligo an opportunity.

02, Drinks

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It is the consensus of most people to drink less carbonated beverages. After all, it has high calories and high sugar content. For patients with vitiligo, in addition to carbonated beverages, patients with vitiligo should drink less vitamin C-rich beverages. Drinks like fruit juice beverages should be consumed as little as possible, and can be replaced by lactic acid drinks, such as walnut, peanut, and so on.

03, grilling

Barbecue is a popular summer hotspot. Regardless of whether it is normal or vitiligo, it should be controlled in an appropriate manner. Because many foods may increase vitiligo compared with normal people, and the patients' metabolic capacity and resistance are weak. If they eat too much barbecue food, they will cause unnecessary burden on the body, which will aggravate the illness. , And is not conducive to the treatment of vitiligo.

If the field fails, it is misrepresented as robing children.

In a nutshell, patients with vitiligo can go out in the wild, but they must To control your diet and prepare to go out, don’t giveVitiligo leaves a gap of diffusion! Don’t be too credulous about online “rumors”. You should go to regular hospitals for treatment as soon as possible, and get rid of vitiligo as soon as possible, which is a good way to relax.