He was mistakenly confessed to “robing children” and he was also innocent.


He was mistakenly confessed to “robing children” and he was also innocent.

Original title: Misunderstood as "grabbing the child" The police also made him innocent.

China's Jiangsu network April 25 hearing Su Ming, who has been doing business honestly in Guanzhen Town, Qi County, was misunderstood. To rob children of bad people, it caused a very bad influence. Recently, with the help of the police of the police station in the township of Pixian County Public Security Bureau, he was able to clean up the "sense of public opinion."

On April 18th, the county police station in Suo County received a report from Sumou: “I specialize in collecting hair and breaking mobile phones in the town, and I’ve been doing business for more than 20 years. I’m not sure if I’m in the streets. Recently, some people have said that I am using a business name specifically to steal children. Please be sure that the police must be fair for me!”

It turned out that “Many people who recently ran the town’s WeChat circle of friends In the “children stealing” message, a car for Sumou’s usual business use is provided, and the license plate number is clearly visible. This news not only caused the residents in the town to panic, but also caused a very bad influence on Sumou. Whenever he came to the door to do business, the crowd quickly turned the child home and pointed him at the back. When he began to encounter this situation, he was puzzled. At one time, he encountered such a situation and could not help but step forward to ask. Some people said, "You came to grab a child. You have forwarded your license plate number online."

After receiving the alarm, the police quickly responded to the investigation and found Xu, the publisher of the news “Somebody robbed the child.” Xu said, he heard that a foreign car is to steal children, when Sumou's car is to see the Henan brand, subjectively think that Sumou is a person to grab a child, they photographed Sumou vehicle to upload a circle of friends, to remind The masses took precautions, but they did not know that they had a great influence on the society and Sumou himself. Afterwards, Xu deeply regretted taking the initiative to clarify the facts in the circle of friends and apologized to Sumou. Eventually both sides shook hands and remarked.

At present, the police consider Xu's attitude to be better, and he can take the initiative to admit his mistakes and obtain understandings from others. He has only criticized and educated him.

(He Qing King Zhaoning)