fiery! There are two more top-ranking schools that set up artificial intelligence colleges


fiery! There are two more top-ranking schools that set up artificial intelligence colleges

fiery! There are two more top-ranking schools that set up artificial intelligence colleges

At the 2nd World Smart Conference held in Tianjin on May 16th, Tianjin Two famous universities, Tianjin University and Nankai University, held the opening ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence Institute. Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Minister Chen Zhexi, Tianjin Vice Mayor Cao Xiaohong, and Tianjin University President Zhong Denghua and Nankai University President Cao Xuetao attended the unveiling ceremony.

The Tianjin University Artificial Intelligence Institute focuses on brain cognitive computing, advanced machine learning, intelligent speech processing, natural language processing, etc. Nankai University Artificial Intelligence College focuses on special robots, smart medical engineering, smart cities, smart financial Wait for directions.

The establishment of an artificial intelligence college has become an upsurge in colleges and universities in recent years. According to incomplete statistics, there have been Chinese University of Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Nanjing University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Hunan University of Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology joined the ranks.

In September 2017, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence was unveiled at the Yanqihu Campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and opened the first case in China. In November of the same year, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology became the first university of the Ministry of Education to build an artificial intelligence college.

In March 2018, Nanjing University announced that it planned to set up an artificial intelligence college and was presided over by Professor Zhou Zhihua, an internationally renowned machine learning expert.

According to the Ministry of Education's "College of Colleges and Universities Artificial Intelligence Innovation Action Plan" issued in April 2018, Chinese universities will build 100 "artificial intelligence + X" composite specialties by 2020; and promote teaching materials in important directions. Open online course construction, prepare 50 textbooks for undergraduates and graduate students with world-class standards, and build 50 national-level boutique online open courses in 2020; establish 50 artificial intelligence colleges, research institutes, or cross-study by 2020 The center will guide universities to increase personnel training in the field of artificial intelligence through incremental support and inventory adjustment.