The doctor suddenly "crazy"! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?


The doctor suddenly "crazy"! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

How big is the liquor of Hongmao?

People from Inner Mongolia have been “crazy” in Guangzhou?

According to the news from the upper reaches of the news yesterday, on the 11th of this month, Tan Qindong, who was on bail pending trial, went to the Juche Police Station in Guangdong to receive inquiries and was sent to the hospital for sudden mental illness.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

Last night, from the media Wang Zhian also publicly confirmed the news, not only details of the description, but also attached a medical record:

Tan Qindong spirit may be a problem!

Keep yourself locked in the room, not only talking to himself,

but slapping his head and hitting the wall with his head.

The doctor’s medical record shows that he suffers from: psychological trauma.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

Because there is only the voice of Tan Qindong, the truth needs to be more More information, but it is certain that it is definitely related to Hongmao wine!

This is not the first show of muscle of Hongmao Liquor! As early as a month ago, the muscles of Hongmao Liquor had already been crippled!

For example:

Ad violations of the law more than 2,000 times,

Not only are they safe and sound, but they can still earn 1.5 billion years.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

For another example:

Hongmao Liquor is not only a local taxpayer in Inner Mongolia,

It is also the entire advertising industry in China,

The huge wealthy gold owner dad.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

There is an approval, there is inter-provincial arrest, Hongmao How large is the power of the wine and how can it be done on this portion?

Walking down and discovering that it is impossible to build such a powerful force and that it is not a brand of Hongmao Liquor. Behind him, the station can beIt is an entire "family" - the Mongolian school.

As early as the beginning of the last century, they took the power of the whole family to build such a ladder!

1995-2000,Mengpa will generate several billionaires each year


In 1988, the Inner Mongolian boy Uliji was always puzzled about one thing: obviously the same product, for the guy named Wu Bingxin, he sold it and dumped it. He is a few streets?

The overwhelming thoughts, finally letting him find the trick, grabbed a newspaper and went to the newspaper office. After being rejected by this family, he will run down the next family until someone is willing to accept his advertisement.

Why did anyone pick up his ad? Because of his advertisements, he called for an oral solution called "Yang Zhenhua 851," which was extremely touted and was not "decent".

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

This ad, he believes that it is the explosion of salesman Wu Bingxin Trick.

The fact is as he thought: After the advert of Datong came out, the 400 boxes of products pulled up by Wuliji quickly sold out. He took Datong’s newspapers and did everything he could in Shanxi’s cities. The money collected every day was packed in sacks.

Ulgi suddenly discovered that earning money could have been as simple as that.

Inspired by Ulrich and Wu Binxin and others, “Yang Zhenhua 851” has become the most well-known health product in China. Advertising has reached the prime time of CCTV, and it has also become a designated product of the Asian Games.

In spite of the fact that the advertisements were rigorously investigated, the money making routines were found by the Mongolian entrepreneurs headed by Wu Bingxin and Wu Liji.

Wu Bingxin relied on “Ang Li No. 1” and sold 1 billion yuan in 1993. Later, he developed three oral liquids, annual sales of more than 8 billion yuan, has been sent to the Mount Everest.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

UrigidAlso found a new product, a pair of shoes that can make diabetes self-recovery - acclaimed medicine magnetic shoes, an event selling four or five thousand pairs of shoes is very normal.

There are also popular K, Sun God, Chinese wolfberry extract, Haci five-element needles, Yansheng Baobao liquid, etc., which have become national explosions magic drugs.

According to statistics, between 1995 and 2000, the Mongolian faction generated several billionaires each year. Eighty-five percent of the medical and health products employees in the country are from Inner Mongolia, with more than 500,000 people and annual sales of around 10 billion yuan.

Meng Pai feeds a Chinese second-rate movie actor,also holds up the local media’s job

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It was the best time for the monks.

Like Putian Hospital monopolizing the country's private hospitals, with Wu Bingxin, Wu Liji as the head wolf, Inner Mongolia has formed a complete pharmaceutical health products marketing industry chain, known as the "Mongolian school." They put the most important investment conference in their hometown twice a year and returned home.

The "Inner Mongolia Medicine and Health Products Investment Promotion Association" brought together national health care product manufacturers. This is the timing for the members of the Mongolian Nuggets. Once they have found some gimmicks and have taken over the agency rights, they will soon become multimillionaires.

Afterwards, people stepped on a road to wealth that was verified by countless people and quickly became a leader in the industry.

The most important point in the success rules of the Mongolian school is: The better the advertisements are, the better the camels will never be called cows!

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

So in their founding history, the closest partner was Mass media. From publishing newspapers, to brushing walls, and then to the community preaching, in the end, they found their positions on television screens in third and fourth-tier cities. In the city where international brands disrespect, Meng’s products are gradually becoming king.

Before 2000, China’s local newspapers and local TV stations, including provincial TV stations, had 1/3 to 1/2 of their advertisements come from the Mongolian school; China's second-rate film and television stars, the main advertising contract came from Mengpai products.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

So someone said: Mengpai products feed the Chinese second-rate film and television actors and hold up the local media. Rice bowl.

Hongmao Liquor is a Mengpai product,The kind of reformer


To support second-rate film and television actors and local media, in fact, the Hongmao liquor developed.

In the beginning, the main efficacy of Hongmao Liquor was to treat arthritis, which is a common disease in Inner Mongolia. However, with the continuous promotion of various Mengli elections, the disease that Hongmao can cure is becoming more common. The more you come.

Because Hong Mao has developed two secret weapons - TV special feature films, as well as Mongolian customs activities.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?

With this, in 1999, the sales of Hongmao liquor reached 10% 100 million yuan has become a classic example of the Mongolian school.

At the beginning of this century, the state rigorously investigated the situation of medicine regardless of the family, and the school was silent. However, with the gradual release of the policy, the monasteries smelled and returned!

In 2008, Bao Hongsheng became the head of Hongmao Liquor, which is also the Taishan Beidou in the "Mongolian School." At the end of the 20th century, Bao Hongsheng once sold fire to “protect kidney treasures”, fired “miraculous pleasures”, planned marketing of Tibetan medicine, and bought health care underwear “Tingmei” over 300 yuan.

After tying the liquor at Hongmao, Bao Hong became China's most adventurous person. In 2016, Hongmao Liquor sales was 1.63 billion.

As large as CCTV, small provinces and cities, and even the prime time of county-level television stations, the advertising time of popular TV dramas all broadcast advertisements for Hongmao wine.

The doctor suddenly crazy! Hongmao wine, how much power in the end?


The above is the muscle of Hongmao Liquor.

A generation after another, "diligently" spend money to advertise, build a ladder, and only have the approval today, there are inter-provincial arrest.

As a melon crowd,

Are you afraid?

So, later,

Hung Mao wine drinkers haven't been used yet?

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