Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere


Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

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Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

At this time, the aircraft began to shake violently.

The lunch box dropped and the plane dropped rapidly. Someone fell down. Someone vomited and suffered a headache. Someone burst into tears, and the cabin chaos.

This situation is too rare and it is too much of a crisis.

More than one hundred people are at a height of more than nine thousand meters, only one step away from death.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

Captain Liu Chuanjian and First Officer Xu Ruichen, with its high professional qualities and strong willpower, spent more than 20 minutes in this extremely strong and strong wind environment and completed an operation to rescue hundreds of people.

They miraculously ensured the safety of every life on the plane.

After this matter came out, foreign media followed suit and said that all crew members were heroes and described the incident as unbelievable.

Two carcasses of human fetuses endure the pain of high-pressure "knife" that people cannot bear. With their own efforts, they create a myth about heroes.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

After the incident, the driver was examined at the hospital.

At that moment, they forgot about their own lives, and they were concerned about the safety of the entire aircraft.

Thank you for the flight attendants on board and gave everyone hope and strength. Thanks to the two hero captains for letting everyone embrace their loved ones.

Thanks for being invisible to us, someone is secretly loving us.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

On the eve of the Mother's Day just past, Xie Yong, a firefighter after the 95th, fell from the raging fire in a tall building in a fire rescue, and was unfortunately sacrificed.

Before he waited for his mother to bless his life, his life was forever set at 21 years old.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

There are a few professions that are born Filled with the danger of death, but there are a group of people, they will still choose to stick to this post, in times of distress, struggling to the front, protecting you.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

The so-called years are quiet, but it is someone who is carrying on the weight for you.

The tenth anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake, there was a group of “spider people” in Sichuan. Every day, they carry a steel net of a hundred pounds and silently weave safety nets on steep cliffs. There are hundreds of meters of cliffs, and each step can be faced with death, but these "spider people" did not say a bitter.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

These nets have caught themselves The gravel in the mountains protects passing vehicles and passersby in the mountains.

Everything is related to life and deathEverything is not a trivial matter.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

Dr. He Yue, from Suining City, Sichuan Province, returned to his post just after the completion of the cervical disc surgery.

That day he took a cervical collar and endured the pain of the cervical spine after the operation. From 8 am to 5 pm, six surgeries were performed.

Someone asked him why he should fight this way? He said: "The patients waited for many days and I didn't want them to wait too long."

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

You never know that someone is escorting your life where you can't see it.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere


On the winter morning, the Nanjing street was only minus 4 degrees Celsius. Snow was falling on his head and shoulders, but sweat was on his face.

In order to make the traffic after dawn clear, Shenyang, the city management, went to the street early in the morning to sweep the snow, and the wind was cold, and he was sweating all over his body.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

Regardless of whether a hero is born or not, the profession is safe regardless of whether you are noble or not. It is because someone is guarding you silently.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

Heroes don't need any extravagant appearance, nor do they need to be extraordinary.

The true hero is with us.

The elevator stopped. They took 80 kilos of ropes in turn and climbed to the 28th floor. Put the ropes on the window and save one person after another. Until the fire went out, they quietly left.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

I will appear as long as you need it.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere


After this April's late-night street, a woman accidentally got involved in the car.

The passing takeaway brother immediately ran to the car, appeasing the trapped woman while anxiously contacting a nearby colleague.

A few minutes later, on the streets of the middle of the night, several takeaway brothers, drivers, and passers-by gathered together to lift the car and rescue the woman.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

On that day, the takeaway Xiaoge’s order was late, but he said: “Send a ticket is a few dollars, but life is priceless.”

The world is filled with countless people every day Pass by.

The hero is in this one. Although they seem ordinary, they will come forward when they need it, creating an extraordinary warmth in this society.

Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

Under the flourishing age, there are always people heading for the ten thousand lights. .

Perhaps, life has too much difficulty.

Life pressure, emotional troubles, and ideological burdens often make us breathless.

Sometimes there are some unavoidable accidents that make us cry and desperate.

But there are always "superheroes" who guard us quietly and warm us.

At the moment of the accident on the Sichuan Airlines flight, everyone panicked and cries came and went. The first reaction of a young man's subconscious mind is to hold his girlfriend tightly, give her strength and protection, let her know that whatever happens, he is there. Even if it's broken, it doesn't want you to suffer a little damage.

After the safety landing, the two gave each other a big hug and lamented that "living is good."

This world may be a little bad, but there are still people who are secretly protecting you.

To pay tribute to those superheroes who have saved hundreds of lives in desperation, and to everyone who keeps silent in every position, day after day.

Thank you so much for making this world so beautiful.

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Sichuan Airlines Captain: Heroes, Everywhere

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