Selected jokes ten: first, there is always someone called you, and the feeling is that the phone is always the two


Selected jokes ten: first, there is always someone called you, and the feeling is that the phone is always the two

1 father: remember, children, success requires honesty and wisdom. Son: honest and intelligent, but what is honest? Father: honesty is keeping your word. Son: then what is wisdom? Father: don't promise.

2 the teacher in charge is very funny, in the evening I all night, early in the morning to come back early to read late, he asked me what did you do last night? I said sleeping in the dorm. He came to the sentence: you cheat the dog? I had no choice but to bow his head and answered, 'well'.

3 I'm 23 years old cock wire no girlfriend received a strange message in the morning like you so many years have been afraid to say it, I'm leaving tomorrow morning, goodbye. A person who love you silently." After seeing the dial tread on air went to see who it was my love, the other mobile phone prompt shutdown, in order to show generosity quickly filled the 100 past, called the results after a man moved across the rough voice "dude, cheated a lot, your biggest party."

4 one day, an old man to the hospital, a beautiful nurse gave him got nine are not tied to the position, the nurse said: uncle, you can rest assured that I will give you the tenth needle tie. Uncle and said: girl, are you surnamed Li? Nurse: Hey, how did you know that? Uncle said: you are the legendary Li Shizhen bar!

5 monkey king to the Jade Emperor: "when I go downtown Bimawen is much official, today we know that the original is the groom. I am so strong, you let me give you a horse? This is not a bully?" Taibaijinxing quickly stopped him and said: "you be contented. Just to work to the horse is very good, you look at the Lao, how many years ah, still burning boiler!"

6 and a male colleague to eat fried eggplant served fried found far, poor appearance. So called the boss to let her see the boss at a hot, eggplant fired into a fury at such a male boss shouted: "TM XXX, you like this is fried eggplant to eat pig to eat?" ....... the boss roar end turned a smiling face, the eggplant you eat first, not money...

7 a female colleague is very good to me, I feel a little like me, I also like her, so she said to her WeChat, I did not expect her back to a sentence: do you know the illusion of life, the three? I: which three? She: 1. Always feel someone call you, two. Always feel his cell phone rang, and the total feeling I like you, and then I pull the black

8 used to like a boy in our class, want to create the opportunity to be alone, and then put his bike to the gas, pretending to be calm when the good man to take him home. He said, "I just saw you in the car upstairs......"

9 I as a manager in a mobile phone shop, customers will find the shop to find acquaintances requested concessions, the boss, is to find the manager, find the clerk, yesterday, some people even said know McDull (my dog, often in the shop around, ask, just know) in his home to McDull seen the disease last year he is a pet doctor! Khan ah!

In 10 the first delivery, small pieces, can put the SMS notification, duty room, so that I can send the information, I am master small bag wrapped, I was kidnapped by the property duty, please as soon as possible to the duty room to rescue me, otherwise you can't see me! This thought is very humorous, can do the other is a more than and 60 year old woman, saw the kidnapping, before the alarm, the police station is now no explanation...