Apply for the CPA examination in 2017, see this one is enough


Apply for the CPA examination in 2017, see this one is enough

The first 15 months have passed, this year has been over. No matter whether you have to walk along the way, as you see from the CPA examination, this paper starts, you will have no reason to retreat, the new year to face the challenges and opportunities.

2017 CPA exam, as well as a month of new teaching materials on the market, one and a half months to start the application, allowing no slack. Through this paper, to help you quickly understand the CPA based application conditions, and the related schedule and process, determine the registration subjects and master the appropriate method of preparation. 17 years of CPA exam, starting here!

In 2017 the CPA examination registration conditions

CPA professional stage registration conditions:

Chinese citizens who meet the following conditions may apply for the national uniform examination of certified public accountants:

(1) having full capacity for civil conduct

(two) college degree or above, major in accounting or related major.

CPA comprehensive examination registration conditions:

Chinese citizens who meet the following conditions may apply for the national uniform examination for certified public accountants:

(1) having full capacity for civil conduct

(two) the certified public accountant examination committee (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Finance) issued by the Ministry of finance of China (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Finance) issued a certificate of professional qualification examination for the national unified examination of Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

In 2017 the CPA examination schedule and related process

Step one: CPA enrollment announcement, online registration

2017 registration time: 4.5-4.28

The address for the AICPA's official website (

Entrance sign before the opening, the CPA Association announced in the registration rules and syllabus, provides many important information when the CPA examination conditions of registration and exemption conditions, time, examination subjects and scope, examination method, examination time and place etc..

Step two: registration qualification

For the first time in 1 participants (including graduates, the same below) and graduate enrollment staff, prepared a meet the requirements of my last 1 years 1 inch bareheaded photo (electronic version), fill in the registration information uploaded to the online registration system.

2 for the first time to fill in the registration certificate or diploma number, will be certified by the China higher education student information network. Graduates should register certificate system makeup in late July log number. Did not pass the certification of the registration staff, does not meet the conditions of registration, registration shall not pass.

Step three: online payment, payment confirmation

Payment deadline for April 28th 20:00

1 registration information can be completed through the online payment to pay the examination registration fee, the completion of the registration fee as the registration process. After the registration process is completed, the subjects and the relevant information can not be changed.

2 registration fee standards in accordance with the relevant provisions of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, the financial sector to implement the relevant provisions. After the completion of the registration fee, registration fee is not refundable.

Step four: start the exam for the first time in two weeks

Quasi CPA normally starts in two weeks before test print time, participate in the CPA professional stage exam graduates should be within the prescribed period, the login China CPA Association website, enter the online registration accountant unified national examination registration system "to download and print the certificate.

Step five: take the CPA exam

Note: a comprehensive stage of the examination and the English test in August 26, 2017

The CPA professional stage exams: 14-15 October 2017

Note: on October 2017 21-22 European test exam

Step six: CPA exam

Usually in the middle of the year the examination of the opening of the query in December

The CPA exam entrance general opened in December of that year. Graduates can be through the following query results:

Can log on the national uniform examination online registration system of certified public accountants, click on the CPA examination results query, the results of the CPA examination.

It can also visit Chinese CPA Association website home page, right click the web page CPA exam "into the entrance, after the CPA exam.

Selection of CPA registration subjects

The two section is very suitable for zero based and the first candidates.

1, accounting and auditing

Recommendation: index assumes.

For the first time and strong willpower, strongly recommend this combination. Accounting and auditing are recognized as the best combination of two programs.

2, tax law and accounting

Recommendation: index assumes.

The relationship between accounting and tax law is very tight, difficult to combine with the general candidates based. For CPA and tax division also pro forma candidates.

3, economic law and accounting

Recommendation: * * *

Economic law in the CPA in six relatively independent, this combination is suitable for weak knowledge base, the main accounting. This combination is not in the CPA candidates plan is the best combination, but also conducive to apply for CPA and intermediate accountant the title of the students.

4, tax law and economic law

Recommendation: * * *

This combination is commonly known as "two laws", economic law in six although CPA is relatively independent, but still more or less and the tax law has some relevance.

5, financial management and accounting

Recommendation: * * *

Accounting and financial management is a very famous CPA killer, this combination of difficulty in all two candidates in the first echelon of the scheme is the difficulty. Intermediate accounting practice this combination of students can apply for financial and accounting at the same time for the CTA and intermediate accounting titles and intermediate financial management.

6, audit and strategy

Recommendation: assumes

For a certain accounting basis and choose to register for two students can choose this combination.

For the time is relatively abundant and the basis of relatively good candidates, you can choose three combinations.

1, accounting, auditing and tax law

Recommendation: index assumes.

This combination is the best program for students to register for the first three.

2, accounting, auditing and financial management

Recommendation: assumes

This combination is the most difficult to register for three of the program, is very challenging. The three door is the major CPA professional stage, the three exams by the equivalent of 80% passed the CPA professional stage exams.

3, audit, financial management and strategy

Recommendation: index assumes.

For students with a certain accounting basis can choose this combination. These three are talking about the risk of learning together can promote each other. At the same time apply for this combination of students can apply for Intermediate Accounting Title Intermediate Financial management.

4, accounting, tax law and economic law

Recommendation: * * *

This combination of the three most difficult to apply for the program in the program, accounting and tax law is closely linked, the tax law and economic law is also associated. Apply for this combination of students can also apply for the tax division of Finance and accounting, tax law, tax law two and tax generation and intermediate accounting title of intermediate accounting practice and intermediate economic law.

5, accounting, auditing and strategy

Recommendation: assumes

There is a close relationship between accounting and auditing in this combination, and there is a relationship between audit and strategy.

Learning method:

1, the basic learning stage: look at the teaching materials, do an objective problem based, the number is not much, that is timely and effective. Teaching more to see, to ensure progress, three hours a day, one and a half months to get the first time to learn, slow progress is not a relationship, the key is to lay a good foundation!

2, strengthen the stage of improvement: to do the subject of subjective questions, less involved in the cross section of the problem, pay attention to step by step. Pay attention to the relationship.

3, before the final stage: this time should pay more attention to the study of related knowledge, interrelated chapters to the series, such as stock and income, can the exchange of non monetary assets, debt restructuring, on matters, accounting errors and so on, the main point through an example can master each chapter. Do more simulation problems to understand their own shortcomings, targeted to solve their problems do not understand.

4, learning sequence arrangement: accounting for other subjects before learning, income tax should be combined with the chapter of the income tax law. Therefore, the basic characteristics of accounting is: register in the forefront of the study in the first place.

In 2017 the CPA exam registration is, go with head high and chest out stride, I hope you do, with their own efforts to win the first accounting certificate, to add luster to their accounting career and life!