Shanghai consulate staff was &quot " epic story; reverse video does not represent the truth


Shanghai consulate staff was " " epic story; reverse video does not represent the truth

Recently, a "Shanghai" was an epic "red burst network video.

The evening of April 7th, @TangVision users with 1651 words and 4 minutes and 34 seconds of video, the exposure of the meeting himself with a Shanghai A card consulate vehicles, due to the narrow roads, two car head would go. The black car of the woman began to rage, abuse of their long time. Then the situation escalated, a passerby uncle pulled the woman out of the car, while the woman's foreign boyfriend also came down from the car.

Shanghai consulate staff was " " epic story; reverse video does not represent the truth

"Micro-blog users @TangVision release

As of press time, the micro-blog has received nearly 40 thousand times reprinted, as well as more than more than 50 thousand comments on several points praise.

The woman continued and was shouting, not only by netizens dubbed the "epic Street", and also with the fire of her foreign boyfriend. According to friends of foreign consular flayer, black vehicle video of Luxemburg consulate vehicles, the woman's boyfriend is foreign consular staff.

In April 9th, the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg Consulate General in Shanghai issued a statement, admitted that the incident is indeed a foreign man in the museum staff, and the Chinese netizens to cause emotional harm expressed deep regret".

Shanghai consulate staff was " " epic story; reverse video does not represent the truth

The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg consulate in Shanghai issued a statement

11 pm, Red Star News reporter then call the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg to the Consulate General in Shanghai, submitted to the Ministry of foreign affairs Luxemburg interview outline, hoping to interview the consular attache Mr. David event Storne. The museum staff surnamed Ma told reporters feedback, "because the event is waiting for Chinese Authority (authorities) the survey results will be released after a processing result, it is not convenient to answer any questions."

With the witness leaks and deep grilled users, some users in the mountains in a scolding woman at the same time, the male victim @TangVision questioned the reasonableness of motivation was also a large number of users, the plot had a large turnover.

So the question is, who is pengci, who made trouble?

Net friend

Broke the news

Women's Curse "port donkey" pen Yoko

Based on the @TangVision video and the readme, effect in the area in front of the two car head-on relative, yet both no concessions, in a stalemate in the process, the other consulate car passenger seat of the woman rushed out, shouting and abuse himself -- the woman standing beside the window in Shanghai keep scold "the donkey Kong", "pen Yoko, scolded turned back and did not take two steps back to scold, and shouted" do you get off the bus, so repeated five times back and forth to scold, scold tired to return to his car to scold.

The netizen @TangVision released video

Seen from the video, in the face of abuse, only respond to each other, you are happy, @TangVision claimed that he has been restrained".

The more intense part of the video appeared in 1 minutes and 33 seconds, a seemingly drunk uncle a copilot out at the sight of injustice, a woman, at this time, has been sitting in the black car on the foreign man rushed out, the two sides began pulling each other, pushing and almost foreign man with a strike violently, English shouted "What are you doing You don t touch my!" girlfriend "and" F**k you. F**k English burst foul language your face". Later, after mediation, uncle said to the face of foreigners, moving mouth do not hand, the event is over.

Afterwards, the @Tangvision video and content on micro-blog, because the video is the beginning of the woman long time of abuse, and different attitudes on both sides, causing netizens to denounce the female victim of avalanche.



Who should avoid reasonable?

According to eyewitness friends broke the news that the incident in Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Tangqiao Road, the road length of 400 meters, the @TangVision car is the first position from the west to the east from the intersection about 50 meters away from the vehicle, the consulate behind recent intersection 150 meters.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS 3.8L 0-100km/h acceleration is about 4 seconds, the @TangVision at 1 in the morning when the direction of the road into the Tangqiao speed should be not less than 20 km / h, then the entrance into the video location (Tangqiao road from the intersection about 30 meters) in 6 seconds, to enter the party without any shelter, can directly observe the normal line of sight to the opposite vehicle lights, why should the male victim see into the vehicle coming across the road Tangqiao case?

In addition, because the whole road speed limit has no obvious indication of Tangqiao, running in accordance with the realistic road speed is 40 ~ 60 km / h, turning over to the first time of only 10 seconds, Bo main intersection to the gate area is only 50 to 70 meters, fully able to complete back to the area in 15 seconds.

According to the video shown by the male victim car location after 20 meters have enough space to accommodate two vehicles have passed, that is to say, the male victim was opposite to the car for the first time, there is no reasonable avoidance, but most likely is accelerating into the Tangqiao road.

Star News reporters from users of @TangVision video and text to understand, the male victim did not communicate with the opposite vehicle, let it into the opposite vehicles behind 10 meters around the entrance area, there is no light signal, and the left side of the road there was a guard stone road, a vehicle is unlikely to travel to the sidewalk avoid.

How to narrow the space in the middle of the night, so that the other side of the vehicle to give enough distance? Some netizens questioned whether the victim wants to rely on the high speed to enter the district was just the opposite of the vehicle blocked in the road?

In addition, the consulate after the vehicle is a long and narrow alley, and the owner behind 20 meters or so there is a more open space, under normal thinking, who is more appropriate to avoid? In the case of the victim after the victim did not have other vehicles into the case, the first time is not to make concessions, but picked up the phone to shoot, why?



Shooting video users first pick things

April 12th, the network has been suspected of the victim's clarification statement.

Shanghai consulate staff was " " epic story; reverse video does not represent the truth
Shanghai consulate staff was " " epic story; reverse video does not represent the truth
Shanghai consulate staff was " " epic story; reverse video does not represent the truth

Long suspected female victim clarification statement

The statement pointed out that "the boyfriend said we're just a few hundred meters, he fell 30 metres. He should be back first is common sense" and "the insurance car suddenly playing the headlights of the glare of the lights through us, I saw a car with a mobile phone in front of our security men had been shot, I was wondering, your headlights the name has been taken a few?"

In a statement, the woman also pointed out that he had taken the initiative to get off with Mandarin ask friends "can @TangVision back", the "@TangVision English immediately with a face of calm replied that he wanted to go back home, and the residential entrance in the woman after the car. "The woman look stupid", and with English of netizen @TangVision said: "then you should (car) it!" I did not expect the man immediately with the Shanghai dialect is a drag to answer 'I just do not want to move'

Unable to contact the victim himself, temporarily unable to confirm the authenticity of the statement.

Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Pudong branch of the Political Department of the staff told the Red Star News reporter, the incident is under investigation.

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