Driving qualification exam group cheating test examiner read the answer


Driving qualification exam group cheating test examiner read the answer

Road transport practitioners qualification certificate, engaged in the carriage of goods for the driver, as essential as identity cards. Master the relevant laws and regulations, to participate in the examination, this should be a necessary link to obtain a certificate, but was drilled loopholes.

In April 13th, in a driving school in Beijing Fangshan District, dozens of people were organized to participate in the "road transport driver qualification exam exam exam, not only to verify the identity of the scene, the scene announced the answer, even the answer card has been filled out in advance.

The participants can get 40 yuan a month for two examinations. 40 yuan behind the highlights of the training fee, a certificate of agency, called on the Internet price to more than 1500 yuan.

Driving qualification exam group cheating test examiner read the answer

Participants in the driving test room in Yanshan to participate in the written examination


WeChat group in charge of charging people"

The evening of April 12th, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter went into a named driving school charge field WeChat group. Organizers of the group is to open the WeChat group in the recruitment of 31 examinations". "People are everywhere filled field part-time, who attended the meeting, exam what, it is for others to do something, to give people a support surface." A member of the group explained to reporters.

This is a test, the test and the big truck, as long as the men do not want a woman." After the organizer said this, no one asked for further examination. What the test, how to test, it does not matter to us, according to what they say on the line." A group of members privately told reporters that such a charge field exam every month there will be two to three times, the consumption of a morning fool about, dozens of dollars into the pocket easily.

The reporter newspaper, less than ten minutes, then the full quota of 31. Some people who did not grab the envy of people to grab the lucky". Subsequently, in this temporary group, the organizers informed the 31 participants, the next morning to the designated locations, to Fangshan District, Yanshan driving school to take the exam. Organizers added that the exam is open book, and members of the group told reporters that, as a reward, the test will give each person charged 40 yuan.

April 13th at about 7 in the morning, in accordance with the agreement, the reporter arrived at Metro Line 4 new palace station B mouth. At this point, the subway has gathered dozens of men, from more than and 20 to more than and 50 years old have. Reporters on the scene learned that the people gathered here are three different organizers called over the charge of the field, the test requires a total of more than and 60 people.

In addition to strangers "full field", between these familiar organizers calling to each other. After the exam, they will give you a red WeChat to turn the money, and then scattered on the group, we generally do not ask what they call, will not give them a real name, white, who do not know who." A full field person told reporters.

Driving qualification exam group cheating test examiner read the answer

The examiner's answer card is filled with answers

Set out

Note, number and "new name"

April 13th at 8 in the morning, filling the field one after another to come together, several organizers so that these people stand in line to start counting the number of people. The end of the number of people, the organizers will not be far away from the bus parked on a blue bus, the bus carrying 60 people sitting in the bus full of Dangdang, the last row of the people of the 5 or even crowded the 6.

Metro Line 4 from the new palace near the station, more than an hour after the trip, the bus pulled into the driving school in Yanshan. Driving is located in a cottage, there are three cameras at the gate, the staff stood outside the gate four. Driving a few trucks parked on campus, for the examination of the actual operation of the subjects of the examination.

The bus stop, several hanging "verifier" brand of staff took the car, one of them has warned, "after the car, mobile phone must be switched off or mute, absolutely can't take out the mobile phone, mobile phone if anyone set out to let me see, three years can not be directly confiscated. In the exam."

Before getting off, the staff sent a note to everyone on the bus, with a name and a 9 digit number". The issue of paper is random, no staff asked the name of the note and the note is the same person.

"After entering the examination room, someone will ask you to be a token of identity, as long as you do not say on the line, we take a look, you now call the name on the note, remember." One of the organizers said to the bus driver.

At 9:30 in the morning, more than and 60 people were brought into the written exam, before the door, take the test one by one to the driving school staff reported their exam number, the staff in the registration list, but reporters found that during the staff does not require the examination for identification.

Reporter asked the team to take a few seconds to test the test participants: if the questions on the paper can not answer how to do?" He smiled and said, with one hand on his lips, "you'll know that."".


Answer card has already been filled in advance

This is a tacit examination".

To all candidates sit down, a number of supervisors began to distribute the test papers and answer cards, the reporter saw the paper was written on the road freight transport operator qualification exam papers".

After the examination papers and answer cards, the staff in the examination room has repeatedly stressed that the opening test, do not write any words on the answer card, do not make any changes". Subsequently, the staff routinely read the examination discipline, stressed that absolutely can not touch the phone, but that there are multiple cameras in the classroom, what can be done to see".

About 9:35, the examination began. Daily economic news reporter saw the written test paper a total of 40 multiple-choice questions, 40 judgment questions and more than 10 topics. Reporters have not finished reading the title, a staff member began to read through the microphone, at the same time, announced the answer. Everyone's purpose is to get this card, as long as you cooperate with us, we try to make this thing go smoothly."

More than and 20 minutes, the staff will read all the answers. Here, we are allowed to pen the right answers in the papers on the answer sheet, but still can not move. Unexpectedly, read the answer, another staff room began with a pile of already completed answer card, one by one to replace the hands of the candidates a blank sheet, and let the candidates already fill out the answer answer card "in the following papers".

This replaced answer card, and fill in the answer before the verifier read all correct answers. However, the name and number of the answer sheet is blank. In accordance with the previous agreement, the reporter filled in the blanks on the paper's name and number. A seemingly out of the answers have been formed, the rest is a long wait.

Examination issued an hour later, the official end of the written examination. The candidates will write full papers and correct answers on Answer Sheet 11, filed to leave the examination room.

Driving qualification exam group cheating test examiner read the answer

Participate in the training of the people in charge of the subway entrance


Check into the examination room two minutes after leaving

From the outside, it seems to be a completely formal examination. The candidates who are seated, serious answer, only you know who take the test, this test also requires some acting.

The exam was once "interrupted" because there were inspectors in the exam for the participants. In front of the inspectors to enter the classroom, the examiner stopped publishing the answer, told the candidates said, after a period of time, to show their answer in the way.

Subsequently, the 3 inspectors to enter the classroom, back and forth in the examination room, to see the answer, but only about two minutes, they will go out of the examination room, until the end of the exam did not come again.

The examiner in the examination room to see the inspectors go far, continue to read the answer. Daily economic news reporter noted that these patrol officers dressed in casual clothes, after the exam, the reporter had tried to ask the driving staff who are the Department of these inspections, but did not get a response.

After the written examination, all the participants followed the practice test, the content of the test is to replace the truck tires and double flashing lights.

And journalists, most of the candidates had not been driving a truck, some of the candidates did not even pass a driver's license, in the process of changing a tire, you touched a few gestures at the tire, the invigilator saw two eyes, a right to play back in the form of the number of candidates.

11 in the morning, the end of the second test. Results were not announced on the spot. Back on the bus, the organizers told us that the second day there is an exam, because there is a tour of the test, if anyone would like to participate in tomorrow, it is best to change clothes."

More than 3 in the afternoon, in accordance with the agreement, the reporter received the organizers sent a red envelope, $40 whole, at the same time, the temporary dissolution of WeChat group.

Driving qualification exam group cheating test examiner read the answer

Organizers in the driving school charge field group Release Notice


40 yuan, 1500 yuan to sell card

Reporters learned that the candidates who pass the freight certificate for road transport practitioners qualification certificate, is the necessary documents for the transport of goods employed by the driver. According to regulations, road transport professionals engaged in road transport activities, must carry the corresponding qualification certificate "," road transport workers qualification certificates for the national general certificate, valid for 6 years".

According to the regulations, "management of road freight transport pilot" shall meet the following conditions: to obtain the corresponding motor vehicle driving license; not more than 60 years of age; master the basic knowledge of the custody related road freight transport regulations, motor vehicle maintenance and cargo loading; after passing the examination, obtain the corresponding qualification certificate.

Insiders, this document is different from the B2 (large truck) driver's license, if the driver is to open a large truck for the professional freight industry, it is necessary to pass the freight certificate".

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Authority Yanshan branch, Yanshan driving school is the transport authority of the Yanshan region of the freight certificate registration point and examination site. Before the test need to be trained in Yanshan driving school, and then sign up to participate in the written examination and practice two examinations.

Subsequently, the reporter called the Yanshan driving school, ask the freight certificate related issues. Yanshan driving school staff, you can apply for the freight in the driving school (qualification) card, apply for a fee of 680 yuan, one day of training time. Immediately, Beiqing Bao reporter asked, can not take the exam on the card, the staff responded that, in the past, you can not take the exam to get a card, but recently should not work".

Although the driving staff denied the feasibility of taking the exam does not take the card, but in fact, this hidden interests of the chain has not broken. In the online contact with a number of claims to be able to "proxy" cargo certificate merchant.

Business introduction, he has a special channel can do documents, documents issued for Beijing, and promised documents must be true". Many businesses, said the process of handling documents, I do not need to participate in training, do not have to take the exam, as long as the identity card, driver's license photos can be". The rest of the business, they said, they will arrange for people to complete.

Several businesses did not disclose the rest of the things and arrangements for the completion of the specific content, just told reporters that this card to run down, need 1500 yuan. There are businesses asking price 1800 yuan, customer service also told reporters, a lot of people who need to line up in July to get the card."