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How the boys like girls

admin Published 2016/11/29 18:40:18

I love you more than two years can permit you finally with my profession also told me to tell the truth, I really want to be with you just afraid you suddenly disappear, you are a highly selective cold person is not love the truth of others see is only th


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Ambiguous words between lovers

admin Published 2016/11/29 18:40:12

1, train flute in pulling, who miss the rails and entanglement, bumpy time away, waiting for the day to start, and a leave period, I turned to tears after the flashback, I don't want to leave you, dear to you. 2, if I live without you, then what is the u


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Buddhist wisdom, the full text

admin Published 2016/11/29 18:38:39

The full text I have heard that. Temporary。 Buddha in the room. Only a jingshe. With a large community of monks. People are Qianerbaiwushi. There is no leakage of large arahan. Buddhist abbot. The good and the super. To be able to land. Achievement of dig