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To become a lol occupation the player must have it?

admin Published 2016/11/29 18:54:17

When we were young, we all dreamed of becoming a great hero, a scientist, and proudly said in class, the teacher said: "my dream is to be a good person in the future. After many years, fantasy novels, online games began to replace our hands textbook, we


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"Juvenile reading": a "torture" spiritual dialogue

admin Published 2016/11/29 18:51:32

When a group of men together, usually talk about what the tickets????? In addition to brag or boast, oh, and drink. But history has proven that, when a group of men do not always do it lead a gay life, anything of value. This point, Confucius and Socrates


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You surprised me the time is not gentle my years

admin Published 2016/11/29 18:47:10

Time your tender years, I follow the dawn of the road through the numerous hills and streams, and miss you in an unknown small town, half love didn't make you come when the mark, or go or stop, this life journey began to not alternate contact with you. Y


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Because of love, so sweet

admin Published 2016/11/29 18:47:00

1, train flute in pulling, who miss the rails and entanglement, bumpy time away, waiting for the day to start, and a leave period, I turned to tears after the flashback, I don't want to leave you, dear to you. 2, if I live without you, then what is the u