Classical Chinese and translation in junior middle school


Classical Chinese and translation in junior middle school

Classical Chinese and translation in junior middle school

1 children (Shen Fu)

Yu Yi childish, can open one's eyes on, enough to see tiny thing must scrutinize its texture, so when things interesting outside.

Summer mosquito into REM, the private group intended for the heart, in the air, or 1000 or 100, crane also indeed; proudly of view, a strong. And the mosquito in account, Xu spray to smoke, so that red smoke and forma for Albatron crane concept, fruit, such as crane Li cloud, is contented with.

I often bump on the walls, flower grass tufts of good, squat their body, make and neat; dingshen as fine, with grass to forest, to mosquitoes for beast, to those of Confucius boulders convex, concave, travel, happy and pleased with oneself.

One day, see the two worms fighting grass, the view, Xing is strong, suddenly a huge monster, Nukiyama come down the tree, build a toad, the tongue a spit to make the best of the two worms. More young, side with, not sleep ah but a surprise. God, catch frog, whip dozens, drive the other hospital.


I think of myself as a young boy, can open eyes staring at the sun, see, every time the small things, we must carefully observe its texture, so often can feel detached from the fun of the thing itself.

In the summer, mosquitoes like thundering cry, my heart to liken them to the group of cranes flying in the air, I think so, eyes really is a thousand cranes; looked up at them, even the neck also became stiff. I leave some mosquitoes in a white curtain, slowly spray them with the smoke, so they rushed a cigarette while flying and singing, constitute a crane Qingyun map, really like purring in Qingyun on the edge of the cranes, which made me feel very happy.

I often in rugged places on the wall, bed place overgrown with weeds, squat body, causes the body to stand high, as the weed trees, the insects and mosquitoes as a beast, the clod bulge as hills, or as a valley, I would like to visit with false in this realm. Happy and satisfied.

One day, I saw a fight between the two insects in the grass, (squatted down) observation, interest is strong, suddenly a huge beast Nukiyama come down the tree, the original is a toad, the tongue a spit, two bugs were all eat it. I was very young, see God, can not help but a cry cry. When came back, caught the toad, pulling it dozens whips, it rushed to the yard to another.

2 "the Analects of Confucius" ten

1 Confucius said: "isn't it a pleasure to study, learn and? There are friends from afar awfully? People unhappy and I do not know, not a gentleman?"

2 Zeng said: "I provinces (x from ng) my body: Infidelity and untrustworthy friends do not pass the acquisition"

3 Confucius said: "reviewing the old, to be a teacher"

4 Master said: "learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous"

Confucius said: "by 5, Hui women aware of it! Know, admit what you don't know, is also known "

6 Confucius said: "when one, see not capable oneself"

7 Confucius said: "the three of us are walking together, must have my teacher; choose the good from it, the poor instead"

8 Zeng said: "people can not Hony, go15. Ren think oneself, also not heavier than died, not far from us"

Confucius said: "only 9, and then pines and cypresses"

10 asked: "there is a word which can be life for the person on the" Confucius said: "it will almost! Do not want to own, do not impose on others "


1 Confucius said: "learning (knowledge), and then according to certain time to practice it (Wen Xi), is also happy? There are like-minded people from afar (here), not too happy? I don't know me, but I will not hate, is not a gentleman?"

2 Zeng Zi said: "I repeatedly reflect on his day: for others is not faithful? With friends is not honest? The teacher taught in the school is not over?"

3 Confucius said: "after reviewing the old knowledge, can have new experience, new discovery, you can be a teacher."

4 Confucius said: "reading is not only thinking, will be confused and no income; just don't reading, there is (in a dangerous)."

Confucius said: "by 5, teach you to know your attitude: what you know and what you don't know - this is wisdom."

6 Confucius said: "see the sage want to emulate him, do not see Xian people to reflect on their own with his likeness."

7 Confucius said: "a few people walk together, there must be my teacher, I want to choose their strengths to learn, (see they have) their weaknesses will be corrected."

8 Zeng Zi said: "the scholars can not have a broad mind, strong willed, because he has a major mission, and the distance is very far away. To realize the "benevolence" of the ideal as its mission, is not very important to death so far, is not very far away?"

9 Confucius said: "(HIT) the cold winter, just know deciduous pine tree is the drink."

10 Zigong asked: "there is not a word of life to pursue it?" Confucius said: "it was about" Shu (Road) "! The things you hate, don't be applied to others."

3 ancient poetry five

A "sea view" (East Jieshi)

Jieshi east to the sea view.

Water Dan Dan Ho, mountain island heave.

The trees, lush grass.

The autumn wind blows, filled with Hong Bo.

The line of the sun and the moon, if one of them;

If a bright, if its in.

Thankfully, Yong song.


The mountain east Jieshi, to watch the sea.

What a mighty sea, standing on the sea Jieshi hill is high.

Jieshi mountain trees, grass grows very lush.

Sough, with huge waves of the sea.

The sun, as if it is starting from the vast ocean.

The Milky Way starlight, was produced from the vast ocean of out.

Really lucky, with singing to express their thoughts and feelings of it.

Two, "time" under the Beigu mountain

Off the Road Castle Peak, green water before sailing.

Wide cross-strait tide, the wind is hanging yifan.

Sea, residual night, spring into the old river.

The book he Xiang Chuda, goose Luoyang side.


Passengers to walk the road, from the green mountain Beigu distant spread. The river rippling, I just went ahead.

The rise of the tide, and An Qiping, the river becomes open and boundless. And the wind blowing, the wind is not biased, a white sailboat was hanging from the lofty river.

The sun was born from the eastern sea, break through the residual night, the darkness of the earth as far as flooding. The river was filled with the warm breath of spring, early into the new year.

How I miss my dear home, the letter had been written, how to return home? Across the sky of the North Hongyan ah, please pass on the message to Luoyang.

Three, "Qian Tang lake spring line"

Gushan Temple North Jia Tingxi, Chu Ping water clouds hang low.

Several early warblers fight for the warm tree, whose new pecking Chunni yan.

Squandering charming eyes, can not Asakusa horseshoe.

Favorite Lake eastbound, green Yang Yinli Baisha dike.


From the north to Jia Ting Gushan Temple West of the lake water, just with the bank, overlapping with the white clouds, the lake ripples into one.

A few early to fly to Xiangyang Oriole trees, who to swallow a nest in the soil.

A variety of colorful flowers gradually by people's eyes, the shallow grass just to cover the horseshoe.

My favorite on the east side of West Lake scenery tour is not enough, especially the green Yang Liuyin under the Baisha dike.

Four, xijiangyue

The moon don't startled magpie, the night breeze maemi.

Rice said harvest, listen to the frogs.

Seven or eight star, two or three front rain.

The old Maodian club at Chitou, suddenly see the road turn.

Rice said harvest, listen to the frogs.

Seven or eight star, two or three front rain.


The bright moonlight startled the branches of the refreshing breeze blowing the magpie, chaner tweet.

Rice flower fragrance about the harvest times, heard bursts of Tian sing.

The sparse stars just still hanging in the sky, in the twinkling of an eye drops of rain falling in wine.

The inn is still the village temple trees beside the road around the source stream, it (referring to Maodian) will suddenly appear in front of.

Five, "tianjingsha - Autumn Thoughts"

The tree crow, bridges, West Road rosinante. Sunset, heartbroken people in the world.


Withered vines wrapped around trees, branches perched on the crow, the homing dusk bridge, gurgling water, there are a few households in the old side, desolate road, wind bleak, there is a horse tired Shouma I stumble. The West slowly fall, sad people heartbroken still wandering in the horizon.

4 mountain city (Pu Songling)

Huan mountain city, the city is also one of the eight years, but not a constant. Sun Yu son years with people drinking upstairs, suddenly see the mountain tower rises high, inserted green, your sense of wonder, the Buddhist temple in the near miss. No, see dozens of palaces, green Meng Fei, started for the mountain city. Soon after, Takagaki arrogance, continuous six or seven years, even the city Yi guo. In the hall floor if, if, if the square, hundreds of millions of visible before the eyes. Suddenly winds, dust and gas so vast city, vaguely. Then the wind will clear all day, nothing, but dangerous a, direct the sky. The five floor frame, the windows are open; a line has five open, outside the building day.

At the level of the index, the higher the building, the less bright. The number to eight layer, cutting such as star. And it is not to be dejected, misty, the level. While the upper floors of people with debris, or with or without a shape. Over time, the top floor is low; and gradually as usual; and gradually such as high; suddenly like boxing such as beans, was not visible.

Hear again early walker, see the mountain people shop, not with the world, it is also known as the "ghost city" cloud.


Huan mountain "mountain city", is Zichuan County against a king, but often several years does not appear again. (one day) Yunian sun son with his friends in the industry upstairs to drink, suddenly saw a lonely mountain pagoda stands up high in the sky, (you) you see me, I see you, was surprised and puzzled, thought it is not near the temple. Not long, (and) see dozens of palaces, green tile, roof high tilt, because I realized that the (a) "mountain city". Not long, (again) high walls, (on top) was a short convex concave shaped wall, stretching six or seven miles, turned out to be a city. In a city like pavilions, there are like a hall, as the neighborhood, are clearly presented in front of the numbers. Suddenly blowing wind, smoke, the scene became blurred. After a while, the wind stopped, the sky seimei, the previous picture all disappeared, only a tall building, and on the day after, (each floor) has five rooms, the windows are open, there are five bright place, that is outside the building of the sky.

A layer of a layer of pointing to the number, the higher the room, highlights of the smaller; count to the eighth floor, highlight only the stars is so small; then there is dim, if there is no, it's not clear level. People coming and going, the people coming and going, the work of the various things, there is a (railing), there are standing, the attitude is not the same. After a period of time, the property gradually low down, you can see the roof; gradually, becomes the same as with ordinary buildings; gradually became as tall houses; suddenly shrunk to the size of a fist, (and then shrink) as the size of beans, finally disappear completely.

I also heard that there are early on people, see people, markets and shops on the mountain, not what the difference with the situation on earth, so people also call it "ghost city".

5 "Shishuoxinyu" two

One, the

Taifu snow days, and about the meaning of children. Suddenly, snow suddenly, Gong said: "what have pleased snow like?" Brother son Hu son said: "sprinkle salt air difference can be." The woman said: "brother or LiuXu because of the wind." Public laughter. The male big brother no Yi female, General Wang Ning also left his wife.


A cold snowy day, the Xies together, with their men to talk about poetry papers. Suddenly, the snow was tight, Taifu said happily: "what the snow drifting profusely and disorderly like?" his brother's eldest son Hu said: "with the same salt in the air." The daughter of his brother Yun Road said: "better than the style of the flying catkins blowing." A happy smile. Tao Yun is no daughter Yi Xie Taifu eldest brother, general Wang Ningzhi's wife left.

Two, Chen Taiqiu and friends of the period

Anson hill and friends for the period, not to live in, too Qiushe to. Go after even. Yuan Fang at the age of seven, outside the play. Guest asked Yuan Fang: "respect the gentleman in not?" Answer: "not long to wait you, have to." A friend then said angrily: "inhuman zai! With the people of the line, phase committee to go." Yuan Fang said: "Jun and Jiajun date, not to date, is not on the letter; it is rude to scold father." Friends can get off, lead. Introduction to Yuan Fang, regardless of.


Anson hill with a friend agreed to go out together, about noon. At noon it was over, but the friend came, and the hill was no longer waiting. After the hill was gone, the man came. , the eldest son of Chen Yuanfang, was seven years old when he was playing outside the door. The man asked Yuan Fang: "your father at home?" Yuan Fang replied: "you are not for a long time, he has gone." The man is angry, scold: "really is not a thing! Make an appointment with someone else, but leave them alone." Yuan Fang said: "you told my dad about noon noon to go off together, you do not, is disloyal to others; son scold his father, is impolite." The man felt ashamed, he came down from the car, and would like to shake hands with the yuan, the yuan side even the first to go back to the door of their own.

6 fable four

One, Hermes and the statue


Hermes want to know him much respect in the world, it turned into a mortal, came to a statue of the store. He saw the statue of Jose, asked: "how much?" said: "the statue of a silver dollar." Hermes smiled and asked: "how much is the statue of Hera?" statue said: "a little more expensive." Later, Hercules saw his statue, he thought as a God, and is the merchant's patron, people are asked to pseudo heavy, he said: "how much is it?" the statue answered and said: "if you buy the two, this give away."

The story is applied to those who are vain and not attached.

Two, mosquitoes and lions


The mosquito flew to the lion and said to him, "I am not afraid of you. You are not stronger than me.". To say this is not the way, what is your strength? Are you scratching and biting? Women fight with men, it will be so dry. I'm much better than you. If you want to, let's have a fight!" The mosquito blew the trumpet and rushed to the place where there was no hair around the lion's nose. The lion was so angry with his claws to break his face. The mosquito beat the lion, and with the trumpet, singing songs fly, but was stuck to the spider web. When the mosquito is going to be eaten, he sighed and said, "it is against the most powerful animals, and it is destroyed by the little spider.".

The story is suitable for those who have defeated the big people, but are defeated by the small characters.

Three, wisdom son suspected neighbor

Song rich, bad weather wall. The master said: "no building, is bound to steal." The neighbors of the father to say. Twilight and fruit dead money, what's the wise son, but the father suspected neighbor.


There was a rich man in the Song Kingdom, because of the heavy rain, the wall collapsed. His son said, "if you don't (hurry) build it, there must be a thief in."." The old man next door said. (but the rich do not listen to their words. This evening, as he had lost a lot of property, the family was very much admired his son is clever, but suspected theft is the old man in the next door.


Near the frontier of people, have good technique, and get killed Hu horse invincible. Everybody's hanging, his father said: "this is not what great blessing?" In a few months, the horse will be Hu horse and go. Is he, his father said: "this is not what great trouble?" Ietomi Yoshima, the son of a good ride, and folded its legs fall. Everybody's hanging, his father said: "this is not what great blessing?" Habitat for one year, hu man into the plug, Ding Zhuang who fight the string. Close to the people, the dead nineteen. The only reason to lame son, paul.


The people living near the frontier, a good number of events that art master of people. Once, his horse ran to the hu man's residence without any reason. People have come to comfort him. The old man said: "how can this not be a blessing?" After a few months, the loss of the horse with much good horse back. People came to congratulate him. The old man said again: "how can this not be a kind of disaster?" There are a lot of good horses containing people's home, his son ride, the fall from the horse broke his thigh. People came to visit him. The old man said, "how can this not be a blessing?" One year later, the Barbarian Invasion frontier, strong men took up arms to fight. People who live near the frontier fortress of death accounted for 9/10. This person but because the lame reason from the campaign, the father and son to the preservation of their lives.

Grade seven

1 injuries (Wang Anshi)

Fang Zhongyong, the world's scribe. Zhong Yongsheng five years, did not know the book, suddenly cry for. Yan different parent, borrow near contrast, the four poetry books, and from its name. His poems to parents, close family as Italy, passed a village scholar of view. Self is a poem referring to things immediately, the texture is impressive. Yi Ren Qi, a guest father, or to coin kilimanjaro. Father Lee also ran, pulling on Zhong Yi people in Yong Huan ye, not to learn.

Yu Wen Yu long. Ming, from the ancestors in the home, see uncle, twelve men. Make poem, cannot say before the smell. After seven years, also from Yangzhou, complex to Jiujia asked yan. Said: "obliterate all men. "

Prince said: "Zhong Yongzhi through the enlightenment, the day of the. The day also, Yin in far away. Death is for the people, they are not the people who are also. And they are also affected by the day, so that they will not be affected by the people, and for the people; this man will not be affected by the day, so they will not be affected by the people, so they have to do it?


Jinxi civilians Fang Zhongyong, generation on the farm industry. Zhong Yongchang, five years old, who had no knowledge of paper and ink, (one day) suddenly cried to these things. His father was surprised, borrowed from the nearby people to him, (Zhong Yong) immediately wrote four poems, and the title of his name. The human content of this poem to parents, the unity of the same clan, sent to the township scholar. Since then, his poetry prescribed articles, (he) immediately write poetry, literary and truth are worth seeing places. With the county to his surprise, gradually to ask his father to visit some money for Zhongyong. His father thinks it is profitable, and every day he will always visit the same county, not to let him learn.

I've heard it for a long time. Ming, I with my father returned home to see him in her uncle's house (he has a dozen years old). Let (him) (poetry, write poetry has not quite the reputation of the past). And after another seven years, I came back from Yangzhou, and once again to my uncle's house, and asked Fang Zhongyong, and said, "(he has) to completely disappear and become a common man."

Mr. Wang said: the knowledge and understanding of the secondary wing is a natural talent. His talent was much higher than that of the average man. He finally became an ordinary person, is because he has not been educated the day after day. As he did so naturally clever, intelligent people, have not been acquired education have to be ordinary people; so now, those who are not born smart, just ordinary people, and don't accept acquired education to become an ordinary person can not be afraid?

2 Sun Quan quanxue Zizhitongjian "

At the beginning, the right that Lu Meng said: "this Dangtu Qing Zhang, can not learn!" In a speech by the army. Right said: "it is to treat the solitary state Dr. evil! But when reading, see the ear of the past. Your words more, or if alone? Lonely often read, since the big benefit." Meng is the beginning of school.

And after Lu Su Xun Yang, Mongolia and discussion, startled said: "now you can, not an ignorant person!" Meng said: "after three days, the more big brother see what regard with special esteem, that night!" Su Sui paimon mother, friends and don't.


At first, the king of Wu Sun Quan on the general Lu Meng said: "now you body when important master weight, not without further to learn!" Meng army camp in various affairs for the reason to refuse. Sun Quan said: "I don't want you to delve into the history books and become learned scholars? Just should learn knowledge widely without having to go to the deep well. You say that you have to deal with a lot of affairs, which one is better than the one I deal with? I often read, I feel a lot of income." Lu Meng began to learn.

When passing Dongwu ace Lu Su Yang, and used to discuss world affairs discourse, very surprised to say Su Meng views heard: "you are now the talent strategy, is no longer in the past can be compared to Lu Meng Wu!" Lu Meng said: "to have ambition, respectively a few days later, they should keep their eyes open to reconsider his man, why do you see things change so late!" He then meet Lu Meng's mother, and Lu Meng became friends, then say goodbye to.


Beijing has good vocal mimicry. All guests will be in office, the northeast corner, eight foot barrier. A person sitting in a large screen, table, a chair, a fan, a stroke scale, all the guests sit. After a short while, but the smell of barrier in Fu feet, full sit still, no one thing.

Yao Wen Shenxiang bark, the woman will have shocked pandiculation, husband talk. Then the children wake up, big crow, husband to wake up. Fu Fu, children cry milk, the women's shot and the woods. Another big son woke up, he more than. When is the time, and pat childish, whining mouth, infant milk cry, big son woke up with the early sound, Fu Chi big voice, a volley, and all the wonderful Albert prepared.

All the guests sit full, stretched his neck, eyebrows, smiling, silent sigh, thinking miaojue.

Soon after, husband snore, the women's shot, also gradually ceased to shoot. Micro smell a rat, for cable, basin. Coughing in a dream.

Guest meaning less comfortable, a little sitting.

A man shouted "fire! "The husband shouted up, women also play out. Two children together cry. Hundreds of thousands of Russian people shouted, hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of children cry, barking. The middle forces pull back the voice of collapse, hot wind, sound, Bai Qian Qi; and tapping for help Baiqian folder, drag housing Xu Xu sound, snatch sound, splashing water: where should, Nothing needed is lacking.; although there are a hundred people hand hand 100, not the end; people, mouth Bai she cannot name one also.

So all the color left, Fen SLEEVE arm, two shares of the battle, to go ahead.

Suddenly ask the ruler, all the ring. Remove screen as a person, a table, a chair, a fan, a stroke.


Have a good ventriloquist in the capital. One day, just have a big feast dinner in the living room, on the northeast corner placed a eight foot wide curtain, the ventriloquist artist sat on the curtain, which was placed in a table, a chair, a fan, a piece of wood peter. The guests were sitting together. After a while, only to hear the curtain in x-wood a shot, all quiet, no one dare to speak loudly.

Only to hear the far lane a dog, there is a woman woke up, yawned and stretched out, her husband talking in his sleep. For a while the child woke up and cried. And her husband was waking up. She patted the child, the child to nurse him, with his mouth full of nipple or cry, a woman patted him, humming humming to coax him to sleep. Another big boy woke up, talked a. At this time, the woman slapped the voice of the child's mouth hum humming sound, the sound of crying children with a nipple, the children just woke up to the sound of her husband yelled at the child 's voice, and rang, all kinds of sound performances vividly. The guests without a neck, partial head listen attentively, smile, secretly admire, that wonderful!

Not long after, her husband's snoring sounded to the woman, making children's voices gradually take a moment to stop for a while. The mouse rustling sound was heard, pots and other artifacts over the voice of woman in a dream cough sound. The guests heard this, the mood was slightly relaxed, the body gradually sat.

Suddenly one of the men shouted, "it's on fire!" The husband stood up and shouted, and his wife stood up and cried, and the two children cried together. Suddenly, hundreds of people shouted, hundreds of thousands of children crying, hundreds of dog barking. With beautiful houses collapsed sound, the fire burning a burst of sound, the wind whistling, a thousand voices rang; mingled with hundreds of thousands of people in distress, the fire people leave the burning house with hard cry from the sound, the sound of the fire in the snatch objects the sound of water splashing. There should be some sound, not the same No. Even if a person has hundreds of hands, the hand has hundreds of finger, nor clearly pointed out what kind of sound; even if a person has hundreds of mouth, a mouth has hundreds of tongue, also cannot tell them a place to. In this case, the guests left a scared countenance, leaving the seat, raised the sleeves, with arms and legs sosso trembled, almost all want to fall over each other to escape.

Suddenly a pat Peter wood, various sounds all disappeared. Take a look inside the curtain, still there is only one person, a table, a chair, a fan, a piece of wood peter.

4 essays two

A "The Classic of the Great Wilderness", Kua Fu

Kuafu chase the sun, into the day; thirsty, want to drink, drink from the river, Wei River, North Wei; lack of drink daze. Before the arrival of Tao thirst. Abandoned its staff, into Deng Lin.


The sun has been run with Kuafu, catch up to where the sun sets; he was thirsty, want to drink water, drink water to the Yellow River, wei. The Yellow River, the water is not enough, but also to the north of Lake water. Had not yet arrived in the Great Lakes, died on the way. He abandoned the stick into the forest.

Two, two children debate day "Lie Zi"

Confucius, see two children debate. Ask its reason.

A son said: "I am beginning to go out when the people close to the day, while the day is far away."

A child in the early days of the day, and the day is near.

One child said: "the beginning of the day, such as a large hood, and Japan is like the Pan Yu, who is not much for small and large?"

One child said: "the sun is cold cool, such as Japan and into the soup, this is not nearly as hot and cold far?"

Confucius can never be.

Two children laugh said: "what is more known?"


Confucius to the East tour, see the two children in the debate, Confucius asked them about.

A child said: "I think the sun came out when the sun came up, and at noon the distance was far away."

Another kid thinks the sun just came out from far and near from noon.

A child said: "when the sun just came out like a large hood, but at noon it is a plate or dish is small and it is not far from the nearby?"

Another child said: "the sun has just come out of the cold and cold, until noon, it is hot like a hand into the hot water. This is not just close to feel hot, far from the feel cool?"

Confucius can not judge which is right and which is wrong.

The two little children smiled and said, "who says that you know more than one thing?"

5 wolves (Pu Songling)

A slaughter late, the meat in load, only the remaining bone. Two wolves on the way, dressed very far.

Tu fear, cast to bone. Bone was only a wolf, the wolf is still a vote from the complex, after the wolf wolf again only to the former. The bone has already been. The two wolves and drive as before.

Tu big embarrassment, fear of the enemy before and after the subject. Gu Ye is the main product of the wheat field, field pay the thatch cover into qiu. Tu is run against it, the bear knife. Wolves are not before the other rogue.

Less time, a wolf to go, a dog sitting in front of the. For a long time, eyes like bright, very Italian leisure. Tu suddenly and violently, with daopi wolf first, and the number of knife die. Before going to the bank, after the transfer of the pay, a wolf hole, which will be the first to attack the. Has a half into the body, the tail of Lou kao. After Tu off its shares, also die. But before the Wu wolf in a cover to the enemy.

The wolf also Xia Yi, and instantly the two to death, animals of varying geometric Weizai fraud? Stop laughing ear.


A butcher days late, the burden of the meat has been sold out, leaving only some of the bones. Encountered two wolves on the road, followed by a long way to go.

Afraid of the butcher, picked up a piece of bone. A wolf gets a bone to stop, the other wolf still follows. He also picked up a piece of bone, the bones after the wolf stopped, but to get the bones of the wolf again. Bones have been thrown over, two wolves like the same to catch up.

The butcher is very embarrassed, I am afraid with the subject before and after the wolf attack. Wild to see a threshing floor in the field, the owner of the straw in the threshing floor, into a hill like coverage. Then rush past on the butcher ChaiCaoDui below, put down the burden to pick up the knife. Two wolves are afraid to move forward, stare toward the butcher.

After a while, a wolf went straight away, and the other wolf sat down in front of him like a dog. For a long time, the wolf's eyes seemed to close, and looked very leisurely. The butcher jumped up suddenly, with daopi wolf's head, liankanjidao to kill wolves. The butcher was on the road to firewood behind a pile, I saw another wolf is firewoodheap holes drilled in the past want to attack from behind the butcher. The wolf's body has already got into half, only the buttocks and tail dew on the outside. The butcher cut off the wolf from behind the hind legs, the wolf kill. This just understand that in front of the wolf pretending to sleep, the original is used to lure the enemy.

The wolf is too cunning, but for a while two wolves have been hacked, animal deception to how much? Only give them increased humor.

6 "Magnolia"

Complex chirp chirp, Mulan when weaving families. Do not hear the sound of a loom, only hear the sigh, asked the woman what to think? Ask a woman what memories? She did not think that she did not recollect. Last night I saw a military proclamation, Khan big soldier, in the book of twelve volumes, rolls with God name. My father has no grown-up son, Magnolia no brother, wish for a horse, and for god.

Buy a horse in the East market, South City, West City buy shoes, buy a bridle, North City buy bullwhip. Yeniang to dawn, twilight places the Yellow River side, don't smell mother call girl, but the smell of the Yellow River water splash splashing bell. The Yellow River dawn to dusk to Heishantou, don't smell mother call girl, but the smell of Yanshan Hu Qiming tweeted.

Miles went Rong machine, the horse was flying. The new airborne gold watchman, energy-saving. General through death, through ten years.

Come back to see the emperor, the emperor sat hall. Twelve sunghun turn, reward Baiqian strong. I ask for no Mulan Shangshu Lang, would like to take swift mount, but also to send children home.

Mother smelling female, Guo Xiangfu; her sister, married a Greek; younger sister to smell, like pagans sharpening. Open my door, sit on my bed. I take off my wartime robe, my old clothes. When window manage cloud to mirror decals yellow. Look out the fire, the fire are dismayed. Peer twelve years, I do not know magnolia is a girl.

Male rabbit foot Pushuo, female rabbit eyes blurred. Two hares go, I was able to distinguish male and female?


Sigh a sound with a sound, Mulan girl when the door in weaving. Loom loom not stop ringing, only to hear the girls sigh. Ask the girl you sigh is missing what? (Magnolia replied) girl I don't miss anything. Last night I saw the draft instrument, to know a lot of kings in the recruitment of soldiers, then the multi volume recruitment instruments, each volume has a father's name. No father I grew up the son, Magnolia no brother, I want to buy a saddle and horse, replaced his father from now on to apply.

Buy a horse in the East market, bought in the saddle and saddle pad, South City bought a horse bit and bridle, North City bought a long whip. Morning farewell parents on the road, camping at night in the Yellow River, to hear the voices of parents call her daughter, only to hear the voice of the Yellow River raging torrent. Morning farewell to the Yellow River Road, at night to reach the Black Hills, hear the voices of parents call her daughter, only to hear the cries of horses JOJO Yanshan Hu Bing.

War March to battle thousands of miles, crossing the pass and the mountains as fast as flying in the past. The north wind came diaodou sound, the cold moonlight shines upon the soldiers of the armored shirt. After countless soldiers go through fire and water battle, ten years after the victorious return.

The successful return of an audience with the emperor, the emperor sat on the Palace (a). Grand granted merits Mulan is the highest one, get the reward for more than a thousand gold. What are the requirements emperor Mulan, Mulan unwilling to do so Shangshu Lang officials hope a good ride on a camel, with its leg muscles to send me back home.

Parents learned that their daughter back, holding each other to the town to meet her; sister heard my sister back, facing the door dressing up; brother heard his sister back, he rubs the knife to kill pigs and sheep. I open the bedroom door of the East, the West bedroom on my bed, take off the shirt I wear in war, put on my old clothes, finishing in front of the window as soft as clouds of temples, mirror posted in the amount of good memory. To set off out to meet with partners, partners are surprised that we peer twelve years, did not know Mulan is a girl.

Male rabbit's foot love chaos chaos thump scratch, female rabbit eyes always screwed up, when they lie together when running on the ground, who can tell male female?

Grade eight

1 peach (Tao Yuanming)

Jin Taiyuan, Wuling people, fishing for the industry, the edge of the river, forget the way of the far. Suddenly a forest of peach blossoms, gaan hundreds of steps, no other trees, grass delicious, Fallen petals lie in profusion., fisherman's very different; complex before, for its poor forest.

The end of the forest, is a mountain, the mountain has beautiful fertile pool Sangzhu is with senhyaku traffic. With a dress, men and women, old and young, noted as an outsider and contented and happy. See fisherman, but was shocked, asked what had, has the answer, to return home, a sprinkling of chickens for food, the village heard a person to ask for information, xian. Since the cloud ancestors avoid Qin chaos, the rate of wife Yi people, this desperation, never left it; then separated from the outside world. Ask now is what the world, but I do not know whether there are Chinese, regardless of the Wei, jin. One person has said and heard, all sigh. More than one person has extended to his home, all the food. Stopped a few days to resign, cloud: "the people have no need to let others know! "

Not only out, get their boat, then help to the road, everywhere. Yi Jun, said the prefect. The Deputy then sent some people to seek the place, then back to the Nanyang Road, many high Liu Ziji, who also, smell, readily to fail, for compliance, sickness. Then no buyers.


In Jin Dynasty, there is a Wuling people rely on fishing for a living. One day he followed the river boat, forget the distance. Suddenly met a peach blossom, peach tree clip with the growth of both sides of the river, in the hundreds of steps, there is no other trees in the middle. On the grass flowers have bright and beautiful. The fisherman was very surprised. Go straight ahead, he wants to see the end of the forest.

The source of the peach end, next door is a hill, the mountain has a small hole, which seemed bright. The fisherman left the ship, from the mouth of the cave in. At the beginning when the hole was very small, only one person through. And walk few steps, suddenly in front of a light and spacious open. The land here is flat and open houses neat, with fertile fields, beautiful ponds and bamboo trees and the like. The road between the village crisscross, can hear the voice of the crow like dogs. There, people come and go, and work, men and women wear, like the people outside the the Peach Garden. The old man and the child are full of joy, it is satisfied.

There they saw the fisherman, turned out to be startled at asked where he came from. The Fisherman answered him with. The man invited fishermen to go home. They say the ancestors to avoid Qin huoluan, led his wife and children and neighbors came to this isolated place, no longer go from here, then cut off contacts with people outside. They asked what Dynasty it was, did not know about Han Dynasty, not to mention the Wei and Jin Dynasties. The man gave them in detail what they have heard, they listen to all sighed. Others also please their fisherman to his own home, have come up with food and wine to entertain him. The fisherman stayed here for a few days, just go away. The people here told him: "the situation here is not worth the foreign people say ah!"

The fisherman came out, found his boat along the old road on the way back, everywhere mark. Back to the county, to pay in full, the. The prefect immediately sent with him to find markers, did last time, have lost the direction, never find the way.

Nanyang Liu Ziji is a noble person, heard of it, happy to plan a trip, not, soon died. Since then, there is no way for the people to visit.

2 essays two

A, LouShiMing (Liu Yuxi)

The mountain is not high, there is a fairy. Water is not deep, there is Long Zeling. Our house, but I Dexin. Taihen order green grass into low-cost green. Talk and laugh with Ru, sed NIAM senkona diskleroros. Can be transferred to the piano, read the gold classics. No music ear, no - lots of paperwork. Zhuge Nanyang Lu, West Sichuan sub yunting. Confucius said: "what a humble home?"


The mountain is not necessarily high, with the well-known fairy. Water is not deep, the dragon was alien. This is a simple house, but I have a good moral character (not simple). Moss green, to the steps of a long, green grass color, the curtain in the spring. And I talk is erudite, exchanges not understand the knowledge of the people. Can play simple guqin, reading precious Buddhist scriptures. No noisy music disturb two ears, no government official overworked. It is like the Nanyang Zhu Geliang cottage, West Sichuan Yangzi xuanting cloud. Confucius said: "what is the primitive?"

Two, MS (Zhou Dunyi)

The flower of grass land and water, very lovely fan. Jin Tao Yuanming alone Aiju; since Tang Sheng, people love peony; to the MS of the silt but don't dye, wash clean and not demon, TongWai straight, Hong Yuan Yi Ching, neither spreading about nor branching out-concise, Maxine Hong Kingston, far view and not play. I deem chrysanthemum as hermit in flowers; peony flowers, as the rich; Lin, who also spent a gentleman. Oh! Chrysanthemum of love, after the pottery rarely heard; lotus love, with the people who; Peony love, it is appropriate to the public.


Water, the land of a variety of grass and trees and flowers, lovely and very much. Jin Tao Yuanming only love chrysanthemum. Since the Tang Dynasty, the people of the world love peony very much. I only like the lotus, which grow out from the sludge, but not contaminated in the water washing, but does not seem seductive, it stems middle through straight shape, not pulling again and again, not digressive, far more fragrance, aroma, straight clean standing there, can watch but not to go to despise play ah.

I think the chrysanthemum is the flower of a hermit; Peony spend valuable; lotus is the flower of the gentleman. Oh! For Daisy's hobby, Tao Yuanming rarely heard. For lotus, like me, who are the people? For Peony's hobby, the number of of course, a lot of.

3 nuclear boat (Wei Xueyi)

That person said to Kat Wang Shuyuan, the palace of vessel diameter inch wood and stone figures, birds, not because of the situation without pictograph, mood. A taste of Yi Yu pan Chibi cloud Gaidasu nuclear boat.

The boat is about eight minutes in a strange, high two Xu shu. In the spacious cabin for canopy cover, konjak. Beside the open window, about four each, a total of eight fan. Open the window and view, railings across it. Close the right moment, "high mountain month, it left", engraved "Xu breeze, rippleless". Grits of azurite.

The bow seat three people: Zhonge and beard for crown Foyin Dongpo, right, he left. Su and Huang were read a paper, right hand holding a roll end Dongpo, ask the left back when he left hand; he volume, right hand roll, such as some language. Now he is Dongpo right foot, left foot, the micro side, compared with the two knees, the hidden volume at the end of the folds. But the vast Maitreya, topless, the first ang TV, look and Su Huang is not lying; the boat right knee, right arm, left arm and the left knee upright, Miss pearl on the number of beads can be distinctly.

A recumbent oar boat tail. About a rime each one: home right back Chuiji, left leaning on a balance beam, right up the right toe, if Xiao Hu; in left right hand left hand Fu Pu Kuishan, furnace, furnace pot, as the end of his capacity to listen to the sound of silence, and tea.

The boat back slightly Yi, is the title, the text reads: "Apocalypse renxu autumn, Yushan Wang Yi Shuyuan Fu moment". If the mosquito is full, the hook is painted, and the color of the ink is. With a seal, the text reads: "Chu Ping Shanren", the color red.

The project is five; Yizhou, for windows eight; as for a tent, konjak, oven, kettle, roll, as for the rosary, a title; and antithetical couplet ones, for a total of thirty words of four; and the long, had non profit inch. To build a simple walnut. Hee! It is also strange!"


The Ming Dynasty has a handy man named Wang Shuyuan, can use a diameter inch wood carving, houses, utensils, figures, birds and animals, and the trees and rocks, not along the wood original appearance to simulate the shape of those things, each have each modality. Wang Shuyuan once gave me a peach with carved into the boat, the original moment of Su Dongpo is a boat tour of Chibi.

The ship from A to Z long about eight more, about two about millet. Since the middle of the high and open part is made of konjak, cabin, bamboo leaves covered with chuanpeng it. Beside the open window, four around each fan fan, a total of eight. Open the window to see, carved with the pattern of the railings around the relative. Close the window, see the right moment "Shan Gaoyue, get to the bottom of the left", engraved "Xu breeze, rippleless", with painted carved concave azurite word.

The bow sits three people, intermediate wearing a high hat and a lot of bearded man is Su Dongpo, but in his right hand, he in his left. Su Dongpo, Huang He watched a calligraphy and painting banner. Su Dongpo took the right end of the calligraphy and painting banner with the right hand, left hand touch he back. Left hand is taking the banner at the end, the right hand pointing to the calligraphy and painting banner, as if to say what. Su Dongpo was right, he left exposed their yellow, slightly sideways, two knees close to each other in their respective, hidden in the painting banners below pleats. But Maitreya is very much like a Bodhisattva, open mind to reveal two breasts, looked up, his face and Su Dongpo, Huang He is not related. Foyin flat the right knee, bent right arm strut on the ship, and put up his left knee, left arm hanging beads by the left knee, the rosary may clearly count.

A stern traverse oar. A boatman paddles on both sides of the. On the right of the people to comb the hair shaped vertebrae, upturned face, left by a beam, the right hand is pulling the right limb toe, like a loud call. On the left side of the right hand punka, left hand touched the stove, the stove has a pot, the man's eyes looking at the stove, look calm, like listening to the tea to boil no way.

The boat back slightly flat, in its engraved name, text "Apocalypse renxu autumn, Yushan Wang Yishu far just carved" (writing) small like a mosquito foot, hook a picture clearly, its color is black. Also engraved seal script stamp, the text is: "Chu Ping Da", its color is red.

In a boat, with five people; eight with the window fan; with Indocalamus leaves do awning, engraved with the oars, engraved with the stove; engraved teapot, carved painting banners, engraved with the beads of each one; the title and seal character antithetical couplet, engraved with the text of a total of thirty-four. But the calculation of its length, even one inch was selected to dissatisfaction with the long narrow carved. Hey, really wonderful dexterity skills.

4 road trip ("book of Rites")

When the great way is followed, all under heaven will be equal。 Those old friends, friendship, not only its Pro Pro, not only son, so that providing for the elderly, have to use strong, the young director, guanguagudu waste disease, all be raised. Men have points, women have to return. The goods abandoned in the evil to also, without hidden in himself; the force of the body also not evil, not for himself. It is seeking closure and in addition, theft thief without making chaos, so outside the door not closed, is called datong.


When the implementation of the road, it is common to the virtuous and talented people (to work), (everyone) honesty, harmony. Therefore, people not only take care of their own parents, not only to raise their children, to enable the elderly to middle-aged people can die old, social effect, children can successfully grow up, the old man, and no wife and no husband old people, fatherless children, old people, and no children disabled people can get support. The man must have the occupation, the women will marry on time. (people) hate goods abandoned in the ground (to accept the phenomenon of it), but not to eat alone; (also) hate that refused to try to act in common labor, total or private labor. In this way, no one will be a conspiracy, theft of property and part of the crisis, do not close the gate (every family), this is called the "Datong society".

5 poems of three poems

A, "Wang Yue"

Daizong husband how Shandong.

Good luck bell Shenxiu, yin and Yang Xiao cut out.

Energy-saving, to return the bird to have a lesion in the eye.

You would be extremely Ling, list of small hills.


The five mountains of Taishan ah? Then a boundless blue lie in the Qilu endless.

Between heaven and earth magic Junsu ah, in the mountains around the mountain concretion, South Beishan dark side side, so the dusk and dawn.

Look at the clouds in a hill after another, cleaned up the crack open eyes watched the little birds coming into the mountains.

Ah, I must climb the peak standing tall, bow of mountains, ah lay at the foot of the mountain is so small.

Two, "spring hope"

Broken mountains and rivers in the country, the city of spring grass deep.

Sense of flowers with tears, hate the other birds startling.

War in March, received a letter.

The scratch shorter, muddy to be dan.


What country, looking at the rivers still lonely, spring, shortage of city vegetation deep.

The sentimental, see flowers often in tears, there were birds, smell often startling.

I look to the sky and flames, early spring in March, treasure far away from home, we a piece of paper.

Independent vast, silent to almost, sparse white hair, not the top plug hairpin.

Three, "this official"

The evening throws Shi haocun, official night to arrest people. The old man walked over the wall of the old woman.

He calls a minor official anger, why women cry a!

Listen to the woman before the speech: three male Yecheng shu. A man attached to the book, killed two men and the new. Deposit and the hero, the dead is dead! No one in the room, but the milk under the sun. Have sun mother did not go, no end of the skirt. The old woman will decline, please from collectors night, emergency should be hayang service, I still have to prepare the morning cooking.

Night long speech, such as smell murmuring cry. The day Minden future, alone with the old man don't.


The evening of lodging in the evening and Shihao village, have to catch a person. The old man over the wall to escape, the old woman to see.

And the old woman crying how fierce roar, how painful!

I heard the old woman walked up to them to speak: three sons for defense yecheng. A son sends her back, two sons of recent combat death. Live a day to live one day, dead people will never end! There is no other male at home, only grandson is still feeding. Because there is a grandson in his mother, also did not leave, come and go without complete dress. Old woman my strength is weak, please let me follow you back to camp tonight, quickly recruited to Henan to serve, but also for the army to prepare for tomorrow's breakfast.

Late at night, no voice, seem to hear someone crying indistinct. At dawn, I start off on a journey, with only the old man say goodbye.

6 The Three Gorges (Li Daoyuan)

Since the seven hundred Gorges Project in Taiwan Caroline, slightly que; continuous mountains, have great power, non noon, night not see cimoon.

As for the Shuixiang mausoleum, along the back stop. And the king's commandment was urgent, sometimes in a Baidi, twilight to Jiangling, during which 1200, although not to the disease also by running in the wind.

Spring and winter, then the green lake, back to the reflection. The vast Yan more strange cypress, the suspension spring falls, rinse it fly. Qing Rong tried a lot of fun.

Each to the first frost fine denier, often have high chosho withered forest and dry rivers, apes, is cited plaintive, valley pass ring, mourning a long time. The Fishing Song said: "the Badong Three Gorges gorge, three monkeys, the sound of tears stained clothing!"


In the seven hundred of the Three Gorges, the two sides of the mountain even the mountains, there is almost no gap. Layers of Yamakawa Mine, covering the sky, blocking sunlight. If it weren't for noon or midnight, you couldn't see the sun and the moon.

In the summer, the flood waters on both sides of the hills, upstream, downstream waterways are cut off. Sometimes the emperor ordered must be rushed to convey, Baidicheng morning from the start, the evening went to Jiangling, one thousand and two hundred miles in the middle, even riding horses, drove the Changfeng fly, nor so quickly.

The spring and winter season, white rapids, swing the Shiba; green pools, reflecting the mountains on both sides. Extremely steep peaks, the growth of a strange cypress, the size of the falls, shoot erosion, where the fly River, wooded mountains, steep, lush green grass, really interesting.

Whenever the rain or frost in the morning, cold and desolate mountain forest, often have monkeys on high long sound sound, sound continuously, and abnormal. Echoed in the empty valley, a long time before it disappeared. So the fisherman sings: "Three Gorges of Badong gorge, three monkeys, the sound of tears stained clothing."

7 essays two

Thank you, a book book (Tao Hongjing)

The beauty of the landscape, has a total of about. The peak of the clouds, clear bottomed out. On both sides of the Shek Pik, colored. Qinglin bamboo, four when ready. Dawn mist will rest, ape birds singing. Yuhi to decadent, Shen Yue Jing scales. A real desire of Xiandu, since Kangle did not have the complex person singular.


The beautiful scenery of mountains, since ancient times is the common literati praise. The towering peaks towering into the clouds, clear limpid streams. The two sides of the Shek Pik colorful pavilions. Lush trees, green bamboo, for four seasons. In the early morning mist will dissipate, came the ape, birds, one after another of the sound of the song; the sun is about to fall, diving in the water of the fish jumped out of the water. Here is really a paradise on earth. Since the Xie Lingyun years, no one can appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Two, Edward night Temple (Su Shi)

Yuanfeng six years in October twelve day and night, undressed and sleepy moonlight door, they readily. Read no pleasure, then to find Zhang Huaimin, Edward Temple, with people without sleep, and step the atrium. The court under the water such as empty water, algae weed cross, in shadow cover. What night no month, where no pine, but less people two people such as our ears.


Yuanfeng six years on the night of October 12th, I was undressed, I saw the moonlight entry, (I am not produced by night Masaoki), happy to leave. And I think no tour together and went to the temple to find the companion, Edward Zhang Huaimin. Zhang Huaimin also did not sleep, so, (we) together in the courtyard for a walk.

The courtyard of the ground, bathed in the water like that clear moonlight, "water" are like algae, weed like aquatic crisscross, it is the shadow of bamboo and cypress leaves.

One night, no moon? Where there is no bamboo and cypress? Just like we rarely have two such idlers.

The 8 tide (careful)

Zhejiang tide, the world is also great wonder. Since eighteen is the most prosperous and jiwang. Party Qiyuan Haimen, only such as silver; then asymptotically, Jade City snow hill as days come, shouted like thunder, shock blaster, swallow day wo, very proud of potential. Yang Chengzhai's poem "Hai Guo Jiang Department of silver, Hengyu waist" is also.

Every year the Yin Ting Zhejiang teach reading "moonsoon hundreds, in between the two sides; then all the five sub array of potential Pentium, and riding out the javelin Wudao flag on the water surface, rulvpingdi. It is yellow four, do not see the figure slightly, water detonation, such as the sound of the mountains. Smoke is a great wave of static, no trace, only "enemy ships" for the fire burning, along with the wave.

Wu Ershan who is swimming hundreds, Pifawenshen, holding ten large banners to welcome back drum Yong, and haunt the Wanren wave in free variety, while its tail slightly wet, can boast.

Jianggan ten lane, Luo Qi Yimu and Citro Zhuhai, diet, all things are often times dome, and hire rent see scene, although the night is not idle.


Qian Tang River tide, is the world's magnificent scene ah. From the lunar calendar (August) sixteen to eighteen for the most prosperous. When the tide from the Zhejiang estuary surged, (from afar), almost like a silver white line; with the tide is getting closer, like Tamaki setsurei general groaning coming, the sound was like an irresistible force, shake the world, Jiyang gushing, engulfing the universe, wash away the sun, is extremely magnificent and grand. Wanli Yang's poem said "Uncle Guo Jiang Department of silver, Hengyu waist" is the description of this scene.

Every year (lunar calendar August), Kyoto Prefecture of Ling'an came to Zhejiang Pavilion. The Navy chief, hundreds of ships in two sides; then the exercise five battle array, and rapidly, suddenly jumping, suddenly, suddenly, so all the changes, at the same time in the water, horse riding, flag dance shot, the man brandished a knife, as if on on the ground. Suddenly yellow four, and could not see at all, (a) from the roar of water burst, sound like the mountain collapsed. (until) the smoke cleared, the surface of the water again to restore calm, can not see a trace of a ship, only to be destroyed by fire, the enemy ship, with the wave of the flow away.

Hundreds of good swimming athletes Wuzhong, hair down, covered with thorns embroidery, holding ten pieces of large banners to struggling upstream Ying tide on (their figure) drifting in Maninsan high tempestuous waves, writhed changing posture, while its tail is not being wet with water, by virtue of this (performance) to show their skills (excellent).

Under the riverbank more than and 10 miles, eyeful is gorgeous costumes, blocking the road full of horses, food and other things than usual twice as expensive, and many people see the rental shed, even the space can not have a space for one person.

9 see snow Pavilion (Zhang Dai)

Chongzhen five years in December, I live in West Lake. The three day, people are the vast lake birds. Is better than men, take a boat hold down the fire alone to see snow on the clothes. Rime hang Dang, the sky and the clouds and mountains, and water, the next white. The shadow on the lake but along a trace, a pavilion, with more than a mustard boat, the boat in the two or three grain. To the pavilion, there are two people felt shop sitting, boy liquor, stove is boiling. I see great rejoicing, said: "the lake Yan more person?" La Yu yin. I strong drink three big cup and don't, ask its name, is the Jinling people, guest this. And out of the boat, "saidboatman Mo said:" all crazy, crazy people more like'."


Chongzhen five years in December, I live in West Lake. After a series of three days of snow, the lake, the sound of pedestrians, birds have disappeared. This morning, I rowed a small boat, wearing a fur coat, with a stove, alone to see the snow pavilion. (on the lake) filled with water into ice, the sky and the clouds and mountains and water, a vast expanse of whiteness all blend into one harmonious whole. The lake (clear) shadow (light), only a trace of a causeway, the outline, and I a small boat, the boat's figure two or three grain.

To the pavilion, saw two people have paved the blanket, she is a boy drink wine in the burned boiling furnace. (they) I saw, very pleased and said: "how can you hit in the lake (you) (such a concinnity person)!" Took me to drink. I drink three cups, and then (and they). Ask their name, know that they are Jinling people, here in. Wait (back) under the boat, the boatman murmured: "don't say 'you crazy, crazy people like you!"

10 poems four

A third, "Sonoda"

Bean Nanshan, grass pea dilute sheng.

Daniel Morningside Huanghui, with hoe go.

Narrow grass long, evening dew dip my clothes.

Clothes stained with lack of pity, but that would not violate.


I have bean, Nanshan slope weeds, bean sprouts grow very thin.

In the morning I under weeding, and I went home hoe to rest.

The vegetation covering the narrow road, night dew wet my denim jacket.

Wet clothes have again what a pity, just that I wish to move.

Two, "make up"

The bicycle to ask, to juyan.

Sign out Hansai Peng, Wu Yan into the day.

Desert straight down the long river of the yen.

Xiao Guanfeng when riding, but in richle.


With a pomp, Xuanwei soldiers will go to support Xinjiang shoubian, in the forward, the wheels rumbling over juyan.

It is the roadside grass Peng, the wind out of the Han Dynasty in the world, and the sky flying geese fly north into the dome of the barbarian days.

I saw the bright yellow desert, infinite, tall and straight with a column, gray and black straight together a smoke, such as lying in the Yellow River with the low hanging a desolate and rounded sunset red.

Long trip ah, finally arrived at Xiao Guan, coincides with the report will be watching scouts richle front.

Three, "farewell" Du Jingmen

Du far from Jingmen, Chu yu.

The mountain with the campaignthe River into the wilderness.

The flying cloud node, mirror.

Still pity home water, miles sent a boat.


The poet by boat down the river, after a long waterway, came to Jingmen.

The mountain has come to an end, the river is in the wilderness on a vast long.

The moon in the air circulation, like flying in the sky mirror. Cloud Bo Yu, in the face of great change unpredictably, like a mirage.

Although I still love into the land, home water mountain, always with me make light of travelling a thousand li, the wanderer.

Four, "mountain village"

Moxiao wax wine muddy farmers, to harvest the foot chicken dolphin.

Mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, There is a way out.

Follow the spring flute and drum, dressed simple antique store.

From now on, if by Xu Xian, the staff at night and knock on the door.


Don't laugh at the farm wine muddy, good years there are plenty of food for guests.

A heavy mountain, and a water, no way to doubt the lines and see willow green color, bright color, a village in the eyes.

Are you blowing flute, I beat a drum, in the Spring Festival, the memorial day is approaching, "prime crown, the simple view still preserved.

From today, if allowed by the moonlight stroll, I also want this white haired man with every night, on crutches, open the gate.

Grade eight

1 and Zhu Yuansi (Wu Jun)

The air all the net, Tianshan cochromatic. Drifting from the flow, any thing. From Fuyang to Tonglu, one hundred am, water varies, the world never alone.

Water is light blue, bottomed out. Small stone fish, directly affect. Very swift current arrows, fierce waves if ben.

Gaan mountains are cold tree, negative potential competition, with each other for the high point, Xuan Miao; thousands of peaks. Spring shock stone, Lingling; good bird Ming, yingying. The cicada is thousand turn not poor, no apes were never called 100. Kite flying days, the world service economy, shrink back from difficulties; forget anti peeping. The cross on the cover of Ke in the day, still faint; a sparse CPT, sometimes see.


(the space) are lifted from the smoke, the sky and the distant mountains showed the same color. (I by boat) with the drift waves, let the boat drift. From Fuyang county to Tonglu county (about one hundred miles apart), water varies, the world is unique.

The river is clear and white, (clear) thousands of feet deep can also see the bottom. Fish and fine stone can be seen clearly, no obstacles. (the climax) jet is faster than the arrow, the surging waves like fierce horse.

On both sides of the mountains are covered with trees, a wild profusion of vegetation, make people see a cold, (mountain) with (Gao Jun) situation, to direct to the large, as if in competition with each other to develop high and distant places; (they) are in contention, pointing straight (sky), formed hundreds mountain. Spring beats stone, a cold clear sound; good birds sing and opposite, harmonious and beautiful voice. (tree chaner) a sound with a sound constantly called (mountain) apes a sound to cry uncontrollably. Those with a desire for fame to climb the people, see these magnificent peaks, subsides keen on high official positions and riches of the heart; those who deal with government affairs, see (these beautiful valley), will linger. HengXie branches covered in the above, even in the daytime, as dark as dusk, sparse branches of trees, can sometimes see the sun.

Five 2 Mr. Liu Chuan (Tao Yuanming)

Sir, I do not know who is also unknown, its name; there are five willows beside his house, because thinks the number. The quiet little words, not mu lee. Good reading, read without thorough understanding; every knowing, they gladly forget to eat. Alcoholism, poverty, not often, so the Pro 2, or with alcohol action. Always drank, drunk in need. Both drunk and retreat, had not stingy affection remain. Don't cover the wind; in a cold and bare room, shabby in dress, often empty bamboo mat scoop, Yan ruye! Often the articles amused, display their blogs. Forget the gains and losses, so as to end.

Chan said: "Guizhou Lou's wife said," an empty sack, not just Yu Fugui. " What if the person who is? The title to feast poems, music records, no Wye people tonight? Getianshi people tonight?"


He doesn't know what the local people are, and he doesn't know his name and word. Next to the house there are five willow trees, and so on the "five Liu" as the number. A quiet, don't talk much, do not envy the fame. Good reading, not a dead end; every knowing, they happily forget to eat. Good to drink, but the family is poor can not often get. Relatives or old friends know him so, sometimes prepared a wine to invite him to drink. As long as he always drank, the agreement must be drunk, to go to stay on the left, never hide my feelings. The house is empty, can not stop the rain can't hide the sun. Short burlap clothes tattered, sewn into a patch; often do not eat or drink, but the heart is very calm. Often write their own entertainment, show their own interests. Gains and losses are completely forgotten, and stick to this principle until the death.

Chan said: Guizhou Lou's wife have such words: don't worry to poverty and sorrow, not for the pursuit of wealth and in a hurry. She's just the kind of person! Drunk with their own entertainment poem. Is it a people without a family? Is Ge Tian's people?

3 "(Han Yu)

There are horses, and maxima. Chollima often, but Bole not often. It is famous horse, humiliation at the hands of slaves, horses died of stable, not to have claimed thousands of miles.

Ma Li, a food or as millet deals. Food horse, I do not know it can be a thousand miles and food. The horse is also, despite thousands of miles, not enough food, lack of power, only the United States and want nothing more than to see, and can not be too often horses, security is also of seeking to trinidad.

Policy is not to its road, food can not do its material, sound and can not pass its meaning, executive strategy and the pro, said: "the world without a horse." Alas! Its really no mahier? It really does not know the horse also!


All the horses, and then a maxima. Chollima often, but Bole not often. So even if there is a famous horse, only in the hands of the unworthy servant, and die with an ordinary horse in the barn, not because the later famous.

A thousand mile horse, and sometimes eat a meal eaten food a stone. The horses who do not know it can be a fine day, without feeding. So the horse, although later to, but not enough to eat, lack of strength, can not from the outside performance and advantages. If want and ordinary horses do not, how can it requires thousands of miles a day?

Without the policy of its feeding method, it can not make full use of their talents, horse neighing, but can't understand it, just hold the whip over it and said: "there is no maxima!" Oh, it is really no good horse? I really don't know horse ah!

4 send Dongyang horse sequence (excerpt) (Song Lian)

I was addicted to study. No, in view of poverty, and in every home under the guise of collection, from a record, day later. Cold weather, the concept of hard ice, finger flexion extension, slow. Recorded Bi, walked, did not sell more than about. To many people in the book is false, I was over the concept of books. With the crown, Yi Mu saints. Had no Shuo Shi celebrities and travel hundreds of miles away from the village, taste more of the first to ask. The first disciples filled the room of noble character and high prestige, and be slightly cold. Yu Lishi, suspected aid quality, leaned over to please; or when the reprimand, color more humble, more afraid to Li, in a complex; when he was happy, I asked him again. So I was foolish, and he was heard.

When the teacher, the negative trunk drag shoe, for the mountains in the big valley, winter winds, heavy snow deep shuchi, chapped skin and not enough. To shed, four stiff can not move, the person holding the quilt cover to hold irrigation maid, but for a long time and. Which hotel owner, to eat, no fresh delicious enjoy. My roommates were wearing beautiful embroidery, Zhu Ying jewelry hat, waist jade ring, it was left, right by holding smelly, but if ye God; more than Zeyun my robe clothes at the meantime, on mu Yanyi, to have enough music, I do not know if people are not in the body. More than Zhiqin and the hard cover.


When I was young, I liked to read. Poor home, there is no way to buy books to read, often to the library to borrow (borrowed) people, the Pro Book copy, the return of the agreed date. The weather is very cold, the water in the form of yanchishan hard ice (frozen), finger flexion and extension can not, so don't stop. After copying, please return the library, not a little more than the prescribed time. So they are willing to lend me the book, so I can read a lot of books. To adulthood, more admired ancient sages doctrine, fear that knowledgeable teachers and celebrity friends (to ask), once went to Barry to outgoing prestigious senior consult fellow holding a book. Older moral, high prestige, high disciples thronged his house, he never put the language mildly, to put some gentle face. I stood beside him respectfully. Ask questions, ask the truth, bending the body side of the ear to consult. Sometimes encounter others scold people, (my) expression more humble, more polite and thoughtful, dare not answer a word; when he is happy, then ask. So although I am stupid, finally get a lot of lessons.

When I went to ask the teacher, carrying books, dragging shoes, running in the mountains in the valley, winter blowing cold wind, snow a few feet, feet and cracked skin, do not know. Go to the hotel, the frozen limbs could not move, waiting for the hot water (me) wash warm feet, take the quilt (me) on the cover, and after a long time to warm up. In the hotel, eat only two meals a day, no can enjoy delicious food, live in the hotel the students wear colorful clothes, wearing a red tassel and jeweled hat, wearing a white waist ring worn on the left with a knife, the right hanging sachets, dazzling people like xian. I was wearing old clothes tattered cotton had lived among them. No envy of the mind. Because I have my own pleasure, not to feel the enjoyment of food and clothing than others. I study hard in this industry.

5 poems and songs five

One, "Yangzhou pay Lotte beginning of every table to see a"

Energy-saving, twenty-three years abandoned exposure.

Nostalgia empty Yin smell flute Fu, to the countryside to turn like rotten ke.

A thousand sails pass by the side, diseased trees ahead wanmuchun.

Today to listen to the Song Jun song, temporarily with a cup of wine long spirit.


In Bashan Chu water these dreary place, reduced time spent twenty-three years.

Miss the old friends in vain chanting smell flute Fu Long, their return is not the old time feel.

The wreck is beside the sails by sick trees trees fight ahead is spring.

Today to listen to you for me to recite poems, for the wine spirit with borrow.

Two, "Chibi"

With broken halberds defeat iron not pins, since will confess mostly remaining.

Dongfeng and Zhou Lang, energy-saving.


The broken iron halberd buried sand did not sell out, pick up a wash still recognizable before.

If the wind does not help the young Zhou Yu, Dongjak Taiwan will close with foreign erotic depths.

Three, "too lonely ocean"

Hard hit by a,

A 4 week star war.

Mountains and rivers broken wind drift,

Life drifting rain ping.

The beach said fear fear,

Lingding ocean sigh alone.

Life since ancient times who does not die,


In my early years by the imperial examination through the bitter,

Now the war has died through four weeks of star.

As the country on the verge of death or destruction of the catkins,

How can individual speech like showers in duckweed.

Fear beach fiasco let I still fear,

Be in my lonely and helpless sigh from yuan.

Who can live life since ancient times,

I want to leave a piece of patriotic loyalty reflects history.

Four, "the moon will have Prelude To Water Melody."

The Mid Autumn Festival Bingchen, Huanyin Titan, drunk, for this article, and by arms.

When will the moon be? Wine in the sky. I don't know what season it would be in the heavens on this night。 I want to ride the return, and fear of mad palaces in the moon. It does not seem like the human world!

The moon rounds the Red Mansion Stoops to silk-pad doors, Shines upon the sleepless Bearing no grudge。 There should be no hate, what time do not tend to circle? People may have sorrow or joy, be near or far apart, the moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane, This has been going on since the beginning of time。 May we all be blessed with longevity. Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together.。


When did the moon appear? (I) holding the cup in the sky. Don't know the immortal palace, now what age. (the legend of immortal world in just a few days, the underground has been for thousands of years, this night.) I want to ride the wind back to heaven (as if he is from the sky into the world, so that the "return"), but the jade stone beautiful moon in the sky, unable to withstand the cold (legend palace called mid anhangong). In the dance to the moon, fall into a reverie, with people like a cloud shadow, wind, in heaven, where as in the world!

The moon turns, shines through the colorful Pavilion, late at night, the moonlight and the low penetration into the carved doors and windows, people can not sleep as preoccupied by some troubles. The moon is round, and there should be no hate, but why do you always have to be together when you are apart? People suffering, sorrow, joy, parting, also have a reunion; the moon, will encounter Yin, eyes, round, missing; in this case, since ancient times is so rare, perfect in every respect. We only have health and long in, although far from thousands of miles, but can enjoy the beauty of the moonlight.

Five, "Tongguan shanpoyang nostalgia"

China such as gather, the waves such as anger, difficult situation of Tongguan road. Looking west, Yi Chou chun. Sad for the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Imperial Palace 000 do soil. Xing, people suffering; death, people suffering.


Huashan mountain as if running from all sides to set up in the Yellow River, as in the roaring waves surging anger, Tongguan outside the Yellow River, in Huashan, the magnificent mountains and rivers, difficult terrain. I look to the ancient city of Changan area, want to have a lot of heart. (in a very sad mood) it is sad that the ruins of the palace in Qin and Han dynasties have seen numerous palaces turned into mud. Feudal dynasty, the establishment of the people's suffering; the feudal dynasties perish, the people still suffer.

6 travels of little stone pond (Liu Zongyuan)

The hill west 120 step across the bamboo groves, smell acoustic, such as singing Peihuan, music of the heart. By way of cutting bamboo, see a small lake, water so clear. The stone thought bottom, bottom to shore, roll stone, as for islet, island, as Kan, for rock. Sinense Chui vine, Luo Meng shake up, swaying stagger.

Lake fish can be a hundred, all if the air travel without depending on. Daylight penetration, shadow cloth on the stone, Yi still; suddenly gone, with Xi suddenly. Seems to be fun with those who swim.

Tan at the southwest, winding and zigzagging flicker visible. The difference between shore canines interaction potential, its source unknown.

Sitting on the lake, surrounded by bamboos, lonely, God desolate cold bone, sad yousui. With its habitat is too clear, can not be a long time, but remember the.

But Wu Wuling, Gonggu, Yu brother Xuan zong. From which, two students said Cui: excuse yourself, said in a.


From the hill to west one hundred and twenty steps look across a bamboo forest, you can hear the water, seemed to hang on the Yuhuan jade, the sound of the collision, the heart is very happy. Then cut bamboo, open a path to go down, homeopathy will be visible in a small pond, pool particularly clear. The bottom of the pool is a stone, stone bottom near the shore, some rolled out of the water, the formation of islet, Kan, Rock Island, etc. a variety of different shapes. Lush trees, green vines, cover the wound, shake down, uneven, fluttering.

About a hundred fish in the lake, like swimming in the air, not like what to rely on. Direct sunlight at the bottom of the pool, the fish shadow on the bottom of the stone surface, motionless motionless; suddenly swim into the distance. Come and go fast and agile, as if in the entertainment with visitors.

The pool looked to the southwest, streams like the Big Dipper that twists and turns, and like a snake crawls like bending, or hidden or, see clearly. Riverbank situation like fangs like staggered vary, unable to see the source of water.

I sat in the pond, surrounded by bamboo and woods around, quietly deserted, make people feel cold, desolate mood, it is too deep in the silence. Because this place is too cold and lonely, can not stay for a long time, so he took the scene down and left.

With me, far away, there is Wu Wuling, my brother, my brother Zong xuan. As the attendants follow us, there are two young people surnamed Cui, a call to forgive yourself, a call from one.

7 Yueyang Tower (Fan Zhongyan)

The spring of the four year, Teng Zijing Zheshou baling county. The next logical administration and harmonious people, all neglected tasks are being undertaken. Yueyang Tower is rebuilt, by the old system, carved in the Tang poems by the. Of a composition to be recorded in.

To view Cardiff baling wins like, in the Dongting lake. The title of the mountains, swallow the Yangtze River, magnificent, limitless; Zhaohui Xi Yin, majestic and grand. This is the grand Yueyang Tower is also. The former is prepared. But the Wu Gorge, the Antarctic Xiaoxiang, will the man of gifted pen, gift of love, no more?

The rains fall, and even can not open, the chilly wind howling, Zhuolang emptying; Sunstar Yao hidden, mountain - shaped potential business; not a totally wrecked boat; dusk, tigers and monkeys. Solid floor, you have to go country nostalgia, fear slanderous talks, feeling very sad and desolate everywhere, such.

To calm, under the gorgeous vernal scenery, sky, gull Elique, Jinlin watery blue reaching far beyond the horizon; swimming; shore zhitinglan, green. But a long smoke or empty, with bright moonlight, glistening, the moonlight shadow is like the jade, fishermen each answer, how great this music! Solid floor, there are relaxed and happy, forget his spoiled, the wine, the Beaming with Joy numbers.

Jeff! I have tried to Renren ancient heart, or is different from those two, why? Hi, of course; the high imperial court is concerned about the people; the far corners of the worry qijun. In this way, retirement worries. But when and music? It must be said, "the first world of worry and worry, after the world of music and music". Oh! Micro man, No one is like-minded.?

When six years in September 15th.


Song Renzong the four year spring, Teng Zijing was relegated to the building when lake. In the second year, the political smooth, happy people, many have not to do things up. So to build Yueyang Tower, expand its original size, engraved on the Tang Dynasty famous and modern poetry. I asked to write an essay for this thing.

I watch the beautiful scenery of the Dongting Lake in the building. It contains the distant mountains, swallow the Yangtze River water, water potential is vast, boundless, the morning sunshine, Yin Qi condensation in the evening, scene of the myriads of changes. This is the grand sight of Yueyang Tower. The previous record has been very detailed. If so, then the Wu Gorge in the north and South until Xiaoshui and Xiangjiang, demoted official history and between poets, mostly gathered here, to enjoy the natural scenery of feelings can not produced by different?

Like the rain, after a few months is not clear, cold wind howled, turbid waves into the sky; the sun and the stars lose their luster, the mountains hidden feature; merchants and travelers can't move, mast down, broken oars; when it is dark, the tiger roar ape who. At this moment on this building, will have left the country miss home, worried about the libel, afraid of bad laugh, eyeful desolate feeling and emotions, extreme grief and indignation.

Like Harusu Harukazu, sunshine, waves, blue sky and the color is bright, a vast expanse of blue; flocks of shaou, sometimes fly and fell, beautiful fish, swim, swim to the shore; vanilla, small continent orchid, aroma, color green. Sometimes large smoke completely dissipated, thousands of miles of the moon shining on the earth, floating moonlight shining like gold, quiet right now on image Baibi, fisherman's song to sing, this kind of happiness which is end! At this time to climb Yueyang Tower, there are open-minded, cheerful; and remember, wine Lin Feng, all sense of happy concept and expression.

Oh! I have to explore the ancient moral and noble people's thoughts and feelings, perhaps with the above two kinds of Ideological and emotional expression of different, why? They are not because the environment is good and happy, not because of their bad and sad encounter; as officials in the court worry his people in remote; the monarch as concerns. This is the extension to the North's official fears, concerns also resign seclusion. So, what time is it? They will probably say: "in the world of people's sorrow, the first in the world of people's happiness after happiness". Oh! If there is no such person, who am I?

In September 15th Qingli six years (1046).

8 zuiwengting remember (Ou Yangxiu)

Chu Wan Shan also. The peaks to the southwest, Lin He is beautiful. Look at the precision and deep show, Langya. For six or seven years, gradually to smell the gurgling, and relief for those between the two peaks, spring is also brewing. Booth wing but The path winds along mountain ridges., come to the spring, zuiwengting also. Who is the pavilion? The monk of the mountain is also. Who is the name of the person? Since that is also prefect. The prefect and guests to drink this, drink less noir drunk, but also the highest, so call himself "drunkard also said. Ulterior motives, but for mountains and rivers. Landscape of music, the heart of the wine and the wine is also.

The energy-saving, clouds return and grotto dusk, day and night changes, when the mountain is. The wild aromatic hair and delicate fragrance, Jia Mu show and fan Yin, and Gao Jie, fall and stone mountain, at four. Toward and toward, the evening and return, four of the scenery is different, and the music is also infinite.

As for the loser song in Chuzhou, Walker in Hugh tree, the former call, the latter should be, with help, exchanges and uninterrupted, the local people also swim. Fishing by the stream, the stream is deep and the fish fertilizer; stuffed spring for the wine, the wine aroma fragrant spring; however, before him in mountain food and wild vegetables, miscellaneous, Taishou dinner. The elderly, no of bamboo shoot in game wins, sit up and noisy, toast each other, the bin Huan also. Grey and white hair, but among them, the drunk.

But the sunset in the mountains, people scattered, prefect and guests return from it. From the woods, on the song, while birds here and there in music. But the birds know the joy of the mountains, but I do not know who the music; known from the prefect travel and music, and I do not know the prefect's enjoyment of their joy. Drunk with the joy, can wake up the paper, prefect also. Who is the prefect? Lu Ling Ou Yangxiu.


Around the city of Chuzhou are mountains. It is southwest of many mountains, trees, especially beautiful valley, looking out into the lush trees, and beautiful place, is the Langya mountain. Along the mountain road to walk six or seven miles, gradually heard the sound of the water, from the middle of the two peaks in the pouring out of the brewing. The loop road turn, pavilion four tilt angle, like a bird with wings, above the spring top, is zuiwengting. Who built the tower? Is in the mountains and wisdom fairy. Who is the person who named it? Is the prefect with his own alias name (Zui Weng). The prefect and the guests come here to drink, drink a little drunk, and age is the oldest, so their howling drunkard. To taste is not drinking, but in between the mountains and rivers. Enjoy the pleasure of the landscape, understand it in the heart, and place it in the wine.

As the sun came out, the fog dissipated in the woods, Muyun back to gather, the rock cave was dark, clear (alternate) change (is) mountain in the morning and evening. Flowers open, with faint fragrance, beautiful trees, lush foliage, form rich shade, cool weather high, cream white color, the water level is low, this is stone revealed, mountain four seasons scenery. The morning, the evening return, the four seasons scenery is different, so the fun will never end.

As for people carrying things on the road singing, walking people in the tree to rest, in front of the call, followed by the people promised, the old and young people come and go, this is the Chuzhou people travel. To stream fishing, water depth, fish fertilizer, in the spring of the water brewing wine, sweet and pure mountain spring wine, venison, vegetable fields, litter in front, this is the banquet held in full. The banquet drink is not fun, orchestral music, a man hit, winning the chess, wine and wine to raise the interactive jumble, people sometimes stand, sometimes sitting in the hubbub, the guests (enjoy) joy. The face is old, gray haired, drunk in the middle of the guests, the drunk.

Shortly after sunset, the figure and scattered, Taishou return guests to follow. When the forest shade, birds chirping everywhere, visitors leave happy birds in. But the birds only know the mountain fun, but do not know the fun, people only know the music play for fun, but do not know the prefect in and enjoy the fun. Drunk and we can enjoy a happy, sober, can use the article records who is the prefect. Who is the prefect? Is Lu Ling Ou Yangxiu.

The 9 man travels (Yuan Hongdao)

Yan Han, flower festival, Yu Han and li. As for the freezing wind, wind that carries sand and drives stones. A room to be cramped. Each line is not 100 at Fengchi, always return.

22nd day and slightly, with the number of friends from Dongzhimen to Manjing. Gaoliu clip, soil paste moistube, open looks, if loose swan. Thus, ice skin started to wave, Zha Ming, scales wave layers, crystal clear, but Jingjing as a mirror of the newly opened and cold at the box is out. The mountains for fine snow washed, such as Juan ran, fresh and gorgeous beautiful, such as a Hui and BUN bun of beginning grazing also. The wicker will not Shu Shu, soft tip cloak, low wheat seedling. Although visitors Sheng, spring and tea, but the singer and the red jar, Jian, also from time to time. The wind is strong, it is Hanchujiabei on foot. All exposed sand birds, sipping waves scales, scales between the carefree and content, hairiness mane are happy. It is no spring Jiao Tian outside, while city dwellers not know.


Beijing Flower Festival, cold climate, winter cold is also very powerful left. The wind often blows, a blow when flying sand and rolling pebbles. I hide in a room, but I can't go out. Every time the wind quickly go out, always less than a hundred steps to return to.

In February 22nd, a slightly warmer weather, I and a few of my friends out of Dongzhimen to manjing. Tall willow separated in the embankment on both sides of the fertile land is slightly moist, looking ahead, open the scene, feel like a cage out of the swan. At this time, ice began to melt, it began to glow, like scales like wave layers, clear river water, sparkling like a mirror, just open the cold suddenly from the flash out of the box as a mirror. The mountains were melted snow after washing, beautiful like grazed, bright beautiful and beautiful, like a beautiful girl washed face and combed hair ring just like. The wicker will not stretch stretch, tender willow in the wind scattered, catcher in the low seedling only an inch or so. Visitors are not many, but from spring to boil tea, holding the cup singing, wearing a red donkey, often. Although the wind is fierce, but walk sweat. All the sun on the beach, birds, fish, all intermediate feather scales mane, leisurely and carefree, full of joy. I know it is not outside the field on the outskirts of the spring, but the people living in the city do not know it.

10 poems five

One, "drinking"

Jielu people in the territory, traveling without noise.

How did they manage, far from the heart side.

Picking a chrysanthemum, leisurely to see the mountain.

Mountain air good birds also.

This is true, forgot the words to argue.


My family built in all communities can be bustling, noisy never bother with horses.

I want to ask how to avoid this extraordinary mind clear, natural quiet far gone.

The east wall pick chrysanthemum mood to wander, suddenly looked up to see the mountain scenery of great joy.

The wisps of mist tangled up in color, the birds circling the embrace of the mountains.

Nanshan Yangchih ah, this is the true meaning of life, how can I express deep inside!

Two, "hard road" (one)

Gold wine bucket 10, jade plate Zhenxiu straight million of money.

Stop throwing Zhu cup can not eat, sword strike core loss.

To cross the Yellow River ice jam Sichuan, will climb the Taihang mountains snow mountain.

Free fishing Bixi, dreaming of sailing towards the sun.

It is difficult to walk, the hard road! How many now?

I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea。


Pot of gold filled with mellow wine every ten Dou Wen, jade plate filled with delicacies worth thousand penny.

Stop throwing chopsticks to eat a cup of heart, sword around blankly.

Want to cross the Yellow River river ice plug, to climb the Taihang mountains snow covered the mountain.

When idle in the emerald water fishing, suddenly dream boat from the Japanese side after.

The hard road ah, hard road, crossroads ah, now where?

Have the opportunity to set sail in the ocean, firmly hung high sail across the sea.

Three, "energy-saving"

August autumn wind howling, roll my house on the three mao. Maofei crossing the river with high Hang Hang long Jiao, Linshao were floating to Shen Tang ao.

Old child can not bully me, can endure for a thief, have openly into the Mao bamboo, called suspiran parched lips and tongue not, since sigh.

Energy-saving, misty autumn to dark. Cloth quilt for cold like iron, charming evil lie on the crack in. A leaky house only, pile as not cut off. Zijing sangluan less sleep, night wet by Che ho!

It will be nice to have thousands, world famous Great Jubilee land, immobilised? Alas! When looking back at the house, my cottage broken by death alone is enough!


The autumn of August, A violent wind is howling. (wind) swept away, I'm on the roof several layers of grass. A flying through HUANHUAXI, scattered across the river in. Fly high grass hanging in the treetops, fly low durian sink into the low-lying pond.

A group of children in the village of old bully me no effort, to face such a thief (actually) to grab something, without scruple to hold into the bamboo grass. (I cried) parched lips and tongue is useless, had to come back, on crutches, yourself.

While the wind stopped, the clouds in the sky as black as ink, autumn sky overcast, getting dark. The cloth was covered for many years, and the cold and hard as iron like. The children sleep is not good, to the lame. A leaky roof, even the bed had a dry place. Like a line of rain, the rain is not finished. Since the fighting has little time to sleep, the roof leaking wet bed, livelong night, how can wait until dawn.

How to get millions of spacious tall house, generally covered shelter among the world poor reading people, so they can laugh, (the house) is not shaken by the wind and rain in Xiangshan as well? Oh! What time appeared in front of this high-rise housing, (even) but my hut was blown down, their cold die willingly!

Four, "the white snow to Beijing to send military judge"

The north wind rolls the Hu snow Pennisetum folded, August. Suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of pear trees. Scattered into the curtain, wet silk curtains, fur brocade quilts thin. General horn bow may be controlled, but a cold hard iron. Desert Langan Baizhang ice, miserable and gloomy atmosphere Wanli coagulation. "The wine present, Qin Pipa and bamboo flute. Have the twilight snow under the wind Yuanmen, frozen red flags not turn. Luntai gate going eastward, to the snow covered mountain. Mountain loop can not see Jun, the snow over the left Ma line.


The north wind swept the earth, white grass was blowing broken, the sky flew over August Saibei snow. Suddenly like night spring breeze blowing, the trees are white pear flower in full bloom. Drifting snow into the bead curtain, wet silk curtains, wearing fur do not feel warm, brocade quilt made too thin. Even the general and can all pull not bow, feel too cold to wear armor. In the desert on a thick ice Baizhang arranged in a crisscross pattern, the clouds in the whole sky is dim and dark, condensing. The coach in the army camp furnished banquet guests to go back, and she played Pipa erhu music lively. In the evening yuan door, have the snow falling snow, red flag was frozen hard, strong wind nor make it float. Leave in Luntai outside the east gate of snow covered the time to send you, leave the Tianshan road. The mountains around, the road twists and turns, can not see your shadow, leaving only the snow horse hoof prints.

Five, "Jihai zashi" Fifth

The mighty day oblique parting,

Yin whip East refers to the end of the world.

Fall red is not a heartless thing,

More into flower.


Full of sadness and the sunset,

Whip east from wandering.

The flowers are still in love,

Into new cultivated flowers.

Grade nine

1 Chen family (Sima Qian)

Chen Sheng, Yangcheng people, the word. Wu Guangzhe, Yang Xia people, the word uncle. By less, taste and domestic farming people, stop farming on the ridge, there for a long time, said: "Gou Fugui, no love." The servant said with a smile, "if you plow, He Fugui?" Chen She then said: "sigh, brambling yasutomo lofty ambition is!"

II the first year in July, nine hundred people sent the poor fitness Shu Yuyang Tuen, daze town. Chen Sheng, Wu Guang all times here, as long tun. Heavy rain, the road is unreasonable, the degree has been lost. Loss of time, the law is cut. Chen Sheng, Wu Guangnai and said: "this death is also dead, also cited plans to die, die, country may?" Chen Shengyue: "the world is bitter Qin long. I smell II less also, improper legislation, when Li is the childe fusu. Fusu to number representation is, so that the outside qiangbing. This or the smell of innocence, the second to kill the. People with Yin, the death is unknown. Xiang Yan Chu, the number of active, love Shizu, Chu people pity. Or that death, or that death. This is the fraud claim to my son Fusu, Xiang Yan, for the world to sing, should be." Wu Guang thought ran. Bu Bu nai. Bu know its meaning, said: "your things, active. So you bu the ghost?" Wu Guangxi, Chen Sheng, read the ghost, said: "this taught me to power the ear." Dan is a silk book said: "Chen Sheng Wang", who buy the large square net fish. He bought the fish food, fish in a book to carry the blame. To make the next time Wu Guangzhi and Cong temple, bonfire night, fox Ming Hu said: "Chu Xing, Chen Sheng wang!" All night panic. Day, stroke often language, all target chen.

Wu Guangsu is in love, men. Guang Wei will be drunk, so few words want to die, Fenhui Wei, so that's a shame to anger the public. Wei Guang fruit. Wei Jianting, Guangzhou, seize and kill wei. Chen Shengzuo, Wei and kill two. Zhao said: "the public order acts such as rain, have been lost, lost when the cut. Through the article to make no cut, while the garrison dead solid sixteen seven. Heroes have been dead, dead ears that give name, military and political leaders rather a kind of peace!" Acts say: King ordered." Is Jactitation son Fusu, Xiang Yan, also from the people want. Bare right, said chu. The altar for the league, the first festival to wei. Chen Sheng himself as the general, Wu Guangwei wei. School Daze Town, and attack qi. Qi, but Ge Ying will accept Qi Ling Fu from the east. School of Zhi, Zan bitter, zhe Qiao, all the. For the troops, than to Chen, six hundred or seven hundred by car, ride a thousand, tens of thousands of people died. Chen Shouling of Chen, is not alone in Cheng Qiao and battle door, Eph wins, morisuke is in death, according to chen. A few days old, and all orders called hero to accounting. The old hero, say: "the general body of Zhu Road, well armed with armour and weapons, Bao Qin, Fu Li Chu of the work should be king." Chen Shengnai king, number for Zhang Chu. When the county, county officials who are suffering Qin, is the official death penalty, to be chenshe.


Chen Sheng is in Yangcheng County, involving field called. Wu Guang is called Uncle Yang Xiaxian, bitch. When Chen Sheng was young, he had been hired to land. (one day) he stopped farming went Tanabe heights (rest), after disappointed sigh for a long time, to his companions said: "some day in the future who rich, don't forget our poor brothers." His companions laughed and answered him: "you give people a ride on them where we talk about land, rich!" Chen said with a sigh, said: "how can we know the lofty aspirations of songbirds Honghu ah!"

The first year of Emperor Qin II in July, recruited nine hundred people to defend the poor civilians Yuyang, temporarily stationed in daze town. Chen Sheng, Wu has been compiled into this team, and as a small captain. Is hit by heavy rain, the road is unreasonable, estimates have missed the deadline. Missed the deadline, according to Qin Dynasty militarylaw would behead. Chen Sheng and Wu Guang together, said: "now the flight (caught) is dead, revolt is dead, it is dead, rather than died for his country, is that OK?" Chen Sheng said: "the people of the country for a long time under the oppression of the Qin Dynasty, the pain. I heard (Qin Shihuang) II was the youngest son, should not stand for the monarch, the legislature is the eldest son of fusu. Because he repeatedly admonish Fusu's sake, he sent him to the troops to the border. Recent rumors that, not on the charges, the second will kill him. People are told that he is wise, but didn't know he was dead. When Xiang Yan served as general Chu, (had) repeatedly meritorious, and love the nurse died, Chu he love very much, some people think that he died, some people think that. Now if we have these people posing as childe Fusu and Xiang Yan team issued a call to the nation, there should be a lot of people to respond." Wu Guang thinks (this view) is very correct. (two) went to the fortune teller. The fortune teller who knew their intentions, said: "you can do things, can make contributions. But you still ask ghosts! "Chen Sheng, Wu Guang (also) very happy, thinking of the" ask ghosts ", finally understand:" this is to teach us prestige first in the world." So in a silk cinnabar wrote "Chen Sheng Wang" three words, and then put into a silk net people up a fish belly, the soldiers to buy a fish cooked silk, found the fish belly, originally already feel strange. (Chen Sheng) also secretly sent Wu Guang hidden in the resident near the jungle temple, after dark point lantern (with wildfire), pretend to Fox's voice, (soldiers) shouted: "Chu Renaissance, Chen Sheng king." The soldiers were frightened and scared all night long. The second day, we talk about this matter, are pointing at each other, indicating chen.

Wu Guangping was very concerned about the people around, the soldiers are mostly willing to help him. (day) (two) officer drunk, Wu Guang deliberately repeatedly proposed to escape, making them angry, let them punish him, to provoke the soldiers. The officer had a whip. (the soldiers indignant, officer) (just) pull out the sword to intimidate (soldiers), Wu Guang jumped up, grabbed the sword to kill him. Assist Sheng Wu Guang, together killed two officers. Chen Sheng put the Shuzu together, announced orders, you said: "(here) encountered heavy rain, exceeded the specified deadline to yuyang. Expired to behead. Lucky not killed, and the ten Chinese people guarding the frontier to die six or seven. Besides, the old man is not dead, it will be a big cause of death. Is it your innate military and political leaders?" The soldiers shouted back: "you must obey the orders." He is posing as childe Fusu and Xiang Yan team, as is the people's desire to obey. Showing your right arm (as Rebel Flag), with a large number of Chu's. And built an altar and held a swearing ceremony, with the two officers of the head of the worship of heaven and earth. Chen Sheng himself as the general, Wu Guang Ren wei. The Rebel (first) attack and occupation of the village after the Daze Town, then attack Qi county. Conquer Qichun County, sent troops against Ge Ying from the Fu Qi County, east of the place. (Chen Sheng from the main rate), and against the bitter, Zhe, Qiao County, take down. One way to incorporate such men, when Chen County, the existing six hundred or seven hundred chariots, more than 1 thousand horses, tens of thousands of soldiers. Attack Chen County, county magistrate and not in the city, only morisuke troops fight in Qiao door. (a) cannot defeat the rebels, (soon) morisuke was killed, before entering the army of Chen county. A few days later, Chen called the local township and prestigious people to discuss events. These people said: "the general by common consent you personally hand weapons, armored battle against a brutal and ruthless Qin, Chu's work on the restoration, shall be king." So Chen hailed king, claimed to be the reconstruction of chu. At this time, the county by the Qin Dynasty official oppression are uprising, punish the local magistrate, kill them, in response to the call of chen.

2 Tang Ju (Liu Xiang) have succeeded in carrying out an assignment

The people who make anlingjun said: "I want to be five hundred miles of an Ling, fast!" Anlingjun said: "the king added benefits to the big easy, very good; although, in the first by the king, is willing to stick to, dare to!" The king did not say. Anlingjun due to the Tang Ju qin.

The king asked Tang Ju said: "I give five hundred miles of easy anlingjun to me, an Ling, why? And Qin destroy Han Wu Wei, and the king to fifty in the land to save the person, to the king for the elderly, it is not bad. Now I take ten times, please Jun Guang Yu Jun, me and my inverse, light?" Tang Ju said: "no, not if it. Anlingjun by in Wang Er Shou, although not easy to Trinidad, is five hundred miles straight?"

The Buddha so angry, that Tang Ju said: "I also public wrath of the emperor?" Tang Ju said: "I have not heard." The king said: "the emperor's wrath, millions of dead blood flowing like stream." Tang Ju said: "the king is" angry?" The king said: "" anger, also to grab the head in hat Hadashi." Tang Ju said: "the sun also anger, wrath or non. The husband might sting King Liao, the comet hit month; Nie Zheng Han GUI thorn, to avoid a thorn from the unusual scene; also, in the hall on the eagle warehouse. The three son, all the Buyi people, his anger was not sent, Hugh Jin fall in the day, and his four men. If people will be angry, two people dead, bloody five step, under orders, today is also." Quite a sword.

The color of scratch, kneel and Xie said: "Mr.! Why should this! I say: husband Wei Miewang, Han Yu, and Ling to fifty miles away, only to have mr.."


Qin Shihuang sent to anlingjun said: "I want to exchange with an Ling five hundred miles of land, anlingjun can promise me!" Anlingjun said: "the king to grace, with a small exchange of large, very good; even so, but I once the king accepted the fief, always willing to defend it, dare to exchange!" The king is not happy. Anlingjun so sent to Qin to Tang ju.

Qin Tang Ju said: "I use five hundred miles of land in exchange for an Ling, anlingjun not listen to me, why? Besides the Qin Dynasty's Han and Wei, however anlingjun but with a radius of fifty miles of land to survive, because I put anlingjun as a honest man, so do not pay attention to. Now I use ten times the land, let anlingjun expand the territory, but he was against my will, don't despise me?" Tang Ju said: "no, not this. Anlingjun from the king received the fief and defend it, even for thousands of miles of land can not exchange, is only five hundred in the land will be able to exchange?"

The anger in a threatening manner, Tang Ju said: "you have heard the emperor angry?" Tang Ju said: "I've never heard of." The king said: "the emperor angry, millions of dead, thousands of miles of blood." Tang Ju said: "the king had heard of the ordinary people angry?" The king said: "ordinary people angry, but also take off the hat barefoot, just hit the ground with the head." Tang Ju said: "this is what was superficial, not a courageous man angry. Once upon a time, when the assassination of Zhuanzhu tunwanglao, comet light hit the moon, when South Korea after the assassination of niezheng, generally white clouds across the sun; to avoid assassination from time, suddenly rush to the palace on the eagle. The three man is a commoner courageous man, anger is not heart attack, and a sign from heaven down, now, Zhuanzhu, niezheng, leave with me will be four people. If a man be angry, will make two people dead, bloody five step, all the people are to wear mourning, today is such." He pulled out the sword to stand up.

The king's face immediately become soft, kneeling to Tang Ju said: "I apologize! Why do you want to do this! I understand: why Korea, Wei Kingdom, but the destruction of the land has survived the fifty mile, just because there are mr.."

3 Longzhongdui (Chen Shou)

On the farm, good for the Fuyin "beam". Height eight feet, every self compared to Guan Zhong, Le Yi, when people don't make a promise. But the state Boling Cui Ping, Kawa Xumotonao and bright friendly, that is true.

When the first main Tun Xinye. Xu see first lord, first lord of the Lord, that first said: "ZHUGE Liang, Wolong, the general would wish to see it?" The first lord said: "you are born with." Shu said: "this person can see, not bent and. The general has Yi gu."

The first is the Lord to light, where three is to see. Because the screen who said: "Han qingtui, a stolen life, Lord disgraceful. Solitary not eager to trust interests in degree of moral, intellectual and big, too small, then rampant, for today. It will still not have the king that what to do?"

Answer: "light has come from Dong, hero and play, even the county across the state were countless. Cao Cao than Yuan Shao, then the name of the micro and all the few, however, the exercise was able to Ke Shao, in order to be weak for the strong, not only the day, but also to seek the suppression of people. This operation has over a million people, the emperor and the nobility, the sincere not die. Sun Quan has been Jiangdong, III, country risk and the people attached, with whom the elite, this aid can and can not figure it. Jingzhou north, according to Han Mianyang, as the South China Sea, east Wu, Xi, Wu Shu with the tumba, country, and its main cannot keep this day. So general information, general is intentionally? Yizhou risks plug, vast, MP4, due to the Empire emperor. Liu Zhang faint, Zhang Lu in the north, enforcing but not fondle, intelligent people think Ming Jun. Both the General Chamber of the emperor helmet, with faith in the whole world, taking the hero, Sixianruke, if the cross with Jing and Yi, Paul the rock resistance, and Xi Rong Zhu, Fu Yi South Vietnam, outside Sun Quan, repair policy; the world has changed, life is a general army to Wan, Jingzhou Luo, general public for Qinchuan Yizhou rate, people who dare not to meet the general food and drink? As it is, the dominance can become, Xing Han Dynasty can carry."

The first master said: "the good!" So with bright feeling good day secret.

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and other unhappy, the first master solution said: "there is a lone Kongming, the fish of the water also. You may not complex words." Feather, fly Naizhi.


Zhu Geliang himself to work in the fields, like to sing Fuyin "beam". He was eight feet tall, and often compared with Guan Zhong, his own, when the people who do not recognize this point. Only the state Boling Cui Ping, Xu Shu Xu Yuanzhi Ying Chuan knew him very well, that is indeed the case.

Liu Bei was stationed in Xinye at the time. Xu Shu met Liu Bei, Liu Bei thinks highly of him, Xu said to Liu Bei: "Zhuge Kongming is in Wolong, ah, general would like to meet him?" Liu Bei said, "you are with him." Xu Shu said: "this man can only visit him, can not wronged him, call him come, you should go to visit him."

So Liu Bei went to visit Zhu Geliang, a total of three times, only to see. Liu Bei then told the people around you to avoid the collapse of the Han Dynasty, said: "the world, a stolen power, the emperor had to flee. I did not measure their own virtue, measure their strength in the world, want to stretch their interests, but wisdom, shortness means very little, so finally failed, causing the situation today. But my ambition is not give up, you take what the plan?"

Zhu Geliang replied: "since Dong Zhuo usurped since around the hero have to occupy several states beyond count. Cao Cao compared with Yuan Shao, fame, less strength, but Cao Cao can beat Yuan Shao, from weak to strong, is not only a good time, but also a person's plan properly. Now Cao Cao already has millions of troops, by the emperor to orders princes, it does not contest with him. Sun Quan occupied Jiangdong, has experienced three generations, difficult terrain, talented people to join people. He was Sun Quan reuse, which can take him as foreign aid, but not to seek him. North Han, Mianyang two water control in Jingzhou, has been to the South China Sea supplies can be connected, East and West Wu Huiji County, two County, Sichuan even tumba, this is the battleground of the place, but his master Liu Biao cannot hold, this place is probably God used to fund general, the general does not mean the occupation? Yizhou is a dangerous fort, there is a vast fertile land, is the superior natural conditions, rich natural resources, solid risk situation where hangaozu with this place and the achievement performance of the emperor. Yizhou and Liu Ling stupid cowardly, Zhang Lu occupied in the north of Hanzhoung, the people prosperous and powerful country, but he does not know the value of people. Wise people are trying to get to the wise monarch. General since you are descendants of the emperor of the Han Dynasty, prestige and loyalty are widely known in the world, to the hero, want to get better men like a thirsty, if occupy Jingzhou, Yizhou, with two, Xianyao terrain, West and south of all ethnic groups and ethnic groups, to appease foreign, with Sun Quan alliance, to improve the country's politics the world situation; if changed, will send a fine led by general Jingzhou's army marched into Nanyang, Luoyang, the general you personally led the army to attack the Qinchuan Yizhou, people who dare not baskets filled with food, filled with wine to welcome you with the pot? If you do this, then the Han regime can be revived."

Liu Bei said, "good!" From then on with Zhu Geliang's friendship day day and the world is deep.

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and others unhappy, Liu Bei said: "I have Kongming, like fish in water. I hope you don't have to say anything." Zhang Feicai, Guan Yu calm down.

The 4 Inst (Zhu Geliang)

The first emperor venture not half the Tathagata collapse, three points today, Yizhou Pibi, this critical juncture is sincere. So hard on the guards of the minister, Zhong Zhi Shi forgotten in the outer cover, when after the first emperor, to quote to your majesty. Cheng Yi opened st listen to light Xiandi left Germany, Chester qualities of gas, not improperly belittle oneself of righteousness, to plug, remonstration road.

The palace palace, both as a whole; reward and punishment, not similarities and differences: if there is a crime, and good for loyalty, should pay the penalty of our, reward, to show your majesty rule; not favoritism, the differences within and outside the law also. Sijung, vice minister Guo Youzhi, Yi, Dong Yun, this is good, volunteers were loyal pure, is the first emperor to qualify your majesty: I think that the palace of things, everything, big and small, to the client note, then the implementation will Bibu que leak, somewhat guangyi. General to the pet, a line of Shu are, know the military trial in the past, the first emperor called Yue "can", is for them against the pet for: stupid things that the camp, everything, big and small, to the client note, will enable the line array and Mourinho, but also have the advantages and disadvantages. Pro Xian Chen, far villain, this is also the first Chinese so prosperous; Pro villain, far from Xian Chen, since Chinese are so left leaning. The first emperor, each with the minister on this issue, not sigh hate to Huan, spirit! Sijung, Shang, long history, to join the army, this all seems bright section of the hill, may your kiss, the letter, is the Han room long, also can plan for day.

I this cloth, Gonggeng Nanyang, barely manage to survive in troubled times, not seek to know to princes. The first emperor to his dirty, my crooked flexion, Gu Chen came to the court, to minister to the world of things, the grateful, then a first emperor to flee. After the value of overturning, appointed by the defeated troops, was in distress: it has a twenty years. First emperor know minister cautious, so the collapse of the post to send officials to the event also. Ordered since Suye worry, fear no effect entrusted to injury in the first Emperor Ming; Lu crossing it in May, in-depth barren. The South has been set, then is enough, when the award handsome armed forces, North Central, Shu exhaust stupid, eliminate treacherous people, Xing Fu Han Dynasty, also in the old capital: the minister so submitted the first emperor and loyal sire also. As for the appropriate profit and loss, as you are faithful, and according to, any of it etc..

Let your Majesty's minister for a thief to the complex effect, the rule does not effect the crime minister to accuse the spirit of first emperor. If there is no heungdeok words, the responsibility of health, Yi, Azerbaijan and slow to blame the public; your majesty also should seek to seek advice from the good way, observe the literary language, after the first emperor Yizhao deep. I would be well appreciated. When away from this, watch the intelligent, unintelligible.


The first emperor to create a large industry is not completed in half, actually died on the way. Now the world is divided into three, I Yizhou area of human fatigue, which is in very The people live in destitution., critical to the survival of the unpredictable moment. However, the court guards serve the administrations, not the slightest slack on the battlefield; loyal and dedicated soldiers, to forget the war dead, this is the special grace of Xiandi remember the case, want to return to his Majesty's sake. Your majesty should encourage the free airing of views Qun Chen listen to the views, carry forward the legacy of late emperor's virtue, exciting and encouraging people with lofty ideals of courage, never should not underestimate yourself, not to tell the truth, which blocked the road voice loyalty. Jin Chen and around the prime minister's office to guide officials in the palace, this is a whole, reward or punishment, good and evil forces, should not be different standards. If a bad thing for violation of the law and order, or try to do charity and loyalty, should be handed over to authorities to punish or reward, to show his Majesty in the governance of a clear grasp of the fair, the cut should not be biased towards selfishness, both within and outside the court to make law.

Sijung, vice minister Guo Youzhi, fee, Dong Yun, this is Shina Tokurashanchengmi, loyalty idea of pure emotion, so the first emperor chose to stay to assist your majesty. I think that in the palace of things, regardless of size, should consult their views, and then go to the implementation of. This will certainly be able to gain the effectiveness of error correction. General to the pet, just and peaceful moral character, proficient understanding of the military, then the trial, the first emperor has to be commended, said he can therefore appointed all Council proposed as central governor. I think the barracks things, no matter what size, to seek his advice, we will be able to make it their level of unity and harmony, people have the right. Close to Xian Chen, from the villain, this is so early Han Dynasty to the prosperous reason; close to the villain, from Xian Chen, this is the reason why the late Han Dynasty decline. Xiandi alive, and every time I comment on these things, for Huandi, Lingdi times, and do not lament the resentment of the. Sijung, Guo Youzhi fee, Shang Chen Zhen, Zhang long history of American, Jiang Wan joined the army, they are loyal, honest, able to serve the country's death righteousness servant, hope that his majesty close to them, trust them, Han the prosperity of the royal family, the time is not far.

I was a civilian, pro tillage farming in Nanyang County, the chaos in the world just to save lives, I do not know that the leaders desire to obtain. The first emperor don't mind my humble, wronged himself three times in a row to Caolu visit to see me, consult my views on current affairs, so I am deeply grateful, so he Xiandi dispel effect. Moment of peril is encountered later in the war when I failed to accept the appointment, in adversity during the crisis I was appointed, has been twenty-one years. Xiandi know that I do care, state affairs entrusted to me so before dying. Accepting the case since the night of worried about despair, only I am afraid that I entrusted to the great can not be completed, to the detriment of Xiandi wise. So in May I shuaibing South Lushui, in-depth barren environment. Now the South has been put down, adequate weapons arsenal, should be encouraged and led the Northern Expedition army, put down the Central Plains, I hope to do their own low to eliminate treacherous forces and revival of the Han Dynasty Royal family, moved to the old capital. This is what I used to repay the first emperor, dutiful and loyal majesty duties. As to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, offer advice without reservation, that is Guo Youzhi, Dong Yun fee, responsibility.

I hope that his majesty instructed to crusade against a traitor to success and, if successful, it is my duty to punish the guilty, to Xiandi appeal to the gods. If you do not carry forward the virtues of the speech, he rebuked Guo Youzhi, fee, Dong Yun and others neglect to announce their guilt. Your majesty should also thought his plan to seek the truth from the good, examine and accept the integrity of the ear, well read in Xiandi Testament will, I owe, indebted forever. Now due to the expedition, tears streaming down this article, I do not know what to say.

5 words and five heads

A, "Wang Jiangnan -" grooming "

Go freshen up,

On floor.

Thousand sails are not,

Affectionately water long.

White Pingzhou sigh.


Wash makeup has strike, alone on the Wangjiang upstairs (view).

Over thousands of boats are not (sweetheart vessels), only before sunset afterglow with staring at the long river, (that day) in white Chau Tau eat the heart out.

Two, "Autumn Thoughts" - yujiaao

Plug under the autumn scenery, Hengyang go without attention. From all sides of the sound from the angle. The thousand peaks in the sunset in the closed.

Zhuojiu cup home thousands of miles, not to no richle le. Are yo Montreal cream. People insomnia, general white hair Yukio tears.


On the border of the fall to the whole scenery, Hengyang fly to the wild goose group is no lingering affection. Coming from all sides to stay with the horn sounded. The overlapped peaks, long straight smoke sunset tilt Gu city closed.

Drink a cup of wine miss home thousands of miles apart, but Yanran haven't engrave Ping Hu feat, is expected to return. The Qiang flute melodious, frost sprinkled the earth. The position cannot Rumei, general grey, soldiers shed tears.

Three, "Jiangcheng Zi" - Missouri hunting

The old hair young crazy talk, led by Huang left, right engine cang. The brocade dress hat, riding a thousand volumes Ping gang. As reported allure with Pro prefect, tiger Sun Lang.

Jiuhan chest bile Shang Kaizhang temple, and why, Chijie cloud, I sent Feng Tang? Take - such as the full moon, looking northwest, Sirius radio.


Although I am old but the rise of juvenile hunting wild dogs, left hand holding the right hand raised pale yellow, eagle. Wearing Shangjin Mongolia hat wear mink fur, lead men ride swept flat hill. In order to repay the people follow my hunting invitation, I personally like the old Sun Lang shot the tiger.

I have drunk but open-minded courage Xing Zhang, binbian hair like frost, this whatdoes! What time to send people to take at the edge of the cloud, like the Han emperor sent Feng tang. I will try to pull the full bow gas, pointing toward the northwest, Sirius shot enemy courageously.

Four, "Wuling spring wind - live flowers made of dust"

The wind live flowers made of dust, hair tired evening. People have changed everything off, the first flow of tears.

Heard that the Sungai spring is good, also be pan adventure. Ze Meng Zhou, many worry zaibu.


The spring breeze stopped, flowers fall, flowers become fragrant dust, it was already late also lazy hair. The scenery is still intact, but people are different, all things are finished, want to tell the difficulties, the tears drop.

I heard the spring Sungai fortunately, also intend to sit to watch the canoe. I'm afraid just floating in a boat on the Sungai Zaibu, many sad.

Five, "a Chen Tongfu - Fu Zhuang words to send."

Zuili burning the midnight oil to see the sword, dreaming of March with trumpet. Eight hundred in his fifty string over the sound of sunburn. The soldiers on the battlefield in autumn.

The horse made of Lu Fei fast, bow like thunderbolt string shock. But the king of world affairs, energy-saving. Poor white happened!


Drunk, I pick a bright lamp, see the sword, wake up, tied together connected camp is sounded the clarion call. In the barracks, down his chunks of grilled beef, with a variety of musical instruments and songs of the frontier. The battlefield is the military parade an invigorating autumn climate.

The horse like Lu as fast Benz, an arrow shot, bow like thunder like startled ring. This would like to complete the restoration of the Central Plains of the reunification of the great cause of the Central Plains, to win the reputation of the United States after the death of the u.s.. But it has clusters of white haired!

Grade nine

1 Gongshu "Mo-tse"

Public input tray for Chu made the ladder, mechanical equipment, will attack the song.

Mo-tse heard, from Qi, ten days and ten nights as Ying, see the public input tray.

Public input tray said: "master ho Yan for life?" Mo-tse said: "there are now Chen north, willing to kill his son."

Public input tray displeasure.

Son Mo-tse said: "please offer ten gold."

Public input tray said: "I sense not to kill."

The son of Mo-tse, he said: "please say. I from the north, Wen Zi for the ladder, will attack song. Song he sin? The country has more than the land, but is insufficient to the people. Kill the lack of, and for all the remaining, can not be described as wisdom; Song innocence and attack, can not be described as. Know but don't argue, is not loyal. Struggle and not, is not strong. Meaning does not kill less and kill the public, can be described as a class."

Public input tray service.

Son Mo-tse said: "however, Hu unceasingly?"

Public input tray said: "can not, I have to say Wang yi."

Son Mo-tse said: "Hu did not see me in the king?""

Public input tray said: "nobel."

The son of Mo-tse king, said: "today there are people in this house, the neighbor and we have Wenxuan, to steal the homes of their neighbors; beautiful, short brown, and to steal the homes of their meat; Liang, a neighbor to steal the Kang worse. Why is this person?"

Wang Yue: "there must be a thief."

Mo-tse said: "the Jing, five thousand, song five hundred in the land of Judah," and we also Yu Wenxuan; Jing Yunmeng, rhino si full of elk, Jianghan fish and turtle we Tuo the rich, song for rabbit Fox also no pheasant, the meat of Judah Liang the worst is long and bran; Jing Song, Wen Zi, Pian, Zhan, Yu Zhang, song long wood, this still beautiful and short brown also. Minister to the king's attack song, for the same kind, Minister of the king's will not be hurt."

The king said: "good! Although the public input tray for me for the ladder, will take the song."

And see the real disk, Mo-tse with a city to die for the nine siege of the public input tray machine, Mo Zijiu distance. The school of mechanical transmission disc, Mo-tse Shou Wei surplus.

The public input tray, and said: "I know it from the son of men, I do not say."

Son Mo-tse also said: "I know the reason why I am away from me, I do not speak."

The king asked the reason, Mo-tse said: "the real son of Italy, but want to kill chen. Kill minister, song Mo can defend, but also can attack. However, his disciples and other poultry slip PCT three hundred people, have to keep the vessel in Songcheng Chen Chu kou to carry on. Although kill minister, cannot absolutely also."

The king said: "good! I don't have to attack song yi."


Public input tray to manufacture this ladder Chu instrument, made after, go to attack song.

Mo-tse heard the news, from Lu left, walking for ten days and ten nights, arrived in the capital, to see the real disk.

Public input tray said: "what advice Sir?"

Mo-tse said: "the North was to bully me, I want to draw on your strength to kill him."

Public input tray not happy.

Mo-tse said: "please let me give you ten gold."

Public input tray said: "I am a moral person, not without any cause or reason."

Mo-tse stood up and bowed in two, and said, "please let me say a few words. I have heard that you made in the north of the ladder, go to attack song. What is the crime of song? Chu state owned land, the lack of people, and now to kill their own lack of people and compete for their own is not the lack of land, can not be said to be smart. Song kingdom without sin and to attack it, can not be said that love. Understand this truth, but do not argue, can not be said to be loyal. Debate and can not achieve the purpose, can not be said to be strong. Himself said that the moral, to kill a small number of people also know not reasonable, but to kill a large number of people, can not be said to understand the truth."

Public input tray convinced.

Mo-tse said: "so, why not stop attacking song?"

Public input tray said: "no, because I have talked to the king of chu."

Mo-tse said: "(you) why don't introduce me to the king?"

Public input tray said: "ok."

Mo-tse saw him, and said: "now there is a person, throw away their gorgeous car, see the neighbors have broken the car he wanted to steal; throw away their beautiful clothes, see neighbors have wanted to steal clothes and coarse; throw away their rice fat, see neighbors have tried to steal zaokang. What kind of person is this?"

The king said: "(the person) must suffer from theft sick."

Mo-tse said: "the land five thousand miles, song of the land area of only five hundred. It's like a gorgeous car and a broken car. Chu Yunmeng Ze, where Si is full of rhinoceros, deer and the like, the Yangtze River and Han River fish, turtle, turtle, lizard world was Song Guozhen, as they say, is even pheasants, rabbits, crucian carp are not places. It's like rice fat and Zaokang compared. Chu song, Zi, and Zhang Nan, these trees, but not what the trees in the state of song. It's like beautiful clothes and coarse clothes compared. I think the king of Kings fought against the kingdom of song, and it was the same as the man who stole the disease."

The king said: "yes! Although this is the case, but the dish I made the public lose good ladder, (I) to play Song Guo."

Then, the king summoned the public input tray. Mo-tse unslung even as a city, using bamboo as instruments. Public input tray once again set a siege of the method, Mo-tse once again stopped him. Siege equipment transmission disc are exhausted, the city has more than sufficient Mo-tse.

Public input tray technology poor, but he said: "I know how to deal with you, but I do not say."

Mo-tse said, "I know what you're going to do with me, but I don't say it."

The king asked what it is.

Mo-tse said: "the real disk meaning, just want to kill me. Kill me, the song will live, can be captured. But my student bird, three hundred people, and so on, has been holding my defense equipment, in the Song Dynasty, waiting for Chu Guolai to attack. Even kill me, can not kill to defend the people of the song dynasty."

The king said: "now I don't attack a song."

2 "Meng Zi" in the two chapter

A A just cause enjoys abundant support., an unjust cause finds scant support.

The day as location, location, and better.

The city of three, the city of seven, the ring and the attack of the. Cardiff ring and the attack, there must be such a day, but it is better placed to weather, too.

Non city is not high, not deep pool, Bingge non Kenny, m millet non no, to the Commission, is the terrain and better also.

Therefore: people not to a border of the circle, solid state is not to stream the risk, not to the whole world Bingge li. Catching more flies with honey than with vinegar. Support to help relatives on the world to shun. In the world of the CIS, the relatives of pan, a gentleman there is no war, win the war.


To combat the weather, season, is not conducive to combat the geographical situation; to combat the geographical situation, not in combat, the internal unity of the popular sentiment.

(like a) three miles of the town, only seven miles outside the city, encircle up against it, but could not win. The siege encircle the way, must be obtained for operational weather and seasonal, but could not win, because this is conducive to combat weather, season is not conducive to combat the geographical situation.

The wall is not high ah, not deep moat, weapons and equipment are not sophisticated, the food supply was not sufficient, however, he abandoned the city or a party, this is because of the geographical situation of combat (good), is less than unity, the public attitude for or against.

So, people can not rely on the delimitation of the territory, to consolidate national defense can not rely on the mountains around, the conquest of the world can not rely on a powerful force. Can the implementation of benevolent monarch, help support his people, not "benevolence" of the monarchy, to support his help less. To help his people less to the extreme, brothers will betray him; to help his people to the extreme, everyone will to him. With the people of the world to his condition, to attack that even relatives of support against the king, so (it "benevolent") the monarch is not war, war must win.

Two, born in suffering, died in a peaceful

Shun in the field, he said for in built version, Jiaoge rises from middle of Fish salt, Guan Zhong lift in the soil, Sun Shuao cited Yu Hai, Bai Li Xi held in the city.

The day will drop so big people, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK Fu chaos, so the spirit, had it not beneficial.

People hang off, and then be able to change; trapped in the heart, the balance of consideration, and then sign; in color, hair at the sound, then yu. In no out no learned men and advisors, foreign aggression from enemy states, wakizuz.

And then know that the suffering and death of peace.


Shun from the field of success, Fu from the wall in the Mason rise, since being held by fish and Salt Traders Jiaoli, prison officials released from Guan Zhong hand was appointed by Sun Shuao, into the court from seclusion from the seaside, bailixi street between the boarding of the phase.

So, God will be issued a major mission to such a person, you must first make his inner pain, and fatigue, body skin hunger was thin, poverty, various actions to hinder, interfere with his career, (these) to let his heart alert, his character firm to continue to grow talent.

A person often make mistakes, then correct; heart sad thoughts, obstruction, then can make a difference; (of a person's mind only) emerged from the face, in the show the chant sighing sound, then for people to understand. A country, if not insist on internal testimonies and kings of the Magi, outside this country often no foreign aggression from enemy states, will lead to death.

In this way, people will understand that suffering can make people seek survival, and happiness will surely lead to death.

3 fish I want to also "Meng Zi"

Fish, I wish also, bear, also my desire also, the two can not have both, I would rather take the latter. Life, what I want to do, righteousness, and what I want to do, too, do not have to have the two, and give up the righteous. Life is what I want, want more than the living, it is not as if also. Death is the evil that I have, and the evil that is more than the dead, so that the people who suffer from it do not avoid it. If the people desire than students, is where you can get what the living do not have. The evil that makes a person more than the dead, then where can avoid the patient why not to also! Is born and there is no need to also; by it can be avoided and there is not. Thus it is more than the living, the evil is more than the dead. Who have heart also is not exclusively, everyone, it can not ear 5.

A piece of bread, bean soup, it is born, it is dead. Hu er and, for the way people put; kick, and begging people disdain.

Clock is not identified by righteousness, in what I add clock! For the palace of the beauty, the wives, the general poor person, I? The body of death and not be, for the beauty of this house for; the body of death and not be, today for the wives as; the body of death and not be, this is the general poor person I is: you can not have peace? This is called the loss of conscience.


Fish is my favorite, the bear's paw is my favorite, if these two things can not have been the case, then I had to give up the fish and bear's paw has selected. Life is my favorite, Dayi is my favorite, if these two things can not have it, then I will have to sacrifice their lives to the cause of the selection. Life is my favorite, but my favorite thing there is better than life, so I don't do things drag out an ignoble existence I hate; death is death, but there are more than the things I hate, so I can not escape the scourge. If people do not love more than life, then all can be used to obtain the means of survival, which can not be used? If people do not have more than the things they are dead, then all the bad things that can be used to avoid disaster, which can not be done? With a means to live, but some people are unwilling to adopt a way; to avoid disaster, but some people are not willing to use. It can be seen that what they love is more valuable than life (that is "righteousness"); they are disgusting, and there is something more serious than death (that is, "injustice"). Not only has the nature of sage, everyone has, but it can not lose the sage.

A bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, eat will be able to live, do not eat will starve to death. But disdain, berating to others to eat, hungry passers-by also refused to accept; kicking (or tread) to others to eat, beggars are not willing to accept.

(but some people) see "10000 clock" generous salary does not distinguish whether accord with the rules accepted. So, what are the benefits of generous salary for me? In order to residential, the size of the gorgeous wife serve and familiar poor grateful to me? Previously (someone) would rather die than to accept, now (someone) to residential gorgeous but accepted; previously (someone) would rather die than to accept, now (someone) to serve but accepted the size of his wife; previously (someone) would rather die than to accept, now (someone in order to know the poor) grateful you have accepted. This approach is not to let it stop it? This is called the lost people inherent shame shame.

Two 4 "Chuang-tzu" story

First, the sub beam

Keiko is to see Chuang-tzu beam. Or that the Hui Master said: "Zhuang Zilai, for son." So Keiko fear, found in junior high school for three days and nights. See Chuang-tzu, said: "the South bird, its name is Yuan Qian, son of known? Schiff Yuan Qian in the South China Sea, and fly to Beihai, not only to practice non non Indus, do not eat, do not drink non liquan. So it Yuan Qian owl rot rat, too, and as said: "scared!" This son wants to take the son of beam country and frighten me evil?"


He made a beam of phase, Chuang-tzu went to see him. Someone told he said: "Chuang-tzu Liang Guolai, do you want to replace the prime minister." So he was very afraid, in the country for three days and nights. Chuang-tzu went to see him, said: "the south there is a bird, its name is, you know? From the South China Sea to fly to Beihai to take off, not trees without habitat, not bamboo fruit do not eat, not as sweet as sweet spring water drink. At this time the owl to pick up a rancid mouse, the bird flew in front of it, looked up at the owl, a 'threatened' at the sound. Now you want to use "you scared" beam me?"

Two, Chuang-tzu and Keiko swims at Haoliang

Chuang-tzu and Keiko swims in Haoliangzhishang. Chuang-tzu said: "a surname fish travel calmly, fish is fun." Hui Hui: "son of the fish, the fish is known to the music?" Chuang-tzu said: "not my son I know I do not know the fish is happy?" Hui Hui said: "I am not a son, don't know the son, the son of the fish is not solid, the son of the fish is not know the music!" Chuang-tzu said: "please follow the. Confucius said "Ru an know the fish is happy 'cloud, not only known I know and ask me, I also know ho."


Chuang-tzu and Hui in Ho water bridge play. Chuang-tzu said: "the fish in the river very leisurely, the fish is happy ah." He said: "you are not a fish, how do you know the fish are happy?" Chuang-tzu said: "you are not me, how do you know I do not know the fish happy?" He said: "I am not you, although you do not know; you are not a fish, you do not know the fish is happy, be sure!" Chuang-tzu said, "please start with our original topic.". You say 'where do you know the fish' s words, that you already know I know the fish is happy and asked me. I know over the Hao River on the bridge."

5 left the caogui controversy "

In the spring of ten, Qi Shi cut me. Guild wars. Caogui see. The local people said: "the carnivorous plan, what room?" GUI said: "the meat eaters are vulgar, not far to seek." Nai Nai nai. Question: "how to fight?" Said: "the safety of food and clothing, Adare to be exclusive, must by the people." Said: "not from people over Xiaohui, also." Said: "the sacrifice of peace, and will also dare not believe." Said: "small letter Fu, God also Fufu." Said: "small big prison, although cannot observe, need to love." Said: "loyalty is also. Can one war. War is from the."

The public and the ride. The battle was joined at changshao. The drum of the drum. GUI said: "not." The people of the three drum. GUI said: "to be." Qi division defeat. Gong Chi chi. GUI said: "not." Under the rut, Deng Shi and Wang, said: "to be." Qi Shi qi.

Both grams, the public asked its reason. Replied: "the husband war, courage. And then decline, done in one vigorous effort, three and exhaust. Bijiewoying, so g, Fu country, are also the fear of ambush. I see the point of chaos, hope it's popular, therefore by it."


Duke Zhuang ten years of spring, the US army attacked Lu, Duke Zhuang will face. Cao village to ask the public to receive. His fellow governors will be planning to say: "this thing, why do you participate in?" Cao GUI said: "high officials are short-sighted, not foresight." So into the palace to see Zhuang gong. Caogui zhuanggong asked: "you what with the war?" Zhuang Gong said: "food is to settle things, I dare not alone, must be brought to the others." Cao GUI said: "this is not over petty people, people will not listen to you." Zhuang Gong said: "the sacrifice of sheep, such as friendship, I never dared to false number, must be honest and credible." Cao said: "this is difficult to convince people, God will not bless you." Zhuang Gong said: "large and small cases, although not understand everything clearly, but must be perfectly logical and reasonable treatment." Cao said: "this is doing their own thing, you can go to war with this point. When fighting, please allow me to go with you."

Lu Zhuang and caogui sat with a chariot. Battle in the long spoon and the Qi army. Zhuanggong (battle) to enter the drum, Cao Gui said: "(now)." The Qi army struck three drums, caogui said: "we can beat into." The Qi army defeated. Zhuang just to order the pursuit, Cao Cao said: "not yet." (finish) get off to see the Qi army tracks, then mounted on the front of the car at the bar (the Qi army formation), (that) said: "we can chase." So the pursuit of Qi Jun.

After the victory, Lu zhuanggong asked to win the reason. The caogui replied: "fight, rely on courage. The first drum can cheer up the courage of the soldiers, the courage of the two drum is reduced, and the courage to the three drum has dried up. The enemy 's courage has dried up and our courage is strong, so we beat them. (all) country, difficult to find (it's), is afraid of an ambush, I found their car India chaos, flag fell, so he ordered to pursue them."

Zou Ji Qi 6 satirical remonstrance "Warring States"

Zou Jixiu is eight feet, and the morphology of Yi li. Royal clothes, endoscope, "his wife said:" I is an Adonais and beauty?" His wife said: "you are beautiful, and also can Xu gong!" An Adonais, Qi also beautiful. Avoid not confident, and asked his wife, said: "I do not and Xu Xu?" I said: "Xu Jun and how are they?" Day, the guests from outside, and sat talking, asked: "I and Xu is beautiful?" Guest said: "Xu Gong is not the beauty of the king also!" Tomorrow is seen, Gong, thought as; endoscope to themselves, and even as far away. Twilight sleep and thought, said: "my wife my beauty, my private beauty concubine; I fear, I also; the beauty of my guest, to help me."

So the Wei Wang said: "I come, known as Xu Gongmei cheng. Chen's wife, private Chen, Chen Wei Chen Chen concubine, guest to help Chen, with beauty in xu. This place Qi Trinidad, 120 City, women's palace is about private court of the king, Chen Mo afraid Wang, for all four borders. Wang: from this point of view, the word Shen Yi wang."

Wang said: "good." Ordered: "can I have" Limin Mianchi, on tours; my remonstrance petition, affected by the appreciation; to slander to ridicule towards the city, smell my ear, by tours." So, his voice, bustling; after a few months, but from time to time into a period of years later, though; to talk, no further.

Yan, Zhao, Han, Wei Wenzhi, all in the qi. This so-called victory over the imperial court.


Zou Ji is eight feet tall and looks beautiful. One morning, he dressed, looked in the mirror and said to his wife: "I city north of Xu Gong, which is more beautiful?" His wife said: "you are beautiful, Xu compared to you?" The Xu Qi, is a handsome man. Zou Ji doesn't believe himself than Xu Gongmei, he asked his concubine: "I'm one of Xu Gong, who is beautiful?" Concubine said: "how can I compare to you?" On the second day, a guest came from the outside, and he sat in a conversation with him, and asked him: "who am I to be beautiful?" The guest said: "Xu Gong is not as beautiful as you." Another day, Gong, Zou Ji carefully looked at him, he felt inferior to Xu Gong beauty; to look at myself in the mirror, feel more than. Lying in the evening, said: "my wife thinks I am beautiful, is partial to me; I think I am beautiful, is afraid of me; the guests think I am beautiful, is to want to have me."

So to see the king, said: "I really know myself as Xu Gongmei. My wife is partial to me, my wife is afraid of me, my guests have to ask me, they think I am more beautiful than the. Now there is a thousand in the territory, one hundred and twenty City, palace concubines and cronies around, not your preference; the minister did not fear you; the people do not have to ask you. From this, you are blinded by the king!"

The king said: "good!" Under the command: "all the ministers, officials, people can confront my fault, can be first-class awards; I can book admonition, middle reward; criticism in public discussion of my mistake, in my ear, be inferior to reward." Has just issued an order, to all his voice before the door, the hospital like a marketplace; a few months later, occasionally someone to voice; a year later, just want to say what the voice did not.

Yan, Zhao, Han, Wei and other countries heard this, to appear before Qi Guolai. This is what people say in court against the enemy.

7 "Lie Zi" great determination and courage

In seven hundred, Wong Uk, high maninsan. In the south of Jizhou, north of heyang.

"Yugong, and ninety years, and in the mountains. The punishment of North cork, also out of turn. Poly room and said: "I and thou Bi Liping insurance, refers to the south of Henan, as in Hanyin, may?" Miscellaneous ran on his wife Xu said: "your force, had not damaged Quebec father hill, such as Taihang and Wangwu? And how the earth?" Miscellaneous said: "the end of Bohai, the hermit of the north." According to the rate of the sons of Holland, Dan Sanfo, dustpan transport in drill rock and dig earth, the tail of Bohai. Neighbor Beijing's widow left male, was advanced, jump to help. Seasons, beginning a return yan.

Hequ wise old man smiled and said: 'stop Shen Yi, Hui not ru. In one of the mountain had not destroyed be worn with age, hair, its earth?" "Yugong news said:" what do you Xinzhi solid, solid not penetrating, had not if the widow and young orphan. Although I dead, a son; the son and grandson, grandson and son; the son and son, son and grandson; generation after generation of descendants endless also, and the mountain does not increase, but why not?" The wise old man in Hequ to be dead.

Hold the God of the snake smell, fear of its unceasingly, also told in the emperor. The emperor Cheng, life boast e's two sons are negative, a shuodong Cuo, CuO Nan Yong a. Since then, the South Hebei, Han Yin, Yan long without breaking.


The Taihang and Wangwu mountain two, seven hundred miles, seven thousand or eight thousand feet high, originally in the south of Jizhou, north of the north shore of the Yellow River.

There is a mountain named foolish old man here, before the age of 90 years old, in the mountains across from the residence. Blocking him suffer from the northern mountains, moved to bypass, is called the family said: "I told you to dig the precipitous mountain, (the road) has links to the Yuzhou south, arrived at the South Bank of the Han River, okay?" We all agree. His wife questioned said: "with your efforts, even the father of the Quebec hill can not be flat, the Taihang and Wangwu how? Besides, where do I put down the soil and stone?" And they said, "throw it to the edge of Bohai, the north side of the earth." The foolish old man led the three children to carry burden (on the mountain), stone cutting, digging, shipped to Bohai on the edge with a dustpan. Beijing's neighbors have a widow orphan, just seven or eight years old, bounce to help him. Summer and winter season, from a can.

A bend in the river on the old wise man laughed at the foolish old man, to prevent him from doing this, said: "you're just too stupid! Your remaining years alone, the rest of the strength of a blade of grass on the mountain can not move, but also how earth like stone?" "Yugong sigh said:" your heart is really stubborn, stubborn not resuscitation, even orphans and widows are not. If I died, and his son in it; his son and grandson, grandson and son; son and son, son and grandson; generation after generation of descendants but Hill is not inexhaustible, increase, also afraid to dig?" Hequ Moses said nothing to say.

Holding the Snake Mountain heard about it, afraid of his endless digging down, reported to the emperor. Foolish old man of the association were sincerely moved by the command's e Hercules boast two sons went back to the two mountain, a Shuofang on the East, a place in the south of yongzhou. From then on, the south of Jizhou until the South Bank of the Han River, there is no barrier of the mountain.

8 "Book of Songs" two

One, close the

Jujiu cage, in the river.

Yao modest lady, a gentleman's good mate.

The flow around staggered.

Yao modest lady, yearn day and night.

His habits and.

Carefree, tossing and turning.

Stagger about the mild.

Yao modest lady friends ofstringed instruments.

About Bank of Nymphoides staggered.

Yao modest lady, bell drum.


The Osprey is shut off the Yellow River Island amphibious duet.

Quiet and beautiful girl, is really good to me.

Uneven length of fresh water grasses, along the water around.

Quiet and beautiful girl, the day to her dream of love.

Pursuit of the girl did not wish to wake up the dream of the dream.

Long lovesickness infinite love, toss about to sleep.

Uneven length of the left Nymphoides fresh, right.

Quiet and beautiful girl, playing the piano together.

Uneven length of fresh picked up on the left there, right.

Quiet and beautiful girl, bell drum to make her happy.

Two, the

Jianjia gray, White Dew cream. The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side. Back from the whirl, road resistance and long.

Back from the tour, the Wan in the central water. Jianjia luxuriant, dew is not yet dry. The person, on the Bank of the river.

Back from the whirl, and steep road. Back from the tour, the WAN islet in the water. Jianjia tsetse, Bailu not have.

The so-called Iraqi people, the water in the riverbank. Back from the whirl, the road is right. Back from the tour, Wan Zhi in the water.


Reed green, white dew condensation to frost. The love that sweetheart, on the other side of the water. Looking for her with a crooked River, the road is long and hard.

Look for her, as if she was in the middle of the water. The reed is flourishing, and the White Dew is not dry. The love that sweetheart, the water in the shore.

Looking for her with a curved river, the road is difficult and steep. Current to look for her, as if the water reached a small sandbar. The reed is bright, and the White Dew is not yet finished.

The love that sweetheart, in the water. Looking for her with a crooked River, the road is hard and tortuous. Current to look for her, as if the water reached the sandbar.

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    Junior middle school Chinese classical poetry and thinking is all the following small for everyone finishing junior high school language learning methods, finishing the junior high school language classification, basic knowledge of junior high school Chinese summary related, hoping to help students improve performance! Seven grade 1 children (Shen Fu) Yu Yi childish, can open one's eyes on, enough to see tiny thing must scrutinize its texture, so when things outside. Summer mosquito into REM, the private group intended for the heart, in the air, or 1000 or 100, crane also indeed; proudly of view, a strong. Stay with...

  • Junior high school Chinese classical Chinese

    Classical Chinese junior middle school often test here is my Xiaobian finishing junior high school stage of classical Chinese words often test and summary of the relevant content, hoping to help students improve performance! 1: how (security is also of seeking to Trinidad (II) to raise food and clothes an): 2 low low (non inferior) the identity (the first emperor to his dirty 3): comprehensive and detailed preparation. (the predecessors of the preparation of the "Yueyang Tower") have. (a volley, and all the wonderful Albert prepared for the "ventriloquist"). (I still have to prepare the "official" morning cooking Shihao view details...

  • Middle school Chinese comprehensive reading class classical Chinese reading meta

    Junior middle school Chinese comprehensive reading classical Chinese reading meta following Xiaobian to sort my junior middle school Chinese basic knowledge, junior high school classicalteaching reading summary summarize the content related, hoping to help students improve performance! Read the following class and the classical Chinese, complete the 6-10 title. (15) LouShiMing hill is not high, but the immortal name. Water is not deep, there is Long Zeling. Our house, but I Dexin. Taihen order green grass green color into the shade. Talk and laugh with Ru, sed NIAM senkona diskleroros. Can be transferred to the piano, read the gold classics. No music view details...

  • Junior middle school Chinese classical Chinese extracurricular reading

    Junior middle school Chinese classical Chinese extracurricular reading is to learn and think the following Xiaobian finishing junior middle school Chinese basic knowledge, summarizes the related content of classical Chinese junior middle school Chinese extracurricular reading, hoping to help students improve performance! (a) 1, Huang Wanqiao Huang Wan of clever young hui. Grandfather Joan, Wei prefecture. Construction and the first year of the lunar eclipse. Beijing does not see Joan to smell like. The Empress Dowager Zhao asked how much food. The Qiongsi of unknown state. The seven year old, her words said: why don't I say at the beginning of the eclipse? Joan was surprised, in his call, and view details...

  • Reading and answers of classical Chinese in junior middle school

    Junior middle school Chinese classical reading and learning and thinking is the answer to the following Xiaobian to sort the junior middle school language learning methods, finishing the junior middle school language classification, basic knowledge of junior high school Chinese, classical Chinese reading and summarizing relevant content, hoping to help students improve performance! (a) Yan Zi Jian Jing OK kill candle Zou Yi II, the candle Zou the bird died. Public anger, imperial officials killed. Yan ziyue: candle Zou guilty three, please count to incrimination and kill. Said. So called the number of the candle Zou said! Be thou my monarch and bird view details...

  • Middle school Chinese comprehensive reading classical Chinese

    Junior middle school Chinese comprehensive reading classical Chinese learning and thinking is the following Xiaobian to sort the junior middle school language classification, junior middle school Chinese comprehensive reading classical Chinese summary related, hoping to help students improve performance! A, [a] more than childhood addicted to study. No, in view of poverty, and in every home under the guise of collection, from a record, day later. Cold weather, the concept of hard ice, finger flexion extension, slow. Recorded after the completion of the walk did not sell more than about. To many people in the book is false, I was over the concept of books. (excerpt from "sent to Dongyang to view detailed ma...

  • Junior middle school Chinese classical notional

    Junior middle school Chinese classical notional following is then Xiaobian finishing junior high school language learning methods, finishing the junior middle school language classification, basic knowledge of Chinese teaching in junior high school, junior high school classicalteaching common words and summarize relevant content, hoping to help students improve performance! 1: (1) how (security is also of seeking to Trinidad) (2) (a food and clothes safety) 2 low: 1, low (non inferior) 2, humble (the first emperor to his dirty) 3: 1, comprehensive and detailed. (the predecessor of the preparation of the "Yueyang Tower") 2, with. View details of...

  • Junior high school language classical Chinese explanation

    Classical Chinese junior middle school Chinese on the following is my Xiaobian finishing junior high school language learning methods, finishing the junior middle school language classification, basic knowledge of Chinese teaching in junior high school, junior high school classicalteaching explain the summary content related, hoping to help students improve performance! The six is from the "Analects of Confucius" the Analects of Confucius, "science and" "government" "" "and" the series. Confucius, a hill, Naduni, during the spring and Autumn period luguoren, great thinker and educator in ancient China. "Bian Que saw Cai Huan" author Han Fei, the late Warring States period South Korea's son, collection of pre Qin law the view details...

  • Reading training of classical Chinese in junior middle school

    Junior middle school Chinese classical reading training is learning and thinking the following Xiaobian finishing junior high school classicalteaching reading training summary related, hoping to help students improve performance! [original] a deathless medicine offered immortality in Jing king, ye (y) operator to enter. Shooting people (guard) asked: edible? Yue: can. Eat for food. King Nu, the man who killed the man. Shooting people make people say Wang Yue: I asked the receptionist, said edible. Minister of food. Who is innocent, and sin in ye. And guest offer not dead medicine...

  • Classical Chinese poetry in junior high school

    Junior middle school Chinese classical poetry is the following Xueersi Xiaobian finishing junior middle school Chinese need to organize review classical Chinese poetry outline, hoping to help students improve performance! 1 ~ 6 grade (75 papers) (omitted) 7 ~ 9 grade (61) 1 Guanju (jujiu cage) 2 ("Book of Songs", "Book of Songs" Jianjia gray) 3 fifteen army sign (fifteen army sign) hanyuefu 4 sea view (Jieshi East) Cao Cao 5 (Jielu drinking in the territory of Mulan (6) Tao Qian complex chirp chirp) 7 the northern folk song farewell to prefect du (city view details...

  • Junior high school language often test classical Chinese

    Junior middle school Chinese classical learning and thinking is often test the following Xiaobian finishing Junior Chinese often test classical Chinese, basic knowledge of junior high school Chinese summary related, hoping to help students improve performance! The classical summary catalog of grade seven 5 children (Shen Fu) 10 "Analects of Confucius" ten 20 * 25 Pu Songling hill, "Shishuoxinyu" two Liu Yiqing snow and friends of Anson Hill 30 * four fables Naokou suspect neighbor a grade seven Zhong Yong Wang Anshi Sun Quan 15 * 5 injuries "Quan Xue Zi Zhi Tong Jian" 20. Lin Sihuan view details...

  • The knowledge of classical Chinese in junior middle school

    Junior middle school Chinese classical knowledge summarized below is my Xiaobian finishing junior high school language learning methods, finishing the junior middle school language classification, basic knowledge of Chinese teaching in junior middle school, junior classical knowledge content summarizes related, hoping to help students improve performance! 1 Confucius (seven) quotes "the Analects of Confucius" [ten Confucius said: learning proficiency for officialdom, not also said (Yu) there are friends from afar awfully? People not resentful, not a gentleman? Confucius said: Learning (knowledge), and then according to a certain time to practice (Wen Xi) it...

  • Use of junior high school Chinese classical Chinese lexical category

    Junior middle school Chinese classical learning to use lexical category to repeat the review, so as to address gaps and enhance memory. The following to share the junior middle school Chinese classical such use knowledge induction, for reference. Junior classical tongjiazi 1, learning proficiency for officialdom, not a pleasure? ("the Analects of Confucius ten") said (Yu): Tong Yue, pleasant. 2, teach you know? Is know also. ("the Analects of Confucius ten") female: you, you. Knowledge: wisdom, wisdom, wisdom. 3, Bian Que looked huanhou but walk. (Bian Que) also see Cai Huan): through rotation, rotation, view detailed...

  • Chinese classical Chinese reading in junior middle school

    Junior middle school Chinese classical literature reading in order to help everyone in the exam, the consolidation of knowledge, the knowledge better grasp, then Xiaobian compiled knowledge of junior high school Chinese summary, I hope useful for everyone. 1, the common understanding in the specific context of substantive meaning. 2, understand the common classical words (,,,, and the, but, although in the,,,,,, and, and so on) meaning and usage in the article. 3. Understand and translate the sentences in the article. 4, understand the basic content of the article, summarized the contents of the article...

  • The basic knowledge of the basic knowledge of the test

    Senior high school entrance examination of Chinese basic knowledge is to learn and think the following breakthrough Xiaobian finishing junior high school language learning methods, finishing the junior middle school language classification, basic knowledge of junior high school Chinese summary related, hoping to help students improve performance! First, the classification of knowledge points. 1 to add the word phonetic. Qinyuanchun (QN) Yaorao (RO) retention (zh) (Su only) hygrophila (Qi N and B have a baby O million) Education (HU) (U Lu only bent and profane (Xi d)) (PIN) - strong in parallel (and u only) decadent lipsalve (TU) (y) to sacrifice (y) (s) (from b) stunned the blighted grain of contempt (y) hiss (CH h) corrugated view details...

  • Summary of Chinese classical Chinese in junior middle school

    The following summary of classical Chinese junior middle school Chinese is to learn and think for junior middle school Chinese subject everyone finishing regular examination of the classical summary of the relevant content, hoping to help students improve performance! Seven grade 5 children (Shen Fu) Yu Yi childish, can open one's eyes on, enough to see tiny thing must scrutinize its texture, so when things outside. Summer mosquito into REM, the private group intended for the heart, in the air, or 1000 or 100, crane also indeed; proudly of view, a strong. And leave the mosquito in the prime account, Xu spray to smoke, so that the...

  • Junior middle school Chinese classical Chinese text polysemy summary

    Junior middle school Chinese classical Chinese text polysemy summary of Junior Chinese polysemy has been everybody a headache, because more, the assembly today Xiaobian for students, hope to be able to help the students! [1]: 1, how security (security is also of seeking to Trinidad) 2, a (food and clothes security) 2 []: 1, low low (non inferior) 2, humble (the first emperor to his dirty) [3] preparation: 1, comprehensive and detailed. (the predecessor of the preparation of the "Yueyang Tower") 2, with. (a volley, and all the wonderful Albert prepared "view details...

  • Junior middle school Chinese classical Chinese

    Junior middle school Chinese classical book (a) to learn [Qing Peng Duanshu] anything hard? In order to, it is difficult to carry on; not for, then it is difficult to carry on. People in order to learn is difficult to easy? Learning, the difficult and easy to carry on; not to learn, it is easy to be difficult to carry on. The base of the two monks, one poor and the rich. The poor for the rich said: I would like the language of the South China Sea, how? The rich said: son what to rely on? I said: a bottle of a bowl is enough. The rich said: I want to buy a boat for several years, and also failed to. What child depend on and go? The next year, the poor from the South China Sea also,...

  • A summary of the knowledge of classical Chinese in junior middle school

    Junior middle school Chinese classical knowledge sums up requirements: 1, common understanding in the specific context of substantive meaning. 2, understand the common classical words (,,,, and the, but, although in the,,,,,, and, and so on) meaning and usage in the article. 3. Understand and translate the sentences in the article. 4, understand the basic content of the article, summarized the main points of the article. 5, analyze and summarize the author's viewpoint and attitude. 6, for the content, language and writing has its own experience and opinion analysis: 1 the view details...