Zhang Yixing plays a warm but not done, "mother"


Zhang Yixing plays a warm but not done, "mother"

Zhang Yixing plays a warm but not done, mother


The drama "Tomb" old nine door is the Oriental TV Week theater broadcast hit, "little sheep" Zhang Yixing in the play as an February red, putting on his "girl" affection touched many viewers, but Zhang Yixing's acting has become the focal point of many discussions. Some people praise his actors interpretation of content are compared to be neither humble nor pushy, Tucao play with Leslie Cheung Cheng Dieyi, Zhang Yixing not only acting a bad grade, even when singing lips are not on. The day before yesterday, the producer of a white Cong and the original author and writer Nanpai Sanshu jointly accepted the media interview in response to the doubts about Zhang Yixing, and draw a blueprint for the second quarter.

Zhang Yixing is not on the mouth?

Response: the clip appears technical error

Questions about Zhang Yixing is not on the mouth, white is the issue of making Cong admits: "the audience wronged actor, there is a technical error clip adjustment, right now." Zhang Yixing talked about the performance of a white Cong unstinting in his praise: "red February Taiwan is a stage actor, a good husband, he needs a gentle temperament, but not the mother. Yixing did this, but did not jade niang." He said that Zhang Yixing is a new person, if you use the new standards, he is very well done. Nanpai Sanshu said, "after the old nine door" colleagues ahead of the last four episodes after tears: "Zhang Yixing can act to let others cry, this is not easy."

Play a few supporting role of the show to get the praise of users. A white Cong also praised the actor more than in some concern: "in the current environment, we are very satisfied with this group of actors can be selected. National team is currently facing the problem of finding an actor difficult, which is the entire industry, a lot of drama because they can not find a good actor and can not open the machine."

Advertising implants somehow?

Response: not implanted"

"In the" old nine door advertising is quite unusual way to go, often in the plot when a section starring drama actor a few seconds, funny ads, which attracted a lot of users Tucao: ads and appears to be rather baffling." In this regard, a white Cong said: "it is not that we call implants inserted in. Such ads are not repeated, independent of the shoot, and the drama is also associated." He further said that this groundbreaking play has attracted the attention of the advertising sector, from public opinion, there are many viewers to accept.

About second quarters of the planning, Nanpai Sanshu said: "next, I'm going to deal with the tomb ever more clever ways of visual spectacle. Emotional line to continue to learn from other writers in the group, to write more types of women's role." A white Cong said, the second quarter is being prepared, but the year may not be able to boot: "I want a little more time to prepare, the lineup is basically unchanged, but Zhang Luyi might send scenes will be more heavy."