The fifty-eighth session of the 2016 president of the United States is three aces who Trump successfully elected


The fifty-eighth session of the 2016 president of the United States is three aces who Trump successfully elected

Original title: the fifty-eighth session of the 2016 president of the United States is three aces who Trump successfully elected

U.S. presidential election preliminary results announced, the Republican presidential candidate Trump defeated Hilary became the fifty-eighth president of the United states. According to articles Jing Xiao Bian understand from NBC11 9, the latest news, Trump also won the state of Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and won 20 votes, with a 274:218 win over Hilary.

Trump defeated Hilary as the fifty-eighth president of the United States

According to the U.S. "Washington Post" reported on November 9th, Trump's friend and adviser, former New York mayor Rudi · Giuliani in November 8th said the evening local time, he just left from the Trumpt tower in New York, where he and Trump were together. According to its sources, Trump is now in his apartment to watch the election results, although I told him not to do so."

Giuliani said: "Trump drank Diet Coke initially, staring at the TV to watch the election results in several states. It was 6 in the evening, and he didn't have supper."

When asked about the mood of Trump at home, Giuliani responded that he was very calm. We are cautiously optimistic. We know that there are populist, and it's very strong, and Trump has been on the back of it."

For George · W· Bush and others did not vote for Trump, Giuliani said that he had other people standing in the side of Trump who disdain this report. "At this point, it can't hurt us, everyone knows that they are the kind of position."

Three ace Trump successfully elected

He is not only a political figure but also a star.

His signature hairstyle a thin silver yellow hair, through the supporters cheer in the ocean, this is the real estate tycoon Donald Trump in Manhattan Trumpt tower elevator scene drop from the clouds. This month Trump announced as a Republican U.S. presidential campaign, sadly the American dream dead if I was elected president, I will let the American dream to return to our unprecedented grand and strong attitude together would make us strong again.

Trump once again announced his candidacy, the guardian of a video to ridicule the tone of the story about the year since Trump, a very serious campaign tour. The campaign for a variety of reasons most Wulitou die a natural death, which was the last time Trump to Jiepi challenge Obama, but quit. The American public radio veteran political journalist Leason Trump on the campaign trip this assertion on, in all his election as a joke, Trump really has become stir in American politics level candidates.

A recent poll shows us, although in the debate because outspoken and controversial but Trump is still ranked the first Republican poll support rate is not easy in the Republican primaries.

The 2016 presidential election is the reform of the electoral system after the Republican number of war at a time, the candidates announced to participate in the competition, why Trump can outshine others to get such a high support rate?

The American Academy of Social Sciences researcher Diao Daming Trump has said assistant general American political figures can not match the visibility, you may refuse to politics, but it's hard to know some of the popular cultural factors, Trump is not only a political figure is a star.

The election also did not forget to show off

Trump, the word in English, is the trump card of a card, and Trump is as famous as his family name in his world. Trump's father started in the real estate business creation, Trump company to build and operate medium-sized apartment two rich generation Trump is obviously more ambitious than his father, he could see that the economy of New York city started construction of the magnificent appearance of potential conspicuous edifice to earn higher profits, Cheng Gongxing built the Hyatt Hotel after Trump came to prominence in the real estate sector, compared to the more low-key father Trump love the limelight.

He is famous for his ostentatious displays of wealth. This election also did not forget to show off its net assets of up to billions of dollars, although this year April Forbes said Trump personal total assets of billions of dollars to travel when Trump love like a rock star surrounded by beautiful women, and have a keen interest in the pageant. And one bought Miss Universe, Miss America and other support agencies and the selection committee to host the pageant, becoming the backstage boss he also models for his wife, married, give an irrelevant answer does not affect the support rate.

We need to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, have to hurry up, I don't mind to build a beautiful wall built after the door, so that people can legally enter the United States. In the first debate on the election Republican asked questions immigration issues, answered Trump persist.

So love the limelight naturally let Trump become a household name in the United states. Huffington post polls show Republican activists almost familiar with all candidates, but the most familiar or Trump.

Familiarity second is slightly lower than a percentage point of Jeb Bush, which brings media attention to the high degree of attention, while the media's attention to Trump also played a superimposed effect.

Reported that Trump's media is not only a political class as well as entertainment, people continue to see Trump in the news, which will be reflected in the poll.

Bohemian style

Diao Daming believes that Trump has a high support rate has become the focus of the first Republican debate, in the polls by shortlisted candidates selection into the debate, the real estate tycoon with the highest ratings to the middle stage. The rest are arranged on both sides is standing in his televised debate is a key link in the US election, the candidate core televised to the public to show their governance, a significant impact on the election results. Trump will not miss this opportunity to let this personal show, the U.S. media generally believe that although Trump in the first debate on the hype self success, but the ruling concept of lack of good.

The media pointed out that Trump has vowed to revive the United States, but the specifics of how Renaissance is still a mystery. As the support rate of the number one candidate in the debate is not to be questioned, the gold medal host Trump put forward a very specific problem for Megan Kelly. But Trump was so impatient.

One of the problems is its contempt for women. Kelly said that Trump had not love women as stupid and disgusting animal, and then ask this is like a we should be elected president of the people's temperament?

Trump responded by saying: I just say, if you do not love, I am sorry I have been very polite to you, consider this to me, I could not love you but I don't do so, although Trump in the first debate often give an irrelevant answer

And did not put forward constructive ideas, but it is strange that there is no impact on his support rate.

The latest polls show Trump in the general election is called the touchstone in Iowa and New Hampshire polls, Yiqijuechen top seed Jeb behind Trump in the two states. These two states are the first major states to start the party primaries in the future.

Diao Daming believes that the two states lead is very interesting, because the national poll leading to a large extent because of the popularity of Trump, but the role of this data is not.

The election is the state based election, Iowa is a conservative agricultural state, New Hampshire is open business, in the two states that Trump was leading a certain competitiveness. If other Republican candidates lost the two states it is difficult to get the nomination for president of the United States a hotly contested spot.