2016 annual Kyoto prize in Japan has been announced 32


2016 annual Kyoto prize in Japan has been announced 32

2016 famous Japanese technology and art achievement award - Kyoto prize announced on the 10, the Carnegie Mellon University professor Kanade, Japan Kyoto University professor Moto Woo and University of Chicago professor Martha · Baum Yunus because of their achievements and awards.

On the afternoon of 10, President Imura Hiroo established the award winning consortium of Inamor to 3 in the national Kyoto International Club were awarded honorary certificates, medals and 50 million yen ($472 thousand) bonus.

Kyoto prize is Japan's international awards, is divided into "cutting-edge technology" "basic science" "thought and art" three categories, each year in November issued once, since the establishment in 1984 has been awarded the 32 session.

Scientists at the age of 71 have won the award for this year's cutting-edge technology. He has made contributions to the construction and development of the basic theory of computer vision, and has also developed a series of innovative application technology in the field of robotics.

At the age of 74, this paper expounds the mechanism and function of Shu Yu antibody acquisition discovery mechanisms to control molecular immune cells and its application in the medical field, so for this year's basic science award. His research results have a broad impact on the medical and Life Sciences, and penetration into the medical practice, to contribute to human health.

Nussbaum, a 69 year old philosopher, was a prize of thought and art for his unique "theory of justice".

Reporter Ma Zheng