Shanghai released 2016 college graduates employment status report


Shanghai released 2016 college graduates employment status report

College graduates are the main force of the new labor force. The employment situation of college graduates not only affects the personal career development prospects, but also related to the vital interests of millions of households and the development of economic and social stability in recent years, social concerns continue to improve. Statistics show that the 2016 Shanghai college graduates a total of 171 thousand people, the employment rate has reached 96.5%. After a tense and busy job search period, most of the 2016 college graduates have opened their own career life.

Shanghai released 2016 college graduates employment status report

In order to understand the employment situation of college graduates, Shanghai human resources and Social Security Bureau in conjunction with the employment promotion center of student affairs center of Shanghai City, recently jointly issued the "Industry Report" series of "the 2016 session of the Shanghai city college graduates employment status report", in Shanghai City Labor Resources Management information system based on the data analysis in the market of human resources in the city of 85 thousand (studies abroad, except to employment in other provinces and cities) 2016 Shanghai college graduates employment status.

20% college graduates to the employment of private enterprises, small and micro enterprises to absorb 1/3 of college graduates

From different types of employers to attract college graduates employment situation of college graduates, 2016 Shanghai private enterprises to absorb the most, accounting for about 21.7% of college graduates; foreign investment enterprises to absorb about 14.9% of college graduates in the state-owned enterprises to absorb about 9.4%.

From the different scale of employers to attract college graduates employment situation, the 2016 Shanghai 32.4% of college graduates choose employment Small and micro businesses in the scale of employees less than 100 people, up 0.4 percentage points more than 2015 graduates. College graduates in 500 or more of the scale of employment of college graduates accounted for about 43.4%, down 0.4 percentage points higher than the 2015 graduates. From nearly two college graduates employment situation, the employment of college graduates in Shanghai in different size distribution structure, the basic remains stable.

Business services, finance, research industry to absorb the most college graduates, the proportion of college graduates engaged in service industry has increased

Statistics show that 2016 of college graduates in Shanghai leasing and business services to attract the most, accounting for about 28.3%; followed by the financial industry, scientific research, attract college graduates accounted for 11.9%, 10.7%, compared with the distribution of the 2015 session of the employment of college graduates in Shanghai, have a certain extent the increase.

From the industry distribution of employment of college graduates in Shanghai, engaged in the third industry accounted for 87.5% of the graduates, higher than the overall level of the city's workers, compared with the 2015 graduates of the data over the same period increased by 1.6 percentage points, in the service industry has increased the proportion of College graduates.

College graduates from other provinces and cities in Shanghai employment will enhance, 1/3 have been in Shanghai for employment registration

Statistics show that the 2016 session of the Shanghai university graduate students in other provinces and cities, in addition to studies abroad, go to other provinces and cities for employment, 35 thousand people have handled the formalities of employment registration in the city of human resources and social security departments, accounts for the total number of college graduates in other provinces and cities of 32.1% students, compared to the 2015 Shanghai college graduates to improve the level of the same period 7.4 percentage points, the graduates employment intention in Shanghai and other provinces and cities in enhanced.

Experts pointed out that, from the point of view of the employment law of recent college graduates in Shanghai, the next few months there will be a lot of foreign students of college graduates have entered the Shanghai human resources market, this proportion is expected to further improve. In addition, there are a considerable number of graduates from other provinces and cities in order to study further education, flexible employment, self employment and other ways to stay in Shanghai, really leave Shanghai to other provinces and cities are not many job seekers.

Nearly 4000 college graduates in Shanghai are actively seeking employment or participate in training, more than five to become college graduates

The 2016 Shanghai college graduates since June this year, after graduation, the actual employment situation has changed greatly, some school leavers are unemployed graduates employment has been realized, there is also a part of graduates have employment, leave the original employment unit. In order to understand the dynamic of college graduates unregistered employment in the real employment situation, the city and Social Council employment promotion center with related business system data organization, employment assistance member has no entrance to go abroad or have not been registered in the city residence, employment of college graduates one by one investigation paimo. Survey results show that, as of the end of September, a total of 3894 college graduates in the city of Shanghai, is currently actively seeking job or participate in related training.

From the academic structure of college graduates employment is not the point of view, the number of college and higher vocational education, accounting for about 57.8%; followed by bachelor degree graduates, accounting for about 41.1% of the graduates; master degree or above accounted for only 1.1%.

This kind of professional unemployed college graduates more reflects the graduates, pile up in excess of requirement high substitutability, the employment competition is more intense social reality, but also to some extent reflects the diversity of the graduates employment choice. Experts pointed out that many graduates during the period of school finance business class professional open shop, do business, not only can guarantee the basic life of the individual, can also be have a brilliant future career. Culture and arts graduates, there are a lot of people choose to start their own business or engage in free career, and some have done a small scale and even become a net red". After graduating from college is not eager to find work, but choose to go out tourism entrepreneurship or a longer period of time, slowly to consider and plan their occupation career, the so-called "slow employment" is quietly rising college graduates. Experts also warned, "slow employment" is not equal to employment, should not be a waste of youth, an excuse to escape competition; nest at home do not neet employment, not only can cause a heavy burden to the family, is not conducive to the development of personal health and occupation career.