Super network drama "psychological crime 2" version of the poster exposure beast first exposing women mystery


Super network drama "psychological crime 2" version of the poster exposure beast first exposing women mystery

Super network drama psychological crime 2 version of the poster exposure beast first exposing women mystery

(Chen Ruoxuan)

In October 11th, the super network drama "psychological crime 2" exposure of a group of monsters Edition Poster and expose the mystery of women for the first time. "2" new female psychological crime lord Yang Yun have a cooperation with the famous director Zhang Li Yuan Jing as the strength of the actors, two women from the film starring Peng Bo as the gangster drama. Psychological crime as the first detonated the whole network of public praise of the crime theme super network drama, received a large number of users sought after, but also to the fans for the second quarter is full of expectations.

They reveal the tangible, people like new suspense posters

Since the "2" shooting crime psychological information exposure, making specification conflict of strong posters, more sophisticated tempt the appetite of fans, fans said to wait on line". This group of "beast version" the exposure of the poster,

The background of the beast is wood owl, suggesting that in the second quarter from the police academy students has advanced into the Sir square, will complete the transformation and transition to the police academy students to defend the law and justice of the police guards. Tai Wei first uninhibited wearing a white dress, but in the context of the unicorn still implies the heart surging sense of justice and fighting capacity. This season the female Lord Yang Yun background created a white dove, the symbol of peace and justice the people can not help but speculate Yang Yun in the second season will be how to help men maintain justice, let everything calm? The two female beast goldfish Full Tang Jinghua leisurely aura, like in the actual free shuttle fast.

The "psychological" crime series of the original author Remy has a word in the new cover: everyone has a monster, bad, there are good. Good from human nature, evil is also the end of human nature, human nature is the fall or sublimation of restraint and domination of the heart. "Psychological crime 2," the main "salvation" theme is to bring you a poster as the same as the light of the outcome, it is full of expectations.

New female main strong to join, starring feelings into a mystery

In the "psychological" crime in the first quarter, the same as the love square whirling, his girlfriend died unexpectedly, also let users love to look forward to the future the other wood. This "psychological crime 2" two female characters in the people to wonder whether they will spark new and clean wood. In addition, always alone whether or not a person of Tai Wei can end the single state in this season? Will between four people will have the emotional conflict? They will face what kind of "psychological crime"?

"Psychological crime 2" adapted from the original novel "Remy" psychological crime field "and" the "Enlightenment" is a psychological crime series of river, the most popular two novels. In 2015, the "psychological" crime by hundreds of thousands of netizens as the highest score, the annual drama watercress community, compared to the first quarter, the second quarter in the story, the cast and production all upgrades for "2" psychological crime story will be how to develop, at the end of this group would like a poster like bright and holy, only such as broadcasting an inquiry unexpectedly.