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Current events | Stopping "internet voting" is not likely

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:43:21

Click "Social Science Journal" above to follow us! Open WeChat group, from time to time there will be campus selection activities, parents to vote for their children, friends circle often. Sometimes even if you do not know, but acquaintances sent over t


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Urgently Stopped Malformation of Campus Network Voting

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:43:18

This normative notification issued by Zhejiang Province for online voting on campus networks is undoubtedly of practical significance. Schools are a place for teaching and educating people. They should follow the principles of fairness and fairness to car


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[PW Morning Post] Uber announces that it will stop Arizona's unmanned vehicle testing project. X2f Qualcomm is about to release VR/x2fAR helmet-specific chips XR1\x2f Samsung announced 5\x2f4\x2f3nm chip manufacturing process\x2f Musk will establish

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:43:15

PingWest article on May 24th report: Uber announced to stop the Arizona unmanned vehicle test project due to serious auto-driving car crash deaths in March this year, Uber is planning to stop its auto-driving car test project in Arizona. In an in-company