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Clippers Announces Renewal with Doug Rivers

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:44:53

The Clippers announced that they had signed a contract with head coach Doug Rivers and the contract amount was not disclosed. “Doug is one of the top coaches in the NBA and just coached him for the best season since joining the Clippers,” said Clipper own


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"Rome Sport": Ancelotti approaches Naples

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:44:50

Tiger Punch May 22nd "Rome Sport" reporter Ivan Zazzaroni: "'Ancelotti, basically settled', I have received this news from Naples for two consecutive hours within a few hours. Only 'Sally will remain in office for the remainder of the two-year contr


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Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:44:34

Hohhot, the Mongolian language means "Qingcheng", in which "Hoh" means blue, "Hot" means city and city. Because the center of the city north of Daqingshan, it got its name. The name Hohhot first appeared in Mongolian's "Anjohan Biography", which


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You are the sea of ​​flowers in Hohhot.

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:44:33

Photo / Jiang Zihan Location: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia [This article was authorised by the author] Luckily once again met you in the flower season, Hohhot. I have visited more than once, and each season has its own different colors. The whole forest Liangch


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Hohhot lilac blooming

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:44:29

Photo / Jiang Zihan Location: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia [This article was authorised by the author] In the late spring and early summer, he came to the forest city of Hohhot again, and he looked forward to the fact that lilac blossoms were indeed associated


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Harbin-Hong Kong route opened

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:44:25

Original title: The Harbin-Hong Kong route was opened After a reporter from Hohhot learned from the Shandong Airlines Harbin Operations Department, from the 15th, Shandong Airlines will open a Harbin-Hohhot-Hong Kong route. This is the only route currentl


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Iniesta to Japan Situ Pavan: To my new home in Japan

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:44:08

White social media screenshot Beijing time on the morning of May 24, Sina Sports News. Iniesta just photographed a plane on a personal tweet. In the photo, Iniesta is shaking hands with Mitsugu Hiroshi, boss of Japan’s Lotte, and the owner of Kobe’s Victo