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Wu Yifan father exposure personal data were grilled

admin Published 2016/07/05 17:39:37

Recently, Wu Yifan father exposure, love gossip grow Association exposure suspected small meat WuYifan biological father of data, and that the source material administration official website. His father is "academic Daniel". It is reported that Wu Yifan


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Bernard Shaw out of the way of living

admin Published 2016/07/05 17:34:28

Exergy Gao Qiufu: "George Bernard Shaw's Corner" is George Bernard Shaw lived forty years of residence in Dublin, I went to visit Wen, Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw Guzhai. Unfortunately, the building site closed door residence ochre. A warm-hea


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U.S. troops in Japan to make drunk driving

admin Published 2016/07/05 17:17:04

In Okinawa, Japan, the U. S. Army to quell the local public the nail scholar frequent wine driving trouble indignation, last month curfew and prohibition. Who knows the ban just lifting a few days later, another beautiful soldier on suspicion of drunk dri