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Beijing will implement the delay retirement policy

admin Published 2016/07/06 22:16:16

Beijing News News (reporter Wu) on July 6, Beijing city government website released "Beijing" 45 "period of human resources and social security develops a program", the understand Beijing City in the future five years in employment, social security, t


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Four semi-finals Barcelona again lost to Real Madrid.

admin Published 2016/07/06 19:22:28

European Cup struggle full swing, France and Iceland team in the quarter finals matchup for the fans brought a goal - fest, of course, that Iceland team out, but it can be used to die standing to describe, despite the fact that is five times the French ri


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OMG! Durant to join the warriors! Explosion!

admin Published 2016/07/06 19:21:59

NBA summer drama "where's Adu" was finally ushered in the big final: Durant joined Durex warriors! Thunder star Durant - Kevin in the "star stands" published on the website will be signed with the Jinzhou warriors! According to ESPN's famous reporte


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Students strangle girlfriend Pipanwuqi

admin Published 2016/07/06 19:08:32

The defendant Li Xiangnan in the courtroom of the Chinese Li Xiangnan of students to the United States in September 2014 in Iowa, a hotel to strangle the girlfriend, she, then he fear sin fled back to China. However, in close cooperation with God's way g


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After the trial, Ling Jihua left the seven words

admin Published 2016/07/06 19:05:20

[Knight Island Press] a year and a half after standing trial bench who make plans, and the impression of the people is not the same. Gray hair, white shirt, he left in the news footage of the last sentence, "I take over all charges". From the 2014 winte