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Warm-up match wins Myanmar, winning 7 consecutive wins

admin Published 2018/05/27 03:00:09

Tigers on May 26 This evening, the Chinese national team faced Myanmar in a warm-up match. In the end, with the goal of Wu Lei, the national team 1-0 victory over opponents. After winning the match, the Chinese team ended the seven consecutive unbeaten wi


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News speed reading | US Consulate: Employees in China are in an abnormal situation; the official is called to stop the "class teacher to try student milk system"; US media: Nike began to move away from China

admin Published 2018/05/24 08:46:12

1 According to a report in the Global Times, on Wednesday (23rd), the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou issued a health alert for U.S. citizens in China. The report said that an employee of the Chinese government had abnormal "sound and pressure percep