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Take a card from the monkey Wuguan proved to be

admin Published 2016/07/24 18:54:44

Chapeau, property according to Yang, dense, supply of ID card, ban number and other information, alignment property collection system to verify Yang Mi, the identity of the owners; secondly, the property according to Yang, dense, supply of shopping websit


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Product manager how to analyze product data?

admin Published 2016/07/24 18:50:15

Data analysis is the product manager must have the ability, in the stage of product demand can through the process of data analysis of user demand Pishajianjin, on-line operation stage in the product, and can through the process data product test and veri


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To make the product manager essential condition

admin Published 2016/07/24 18:50:01

When it comes to the Internet I think master will first think of is French ape, designers, operation, testing, and so they only with the is and the Internet, simple point is their work are inseparable from the collection, in addition they also have other


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Why do you want to play product manager

admin Published 2016/07/24 18:47:38

First: at the moment a lot of product management is not enough professional. I contacted some amateur in demand when compared, without professional training and practice. For instance I in obtaining a need of the hour, in fact, comparison of hope is our p


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Distinguish between product manager and project manager.

admin Published 2016/07/24 18:47:24

There are a lot of work in the Internet the wrong kind of complicated industry are concerned about each other inseparable, such a result would be to people caused a misunderstanding, leads to their inability to not understand distinguish some booth booth


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Product manager notes: product execution path

admin Published 2016/07/24 18:47:21

This article follows the previous said, discusses the main product of our university of science and technology in the process of "execution path" is a continuation of previous notes "product strategy is" and "product moment play the notes, from the t