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The first time the NPC fits on the body.

admin Published 2018/05/17 12:27:14

Yesterday, the 29th Golden Melody Award announced the finalists, Stefanie Sun's "Van Goose Dance" album was nominated for the best singles producer and arranger award. Stefanie Sun responded to the matter and said: "Van Gogh Dancing" will not Losing


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The death of the comic book author

admin Published 2018/05/17 12:27:04

"Ghosts and Goddess" Time Network News The famous Japanese cartoonist Black Rock Shin Sangmyo had a sudden myocardial infarction and died on May 8th at the age of 55. His wife confirmed the news. The most famous manga works of Heiyan Sanghiro are the “G


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Baoji doctors high-speed rail emergency rescue

admin Published 2018/05/17 12:26:03

Baoji News (Reporter Ji Fei, correspondent) On April 26th, a Baoji doctor rescued sick passengers on the high-speed rail and turned it to safety. The news spread in the circle of friends. Everyone has helped Bao Yong’s good doctor like. “Is there any medi


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Baoji woman was defrauded into Hebei MLM organization

admin Published 2018/05/17 12:25:41

Baoji News Online On March 21, the family of Baoji woman Liang Mou came to the police station in the development area and claimed that Liang Mou was deceived into a MLM organization in Baoding, Hebei, and his personal safety was threatened. Since Liang Yi