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Honglei Sun was mocked by Huang Bo birthday wishes

admin Published 2017/08/17 12:22:15

Honglei Sun received a birthday blessing: August 16th is the birthday of Honglei Sun, just after the morning, friends Huang Bo in micro-blog "Sun Meili, Honglei Sun blessing birthday photo also plans to wear glasses, but also to find a forty-five degree


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Hongkong was Europe poison egg ", the 5 never eat egg!

admin Published 2017/08/17 12:17:29

The | medication Bian Han Yang Jun, | egg and egg is not only delicious, nutritional value is very high, but recently they discovered a batch of "poison egg", according to the August 12th news, egg and egg products in 10 European countries, was found to


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South Korea also detect poison egg"

admin Published 2017/08/17 12:15:54

In August 15, Seoul science and technology daily (reporter Tai cite) in Europe "poison egg" incident on the occasion of the raise a Babel of criticism of South Korean food safety defense, have not been spared, the local two large farms were detected in