Record video abusing Henan people Hell black throws users angry


Record video abusing Henan people Hell black throws users angry

Original title: Record video insults Henan people's hellish blacks triggering netizens' anger

Recording video abusives Henan people's hellish blacks raises netizens' anger

: For a long time, the phenomenon of geographical discrimination on the Internet is very common. The most serious people who have been hacked are Henanese. However, it is relatively rare to insult this kind of blatant video recording.

According to news from the Beijing News, recently, the video recording of the “Vibrato” user with the ID number 933850962 has publicly insulted the Henan people. It can be seen from the flight attendant incident that Henan did not have a good person. Soon, this video was circulated in the WeChat group and the circle of friends, causing heated discussions among users and provoking a cyber attack.

Record video abusing Henan people Hell black throws users angry

Soon, the incident triggered the attention of local police. According to the investigation, the video was distributed in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and the public security authorities in Henan Province coordinated the police in Fujian to handle it. Yesterday, the person who posted the video was under legal control. In view of the fact that Sui also had a 5-year-old daughter who had to raise and had posted an apologetic video on the Internet after the incident, local public security organs imposed an administrative penalty of 500 yuan in accordance with the law, and exhorted them according to law. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the public security agencies, the “Vibrato” platform operating company has strengthened its security management work such as content review.

For the vibrato user's practice, the netizen expressed anger, saying that the geographical black is too disgusting and the fine of 500 is too little. We hope that vibrato can be remedied well and don't have this kind of problem.