From July 1, the import tariff will be lowered.


From July 1, the import tariff will be lowered.

From July 1, the import tariff will be lowered.

On May 22, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council on reducing vehicle and zero Announcement on Import Tariffs for Components (hereinafter referred to as “Announcement”) is issued. The "Announcement" stated that starting from July 1, 2018, China will substantially reduce tariffs on imports of automobile and auto parts. It is reported that since July 1 this year, the country has reduced the tariff rate of auto vehicles to 25%, 20% to 15%, and the auto parts tax rate to 6%. At present, many brands including Tesla, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have announced that they will lower the price of imported cars.

The news that auto tariffs have declined has become a hot topic for all parties in the society. In response to this, the International Tourism Island Business Daily reporter visited the 4S shops of Audi and Mercedes-Benz in Haikou yesterday, and various sellers stated that they are currently The price adjustment instruction has not yet been received. However, based on the unified requirements of the headquarters, price adjustments will be made to imported vehicles after market analysis.

4S store: It has been learned that the new price cut will wait for official notification.

On May 25th, the Daily News reporter first came to Nanhai Avenue in Haikou City. The Audi 4S shop was affected by the day-to-day management of minibus ownership. There were only a few people who came to see the car. Several sales consultants were busy at their posts. "We also know that the country will lower the tariff on imported vehicles, but at present there is no relevant directive on the adjustment of the headquarters price." The relevant person in charge of the store's marketing department told the reporter that the price adjustment will be based on official instructions, mainly based on the official. “Tariff adjustments are mainly targeted at imported vehicles, and some domestic cars may have a relatively small impact. At present, the headquarters is researching and the next step should be to adjust the price of imported vehicles,” said the person in charge.

Afterwards, the reporter came to the Mercedes-Benz car sales store near Yong'an Road. The relevant person in charge of the store stated that the vehicles he sells are mainly commercial vehicle series and belong to the domestic model. The reduction in import tariffs has little effect on them, so prices have not yet been adjusted.

Mr. Zeng, the person in charge of the Mercedes-Benz store and marketing department at the intersection of Nanhai Avenue and Qiuhai Avenue, disclosed to reporters the relevant information on brand price adjustment. According to it, Mercedes-Benz has announced on May 24th that it will reduce the suggested retail price of imported vehicle manufacturers on the same day.” Notice, According to the New Deal downgrading the manufacturer's suggested retail price for all Mercedes-Benz imported models, covering Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG and smart brands, in order to benefit different For consumer groups in the market segment, the adjusted prices will be announced on the official website, and according to the relevant regulations, the retail price of Mercedes-Benz products will be set by authorized dealers, “The imported cars in the showrooms of the stores, Most of them arrived before the new regulations were issued. The suggested retail price was also set according to the previous import tariff. If these original imported vehicles were sold under the new tariff, then the middle spread should be borne by whom. ? Therefore, after the reduction of tariffs, the guide prices for imported cars in the stores are urgent issues to be solved. Our stores are also actively working with manufacturers to adjust prices. The person in charge told the reporter that the store needs to wait until the manufacturer conducts a comprehensive adjustment to the price before knowing the amount of the adjustment. "I can't answer you at the moment. We can adjust how much the price can be adjusted for imported cars in our stores. This requires waiting for the manufacturers to adjust the price." After the instruction, the specific market guidance price can be known. “The person in charge said.

Industry figures: The “guide price” for imported cars is not necessarily the same for all current prices.

The tariffs for imported cars are lowered. In the situation, the reporter also randomly interviewed several owners who came to the 4S store for maintenance, and most owners believe that the tariff reduction is a good thing, at least a lot cheaper than before. “Although I don’t know how much to lower, I can predict that it is definitely It's cheaper than before, which is good for our car buyers. "Mr Li, who is doing routine maintenance at the 4S shop, told reporters that he had just bought an Audi A8L at the beginning of the year. He personally expressed support for the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles." It can be a bit lower, although the overall impact is not Big, but still must support. Mr. Li said.

The tariff cuts brought down the “guidance price” of imported vehicles. However, in actual sales, the decline in “guided price” is not always reflected in the vehicle price. Some people in the industry pointed out that the impact of tariff cuts on the final automobile sales price involves a number of factors, including dealer strategy, supply and demand relations, etc. Due to the strength of the brand and the different models, the discount rate will be different, depending on the specific The results of the multi-party game.According to the current situation, tariffs are adjusted to the price of luxury cars.The larger grid impact has limited impact on the overall market price system. However, in the long term, this squeeze effect will be conducted downward, and the industrial chain will eventually be balanced.

It is precisely because of this that the industry insiders stated that the new policy on automobile tariffs will be implemented after July 1. Although Tesla has started to cut prices completely from now on, more imported cars still need to wait for headquarters. News and market changes. It is foreseeable that the reduction of imported vehicle tariffs in July will definitely bring down the price of imported vehicles, but it remains to be seen how much can be reduced.

Car Import Tariff Reduction Policy Across China's Automobile Manufacturers' Guideline Prices for Imported Cars Will Be Issued in Progress

On May 25th, the reporter visited some imported car manufacturers. The official website, some manufacturers have been in accordance with the "Announcement" instructions, formulated the appropriate measures and carry out price adjustments.


On the evening of May 22, Tesla Enterprises announced that it has benefited from the policy of reducing the import tariffs on complete vehicles of vehicles. The prices of Model S and Model X in China were adjusted and have been communicated to sales outlets. All undelivered vehicles, regardless of when the vehicles are cleared, will be delivered at the vehicle price under the new tariff. There will also be a small number of quasi-cars that will enjoy the adjusted price at the same time and the vehicle can be picked up as soon as possible.


Audi said in a statement that it will adjust the prices of relevant products simultaneously, and the specific price adjustment information will be announced on the official website.


Volvo has announced that it will reduce the suggested retail price of all imported model manufacturers, and will refund the full amount of tax reduction to consumers. Among them, the flagship luxury SUV Volvo XC90 maximum decline of 10.02 million; luxury off-road wagon V90CC maximum decline of 45,000 yuan. At the same time, the V60, V60CC, V60 Polestar, V40, and V40CC also responded to the adjustments. Overall, the overall decline in the number of imported models was between 14,000 and 109 million yuan.


Beijing-based Mercedes-Benz Sales & Service Co., Ltd. announced on May 24 that it will downgrade Mercedes-BenzThe manufacturer's suggested retail price for the imported models covers the Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG and smart brands, and the retail prices of the terminals are set by authorized dealers. The reporter consulted with distributors in Haikou and was informed that the specific price reductions are not yet clear in the store, but the discounts implemented in stores will vary.


BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. announced on May 24th that it is advising manufacturers of imported BMW and MINI brands for sales in China The retail price is adjusted appropriately. The new manufacturer's suggested retail price is implemented starting from the date of this announcement (May 24) to benefit consumers as early as possible.


Ford announced that in response to the reduction of automobile import tariffs, all models of Ford’s imported vehicles will be priced down from May 25th. Mustang, Fox ST, Fox RS, explorers, F-150 raptor and other models, the decline from 15,000 yuan to 35,000 yuan range.


Lincoln officially announced the new official guidance price for its entire line of models adjusted according to the latest tariff reduction policy, a drop of 20,200 to 60,000 yuan. Between yuan. The price adjustment of the entire Lincoln series will be formally implemented since May 25, 2018, in which the selling price of sedan products has been reduced, and the selling price of SUV products has also been reduced. The price reduction of the entire series of models is 2.02-60 million yuan.

(Source: International Tourism Island Commercial, responsible editor: Xiang Xianyang)