Beijing officially announces the sale of price-restricted housing requirements and must not force the tying of other products


Beijing officially announces the sale of price-restricted housing requirements and must not force the tying of other products

Hexun Property News On May 26, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee for Housing and Urban-Rural Development officially issued the “Circular on Strengthening the Management of Sales of Houses with Limited Prices”. Prior to this, from May 7 to 14, the Beijing Municipal Committee The Notice on Sales Management of Housing Prices (Draft for Soliciting Opinions) was publicly solicited for comments from all sectors of the community. A total of 136 opinions and suggestions were received during the period.

After earnestly studying and actively absorbing and adopting reasonable opinions and suggestions, the document finally released on the 26th added a paragraph that: The development and construction unit should strictly implement the construction standards in the land transfer listing documents. The limited sales average price and the maximum sales unit price shall be guaranteed to be open, fair and just during sales, and shall not be mandatory for tying other products or services, and may not be bundled with refined decoration; the purchaser may not be refused to use the housing provident fund loans.

Notifications define the concept of a limit room. That is, according to the city's "limited price, control land price" way to obtain land development projects. After the construction project is approved for the limited-price project, the Beijing Municipal Real Estate Market Management Center will evaluate the market price of the saleable housing of the project together with the Beijing Municipal Safe Housing Construction Investment Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Municipal Safe Housing Center”) to form an appraisal price. .

The notification clearly states that the sale price of the saleable housing under the limited-price project will be sold at the ratio of the price limit (hereinafter referred to as “sale limit price”) and the evaluation price when the land is sold. The fixed ratio is tentatively set at 85%. In the implementation process, it can be adjusted according to market changes and sales conditions. The specific sales methods are divided into two types.

When the ratio is higher than 85%, the development and construction unit will sell households qualified for the purchase of houses in Beijing. The house sold is a commercial house, but it should be obtained after the separate real estate registration certificate or tax payment certificate. 5 years before being listed for trading.

If the ratio is not higher than 85%, it will be converted into a joint-property house by the Beijing Municipal Safeguard Center. The purchaser will obtain the property right share of the price limit of the evaluation price, and the remaining proportion of property rights will be converted into Beijing. The Municipal Government Housing Center holds the share of government property rights on behalf of the government.

As mentioned in the notification, when the City Safeguard Center purchases a house price-restricted item, it shall sign an acquisition agreement with the development and construction unit to clarify their respective rights and obligations, and shall start ten at the day when the purchase contract begins. During the month, all purchases were paid to the development and construction unit.

In addition, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Safeguarding Housing acquired the converted common-Housing, households with qualifications for housing purchases in Beijing in total can purchase. When placing a shake sign, the household registration in the project area and the household registration and non-Beijing households in other districts of Beijing that work in the project area are assigned as a priority group.

After the households with the common-title housing purchase qualification still have the remaining housing after the purchase, the Beijing Safe Housing Center may sell to non-resident households with qualifications for purchasing a house in this city, of which the building area is greater than 140 The square meters of housing can be sold to households that qualify for the city's purchase.

Beijing’s introduction of the price-restricted housing policy was the final version based on the previous draft. Yan Yue, research director of the Think Tank Research Center at the Yiju Research Institute, said that this policy reflects the fact that the price-restricted housing is becoming an important class of products in Beijing's housing supply. Policy control is not only to ensure that such housing is truly marketed, but also to Ensure the healthy development of the real estate market in Beijing.