Life-and-death battle, captain's return to emergency


Life-and-death battle, captain's return to emergency

Life-and-death battle, captain's return to emergency Zheng Zhi indicates that he can make a debut in this game. Guangzhou Daily media reporter Liao Yishe

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Guangzhou Evergrande will usher in the second round of the AFC Champions League quarterfinal match with Tianjin Quanjian at Tianhe Stadium. In the first round match a week ago, Big draws draw 0 to 0 in the away game.

The absence of away goals in the first leg has made Evergrande’s disadvantages more difficult. Quan Jian’s current goal of scoring a goal is enough to qualify. This may not be too difficult for Quan Jian.

Zheng Zhi's injury can be debuted first

Cannavaro believes that the team only has one Huashan road at the moment. "Our goal is to win. After returning 0-0, we will return." There will be some difficulties at home, but as I said before, this kind of game is not allowed to do arithmetic and there is no need to do it.I hope we can master the rhythm in the game and we need to maintain a high intensity. The visiting team will also realize that it is difficult to bring a score of 0 to 0 to the road."

England has many ways to solve difficulties, especially Gao Lat in the Super League last weekend. Regained the feeling of a long-lost goal, which made Evergrande's attacking force highly anticipated. Alan, who had two remaining Super League suspensions, was able to join the Korat in this game. But all this is less than everyone's expectation for another player. Captain Zheng Zhi appeared in the pre-match press conference yesterday, which means that he can make his debut in the AFC Champions.

This season, Zheng Zhi has already missed a large number of games due to injury. In his only five appearances (3 AFC, 2 Super League), Evergrande's record is 3 wins and 2 draws. "I haven't seen you for a long time, I feel very kind." Zheng Zhi said. His injury had a great impact on Evergrande, especially in the absence of Zheng Zhi in the back and forth field, which became extremely unstable and no longer trusted.

“I have been undergoing acute appendicitis surgery for a month. I have no problem with my physical recovery. Today, I’m here to show that I have the conditions required by the head coach.” Zheng Zhi indicated that he had Can be on stage, "When accidentally injured last year, the injury was serious and I had to recuperate for a long time. Only after this year's winter training began to practice. For me and the team, all the games are important, so not only in the important game. In the game, the head coach made a decision for my injury.The plan for recovery, training, and competition allowed me to slowly recover the status. The plan was also very effective. In the case where the team is very difficult (I), I regret that I could not help. “Zheng Zhi said.

The emergence of Zheng Zhi means that Evergrande’s lineup does not have much secret, and Cannavaro will combine Zheng Zhi and Goodrich into the lower back. Zheng Zhi’s existence allows Cannavaro does not need to set up a three lower back, so there will be enough troops to invest in the frontcourt attack. In this regard, Alan, Goulart, Yulin, Yu Hanchao's combination are worth looking forward to, and there have been The wounded Zheng Long is now recovering from injury and he joined the team yesterday.

Personnel adjusts Fu Bo concurrently as the team leader.

Recently, Evergrande has carried out personnel adjustments within the original team. The team leader Chen Guanning was transferred back to the club and Chinese assistant coach Fu Bo took the position of the team leader, and Li Xianping was promoted to the deputy team leader, who became the team leader at the beginning of 2014 and witnessed Evergrande winning the four championships and winning the AFC Champions League in 2015. Brilliant moments.

It is worth mentioning that the main referee of this game is Abdurrahman Al Jassim from Qatar. Evergrande has not won in his law enforcement competition. Passing the ball.The young Jassam’s first law enforcement Evergrande competition is the 2015 AFC Champions League Against Seoul FC, the two sides scored 0-0 at the time. In 2016, Hengda’s 0-0 loss to Urawa Red Diamonds in the group match was also the Qatar referee’s post. In 2017, Evergrande One of the group matches was enforced by Jassem, and Evergrande tied the Kawasaki striker 1-1 at home.