Contact the Mafia? Evergrande Assistant will be investigated


Contact the Mafia? Evergrande Assistant will be investigated

According to reports from Italian media, Guangzhou Cannagio assistant coach Paul Cannavaro was recently summoned by the Italian Football Association. The reason is that during his time in Naples, he was suspected of having contact with the local mafia family and gambling group, which has already attracted the attention of the authorities.

The Italian media stated in the report that the Neapolitan authorities recently arrested one of the four brothers of Espocito, a black gang involved in gambling, and according to the results of the survey, Cannavaro and Naples goalkeeper Rena, and These four criminals have a lot of relationships. According to the authorities, Reina and Cannavaro had helped the four brothers of Esposito get free tickets for the Naples game. In addition, Cannavaro also tried to get a free ticket for Naples home for a Mafia family in Naples. Moreover, it also involves "interest exchange", which includes Reina and Cannavaro can use large displacement vehicles belonging to the Espocito brothers. At present, the anti-mafia department of the Neapolitan authorities has launched an investigation procedure, and the Disciplinary Committee of the Italian Football Association will soon summon three persons involved, including the former Neapolitan player Aronica in addition to Cannavaro and Renner. .

Paul Cannavaro is the former defender of the former Italian national team. He is now the brother of Fabio Cannavaro, head coach of Evergrande. On December 31, 2017, Paul Cannawa Luo announced his retirement and accepted his brother’s invitation to attend the Guangzhou Super League as a teaching assistant.

Cover News Reporter Shen Shen