Today's headline reads Tencent again! WHO faces Haier!


Today's headline reads Tencent again! WHO faces Haier!

Today's headline revisited Tencent.

In the evening of May 25th, the headline posted on the WeChat VW platform, saying that Tencent’s short video platform was a friend and friend of WeChat. The link between the circle and the QQ space was treated differently, saying that the watermelon video could not be normally displayed in these positions, but similar products “Take rice videos” recently released by Tencent were able to appear normally in these positions.

Today's headline reads Tencent again! WHO faces Haier!

After the test, the watermelon video and the rice video are directly jumped to the QQ space after the broadcast. Third-party websites broadcast normally. Previously there were media reports that Tencent's QQ Space PC shared the headline article link today, the pop-up window will prompt: "The Internet during the short video rectification, the platform will be suspended for direct broadcast." But the text is not a short video, but text content.

In response to this, Tencent responded that there was a single user feedback that "QQ space PC shares some third-party links that do not appear properly."

After the investigation, the experience is now normal.

In WeChat's circle of friends, the video of watermelon could not be displayed normally. It will prompt “The platform will be suspended for direct broadcast during the Internet short video rectification period”. The video of the next meal can be broadcast normally. However, when the short video rectification began, the video of the meal was not yet on the line.

In the meantime, Tencent once stated that WeChat and QQ will temporarily suspend the short video APP chain broadcasting function during the short video rectification of the Internet. The touched apps include microvision, fast hand, vibrato, and watermelon videos.

The current micro video may not appear in the circle of friends, but untouched beauty shots may appear in the circle of friends.

Today's headline reads Tencent again! WHO faces Haier!

Recently, Tencent has launched a short video product, "The Rice Video," with a horizontal shape. Screen short video products.

Comparing to UGC and PGC team UGC content such as vibrato and micro-vision video products on vertical screens, PPG and PUGC content are mainly pushed on horizontal screen short video products.

In terms of product shape, it is primarily a sub-channel stream referral, with the exception of the referral column, divided into categories based on news categories.Video, music, cute pets and other channels are similar to the full video of news and information clients.

Following is today's headlines "Today, I found a big secret Tencent ......" full text:

The author: Watermelon video


The state of mind has collapsed!

The state of mind has collapsed!

Today, I discovered a big secret of Tencent:

Blocking is probably a way Tencent pays homage!

One guess, not necessarily (severe)

Although you know, I was banned by Tencent

But this discovery is by no means my kind Self-defense tips

WeChat friends, circle of friends, QQ space...

I'm normally unable to render

even on a Tencent butler computer

I am directly accused of being a poisoned fraudster? ? ?

It's been a long time now

I've become a buddha watermelon

I go to Tencent's "land outside the law" every day.


Pretending to be still a free bird ~


Today Tencent has gone too far...

Originally they didn't allow me to enter the circle of friends and QQ space

because they raised their own birds there< /p>

Make a video of my sister app "Live Video"

Today's headline reads Tencent again! WHO faces Haier!

More Terrible work is

I cry, really cry

Oh, understand it:

On a mountain, there can be no two tigers


In a circle of friends, you cannot have two video apps.

Fear that you only drive me out of Tencent's territory

to make this "I" live in a parallel international Go Down

How to say, Tencent blocked apps

Please click here to enter picture description Don't question your life for the first time

Today's headline reads Tencent again! WHO faces Haier!

This is probably one way that Tencent pays homage to you:

"Well, we're here for Tencent!"

WHO fights Haier's face< /strong>

In response to recent reports that some media have reached Haier air-conditioners, the International Health Arrangement made it clear through official micro-signaling on the 25th that it has never issued any "Global Health Air Chief Brand" to any arrangement. Has never made any reviews or comments on Haier's air-conditioning products or services.

Today's headline reads Tencent again! WHO faces Haier!

Openly reported that on May 17, Haier hosted 2018 global indoor air purification in Beijing. At the seminar on human health, Wang Hongcai, an expert on international health arrangements, was invited to the platform.

In response to the "World Health Organization's Experts' Representation of Haier's 'Global Health Air Chief Brand'", "World Health Organization Experts Recognized Haier Air Conditioning"," WHO Alignment Expert Representative: Haier Air Conditioning In order to win the global air pollution warfare, an example and demonstration was made." In related media reports, on the 25th, the International Health Arrangement issued a statement to clarify:

International Sanitation Arrangements

1. The International Sanitary Arrangement has not promulgated the "Global Health Air Chief Brand" to Haier or any other manufacturers, and has never made any comments or comments on Haier's air-conditioning products or services.

Second, Wang Hongcai, the expert representative of the international health arrangements at the meeting, is not an employee of the international health arrangements, nor an expert on international health arrangements. Wang Hongcai's words and actions do not represent international health arrangements, nor do international health arrangements.

III. Employees without international health arrangements participated in the seminar; none of the international health arrangements experts and staff of the International Sanitary Arrangement Office in China attended the meeting on May 17.

4. In China, the primary source of indoor air pollution is the burning of solid fuels (biomass or coal) for cooking or heating. Not Wang Hongcai said that 90% of indoor air pollution comes from air conditioners.

5. The "International Air Quality Arrangement Guidelines for PM, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Sulphur Dioxide" (Global Update 2005) advocates that the daily average of PM2.5 is no higher than 25 μg/cubic. m, annual average no higher than 10Micrograms/cubic meter. This claim is not a safe value. In fact, the International Sanitary Arrangement has now indicated that there is no evidence that there is a safety threshold, ie exposures below this concentration do not exhibit the expected health damage effects.