Yancheng hosts Youth Story Exchange


Yancheng hosts Youth Story Exchange

Original title: Yancheng held “Youth Story Meeting” event.

On May 3rd evening, Youth Story commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up sponsored by the Yancheng Youth League and the Municipal Federation of Youth Leagues. Dragon City Plaza was held. Deputy Mayor Ge Qicheng attended.

The theme of the event was "After 40 years, my youth and my Yancheng". Guests from different industries represented the story of their own youthful struggle experience and Yancheng's economic and social development. Jia Yuanyuan used youth to protect the forest in the wetlands for ten years. In 1987, Yan Haixia, a fifth-grade student of Jianhu, became the first person to make donations for the Asian Games. Yang Hua devoted his youth to the Yancheng Railway in more than 30 years. Liu Xiaona, a young woman, actively participated in the project. The first line of the Inner Ring Elevated Expressway project was built; Chen Aihua and Liang Zequan sprinkled the sweat of youth entrepreneurship on the salt and paddy fields... They enthusiastically participated in the main battlefields of reform, opening up, and socialist modernization, defying dangers and dangers and dare to think and dare to do it. Shows the charm of Yancheng youth in different eras.

Ge Hefei encouraged the Yancheng youth to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, vigorously promote the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era, and actively participate in the building of the "strong and prosperous" new Yancheng fiery practice, achieving brilliant achievements in hard work. Write no regrets for youth.