[Translation Group] Little injuries to Love and Green result in poor play in the fourth game


[Translation Group] Little injuries to Love and Green result in poor play in the fourth game

[Translation Group] Little injuries to Love and Green result in poor play in the fourth game

When talking about the Cavaliers' 111-102 victory, Love said: "We did it and we should do it."

The two veterans have struggled in the fourth game against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference. This may be related to both of them having minor injuries.

Kevin Love had six turnovers in this 111-102 victory, the most mistakes in his playoffs and the second most record in his career . Although he grabbed 11 rebounds, he shot only 3 of 12 shots. He scored only 9 points, including 5 points in the fourth quarter.

Before the fourth game, he had already told the Cleveland media (so he was not looking for a reason afterwards). His sprained left thumb was initially in the second game of the Pacers series. Injured, and then worse in the series with Toronto.

At the same time, Jeff Green off the bench, 5 shots 1, got 5 rebounds, 2 turnovers. After he came out of the locker room midfield, he wrapped a bandage on his left elbow, causing him to throw some more twisted jumpers.

According to a Cleveland team source, the team did not plan to allow the two players to enter the injury list in Game 5.

"I thought Jeff would be better" Cavaliers coach Lu said in a conference call before boarding a flight to Boston: "I thought he could be more aggressive, especially on the backboard, but he There was some injury on the elbow, which made him more hesitant to play."

Charles averaged 2.3 turnovers per game and 38.9% from the field in the playoffs. Although the injury was not his main shooter, it also affected his dribbling and catching. He made 21 turnovers in all four games.

Love in the fourth game was trapped in this problem, and he also committed five fouls.

"It's difficult," Love said. "I only got 3 mobile games at halftime, but when I had 7 minutes in the third quarter, I was already 5. It made it hard for me to play." /p>

Green replaced the time that was originally Love. Lu guide has reduced the Cavaliers' rotation to 8 or up to 9 people. Green is a very important substitute on the bench because he can play in multiple positions. Jordan Clarkson is currently the ninth player (Rodeney Hood has not played in the last two games) but Clarkson has not performed well in the first half (without a point) and has not appeared in the second half.

Green was the starter of the 18th annual playoffs. However, afterwards Lu decided to use Thompson and Love as the starting front combination. Green's playoffs averaged 7.2 points in the playoffs. This is his tenth season and he also played for the first time in the conference finals.

"He can adapt to various positions," Lu said. "If JR-Smith gets into trouble, we'll let him go to Jason Tatum. If Love is in trouble, we'll let him For Horford or Smart, he is a versatile player for us."

The Celtics have suffered serious injuries this season. The starting All-Stars Irving and Hayward will be reimbursed for the season, while substitute Daniel Tees and Sean Lakin will not be able to play.

The home team won this series. Two games before the Cavaliers in the garden are fiasco. In the second game, the Cavaliers had 11 points in half and LeBron also got a double-double with 42 points. He scored 44 points in the fourth game. Since 2015, the Cavaliers' playoff record in the fifth game has been 5 wins and 2 losses.

"I feel good" Lu said, "They have tasted our taste, know the defensive intensity of our past few games, and know our offensive power. So, they know that we will go to Boston." do the same thing "

author: Joe Vardon

translation: BlessedJason