The railway fare changes with the market is a foregone conclusion. How to choose the right ticket is the correct solution


The railway fare changes with the market is a foregone conclusion. How to choose the right ticket is the correct solution

Original headline: Railway fares have become a foregone conclusion due to market fluctuations. How to choose the right travel ticket is a positive solution

In recent days, according to the China Railway Corporation, the railway transportation company has been operating since May 27th. Based on the price laws and regulations, based on fully considering the differences in travel comfort and operating costs, the relationship between high-grade train seats and high-class trains in the high-speed railway EMU trains will be further rationalized. Adjustment. In addition, starting from July 5, there will be a 6.5 fold discount on the fare of the largest discount.

This is the adaptation of the railway sector to the needs of major social contradictions, deepening the structural reform of the railway supply side, launching a “promotion plan for passenger transport quality improvement,” promoting the effective use of transport capacity, and giving more benefits to the passenger masses as a result of railway development. The specific measures are also active explorations by the railway department to construct a fare service mechanism that has a rise, fall, and flexible discount. At the same time, in order to further enhance the passenger travel experience, the railway department will also optimize the introduction of a series of service measures.

In view of this, the mechanism for the timely adjustment of railway ticket fares based on market influence has reached a foregone conclusion and is steadily advancing. Earlier from the coastal high-speed rail, the Shenzhen-Shanghai high-speed railway and other sectors to most intercity train lines, and then to the current price adjustment of the high seat, after more than a year, the floating ticket price adjustment model formed from the pilot to the sector to the entire line. Expanded mode of promotion. I believe that in the future travel process, most people will unknowingly accept and choose their own travel time. Just like buying tickets, they can buy discounted train tickets.

Faced with the fact that the fare adjustments in the railway sector are fluctuated and they are committed to improving the service quality, I believe that in the future, the efficiency of the utilization of a transport energy will be high, the quality of service will be improved, and passengers will be able to travel more safely and quickly. The travel mode will bring you more and more good travel experience. At that time, we only need to arrange our own development in advance according to our own situation, compare various travel plans, and choose the travel plan that we are most satisfied with. This is our top priority.