Super Jordan beat everyone with an injury to fight for 42 minutes! Sao Paulo is now the final Western Conference


Super Jordan beat everyone with an injury to fight for 42 minutes! Sao Paulo is now the final Western Conference

Super Jordan beat everyone with an injury to fight for 42 minutes! Sao Paulo is now the final Western Conference Paul

On May 23, Beijing time, the Houston Rockets welcomed the Western Conference G4 today and went away to the Golden State Warriors. Chris Paul made 10 of 20 shots in the game, including five of nine points, five of four free throws, and 27 points and four assists. The Rockets also beat with a 95-92 victory, putting the total score at 2-2.

Paul did not anticipate that the first West End of his career was so ups and downs. Western Conference G3 Rockets lost 41 points. Paul made only 5 of 16 shots, including 3 of 8 shots and only 2 of them. He scored 13 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists.

Anybody knows that a bigger blow is coming. The start of the Rockets' offensive game at the start of the game actually suffered a humiliating 0-12 start. Paul could hardly be resigned. In one single session, he missed three shots. In addition to having 1 assist, all the data was zero. The score was -11. The fans could not help but ask, "What happened in Sao Paulo? Isn't it hurtful?"


It was not until the 8th and 33rd seconds of the second quarter that Paul finally opened, but what was unexpected was that this was his prelude to the madness of this section. From 3 minutes 32 seconds, Paul took over the game. He first received a pass from Trevor Ariza, and he hit a three-pointer from Kevin Durant at the bottom corner, and made another two free throws. 2 minutes and 22 seconds, "light bulb combination" connection, Paul third-hand knife again. 1 minute 44 seconds, Harden steals a fast break, passing the ball behind Kevin Durant's rush, and Paul quickly lays the ball after getting the ball. Afterwards, Paul scored another 3 points to paint a rocket wave of 16-2 attacks.

A single "light bulb combination" scored 29 points together. Paul scored 14 points and the Rockets reversed. In addition, with three 3-pointers at halftime, Paul also reached a milestone, and his career three-pointer in the playoffs reached 148 goals, tied Michael Jordan and tied 35th in NBA history.

But like the first three games of the Western Conference finals, the game is also ups and downs. In the second half, Harden scored sharply, and Stephen Curry suddenly broke out. In 17 points, the Warriors re-established double-digit lead.

Fortunately, Paul has Paul. In the third quarter, Paul was almost in conflict with Draymond Green. The unyielding Paul also had a funny gesture with his hand in his ear and made a provocative move that prompted Green to appeal to the referee. In addition, he alsoThere was a slip of the bottom line and a leaping under the basket. Clint Capela, a pass between Durant and Green, was a slapstick.

It is even more exasperating that at the beginning of the last quarter, Paul played a stunt twice in a row and pulled both sides back to the same starting line. 7 minutes and 17 seconds, the "light bulb combination" offensive end, Paul faced Klay Thompson dry three-pointer. 6 minutes and 03 seconds, Paul suddenly sent a bottom line to the bottom line when the strong corner was locked, the ball spins, flew directly to the weak side of the corner of Ariza hands, the latter hand hit a three-pointer, led the team Regained the lead, Hakim Olajuwon, who was watching and watching the game, also got up.

Paul is still in the limelight. In the first 0.5 seconds of the game, Thompson voted in a difficult position. Paul accurately grasped the timing of the jump. Shawn and Livingston grabbed the key rebounds and also caused a foul. Although he still had a suspense of two penalties, Curry did not grasp the opportunity.

After the game, Paul's rhetoric is a perfect summary of this field: "Houston, we're home!" (disenchantment)