Look at the roadside as a high-risk object being robbed, and the bridgehead police sent "a case to say"


Look at the roadside as a high-risk object being robbed, and the bridgehead police sent "a case to say"

The victim looked at the phone on the side of the road. Unexpectedly, he suddenly pulled out a black man and grabbed his phone. "Tianyan" locked the scene of every move, the bridgehead police immediately attacked. On the 26th, the author was informed that the Dongguan City Public Security Bureau Bridgehead Branch quickly cracked a case of walking and grabbing, and successfully captured the suspected offender within 15 minutes after the incident, and returned the victim to the stolen mobile phone.

Look at the roadside as a high-risk object being robbed, and the bridgehead police sent a case to say

In the early evening of May, Ms. Zhou was alone Walk to the Qiaotou Bus Station and open the phone while you are at the bus stop. You want to see the map navigation. unexpectedly! Suddenly behind him was a black man who took the phone. The man ran in the direction of the bridge headed to Tung Uk Plaza. Ms. Chou chased and shouted, “There was someone stealing something!” The enthusiastic people around had called 110 for her.

Look at the roadside as a high-risk object being robbed, and the bridgehead police sent a case to say

After receiving the warning, the command station of Bridgehead 110 will immediately notify Police officers patrolling near the scene of the incident were present at the scene, and at the same time, HD video surveillance was retrieved and their escape route was successfully tracked. After receiving the order, the police quickly dispatched and arrested. During the period, the suspects attempted to escape into the dark corner of the alley to escape the police's pursuit, but eventually they could not escape the lawnet. Under the multiple raids of the police and the clues provided by the masses, they were captured in a cement store in Youyi Road, Qiaotou Town, less than 15 minutes after the crime was committed. Bring it to the police station for investigation.

After investigation, the suspect Wang stated: "I just walked near the bus and saw a woman standing on the side of the road playing a mobile phone. It was very easy to get it. She was impulsive and implemented a snatch. "Illegal behavior of mobile phones." The suspect Wang confessed: "Generally it is not quite a counterattack for women. Then they stand on the road or at the crossroads. They can easily escape after grabbing it. In addition, the general shoulder bag and hand bag are good enough to grab a bit. Many people have mobile phones. It is very easy to get hold of the hand while walking. It is very easy to get it."

The suspect Wang Wang stated that he had committed illegal walking on the ground. At present, the suspect has committed the crime. Administrative detention was imposed and the case was being further digged and expanded.

In recent years, the number of roadside mobile phones being robbed has been high, on the roadside.People watching mobile phones become high-risk targets. Here, the bridgehead police issued a warning on foot to “take precautions against the case” to improve their ability to prevent themselves and protect the personal and property safety of themselves and their families.

■Walking for Robbery with Cases

Theft, robbery, and precious jewellery cases are seasonal and frequent in order to prevent the people from being exposed Unlawful infringement, Dongguan bridgehead police reminded the general public to travel outside, to strengthen their own prevention, protection of personal property and life safety.

I. Analysis of characteristics of trekking snatch cases:

(1) Targeting the crime: The suspects who commit crimes choose to snatch most of the women, most of them are on the road. Edge, crossroads, next to the bus station.

(2) The modus operandi: The criminal process used the criminals to walk or drive motorcycles on the road. The victims were not prepared and quickly rushed to grab their belongings.

2. Tips for the police:

▼Pedestrian countermeasures

1. Walk as far as possible on the inside of the sidewalk. Walk along the driveway. When a motorcycle is approached for no reason, it is found that two people ride around an unlicensed motorcycle and need to be prepared.

2. When you go out, wear a messenger bag or carry the bag on the side of the building by the side of the building. When standing by the side of the road, look out for suspicious people to avoid being robbed. Try not to stand. Look at the phone on the roadside.

3. Don't carry valuables with you. If you wear necklaces, earrings and other precious accessories when you go out, try not to stay in a crowded place for a long time. At the same time, in the case of carrying valuables, especially in and out of banks and other financial establishments, it is necessary to pay attention to observing the presence or absence of abnormalities around them, and to avoid evasive suspicious persons who are trailing and trying to approach.

4. Try not to pass through the secluded, sparsely populated areas with complex terrain and poor lighting conditions. When you must pass through, look ahead, look around, look around and pass quickly.

5. Be alert to people on the road when walking. Avoid close contact.

6. If you are snatched, don’t be distracted, respond calmly, and call for help. Remember the physical features of the criminals, the characteristics of the vehicle you are traveling in, and the direction of flight. Call 110 quickly or get close to the nearest location. Police station alarm. inOn the premise of ensuring safety, you can immediately catch up with a few steps, or stand high, and see clearly the routes the culprits have escaped, including hair, height, face, clothing, accent, and the color, size and type of the motorcycle, in order to give the police Solving the case provides important clues.

▼Prevention Measures for Stores

1. Enhance the vigilance of people entering and exiting the store, unmotivated shopping, and wandering in front of stores;

2. Stores need to be strengthened Technical protection, installation of monitoring equipment and alarm devices;

3. Keep valuables in the store. Owners of shops selling mobile phones, gold and silver jewellery, etc. shall employ corresponding service personnel to ensure one-on-one service for salespersons, and only try (see) one item at a time. Conditional employment of security personnel is allowed. Personal property should not be placed on the counter. There should be a safe passage in the store to facilitate the entry and exit of employees.

4. Keep the business money. Merchant stores should set up counters for depositing money, drawers should be locked, and conditions should be used to purchase safes, and the cash counters should be placed in concealed areas or carry carry-on bags. Do not place large amounts of cash in the store;

5. In case of robbery, timely and accurate alarm, to provide clues to solve the case. If suspicious persons are discovered and a case occurs, the time, location (unit, house number) of the case, street name, quantity of the stolen article, characteristics of the suspect, and direction of flight should be provided to the police. Protect the site.

[Reporter] He Jianwen

[Correspondent] Liu Liyuan