Depth | Women's National Team Women's Team Wins Under the Hidden Trophy


Depth | Women's National Team Women's Team Wins Under the Hidden Trophy

Depth | Women's National Team Women's Team Wins Under the Hidden Trophy The most experienced Li Xueyi of the women's team also swallowed the loss

Although it has passed the broadcast time, CCTV The commentator Tong Kexin still sat in his chair and carefully watched Li Xueying's game. As Li Xueyi moved, the eye wave circulated. In the third game of the group stage, the women's team of Guo Yu defeated 3 to 2 and advanced to the quarterfinals in the group stage. However, in Tong Kexin's view, the women's team behind the victory now has many problems worthy of summing up and scrutiny.

Only if Chen Yufei did not lose out on the women's singles

On this trip to Bangkok, the women's team of the Chinese Feather sent Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao, Gao Jiejie and Li on singles. Snowball competitions. Because of the world ranking, Li Xueyi can only play the third singles. Chen Yufei can only play the first singles. He Bingjiao can choose to play in the first and second singles position. Similarly, Gao Yujie can Serve as second singles or third singles.

Depth | Women's National Team Women's Team Wins Under the Hidden Trophy Chen Yufei's 9 games for the women's singles in the group stage, Chen Yufei played 2 times, victory; He Bingjiao 2 appearances, 1 win and 1 loss; Gao Qijie played 3 times, 2 wins and 1 loss; Li Xueqi played 2 times, 1 win and 1 loss.

He Bingjiao lost to Wu Xiaowei yesterday. In her view, the wind direction affected his own play. What is the reason for the loss of Gao Jiejie today? Her opponent is Malisca. Gao Qijie had two wins and one loss against her in the match. All three fights were in the youth group.

"I think she used tactics more firmly than I did. I didn't play well. I had a lot of difficult preparations before the game, but it depends on the state of the game. The second game is a lot behind. When I found a solution, I fell behind with 0 to 3 at a time, and I had some unnecessary mistakes.” Unless Gao Shujie says that he is not playing well, lack of on-the-spot correction is also a reason for her defeat.

Li Xueyi lost to Khatavan in the first case of a win. After the match, Li Xuelu analyzed the reasons for his defeat. "Maybe it was because the team had already won, so I didn't pay much attention to it. So the energy on the field was a little bit loose, including the difficulty in the second game. I did a good job and chased the score. After coming back, it was a pity that noCan win the victory of the game.

In Li Xuerong’s view, if she played in the fifth set of games when she needed to decide the outcome, she could perform better. “Today I feel pretty good, including the adaptation to the venue. Not bad. I think that after playing this game, I'm considered to have adapted to the stadium. From the exercise value, I have done very well.

Zaizawa Saki: The lack of details in several games is not fully grasped

After the women's team group stage match, the head coach of the national feathers singles group Xia Junze against the media Speaking of the problems faced by the singles team, "The two days of singles have encountered some difficulties. Men's singles and women's singles have the same place. When there is a trend, there is a greater impact on the athletes' psychological factors. The two games were played on the No. 2 court. The wind was not going much. The main thing was that the athletes were not particularly good at controlling the ball and preparing for the tactics. The main problems were their own problems. In fact, there are problems with a few games. It is not that we are not playing well. It is not how good our opponents are. It's still not enough to master a few details.

A reporter asked: "Yesterday, He Bingjiao was the second singles player. Today, she did not send her out to play. Instead, she sent Gao Jiejie to play as the second singles. What was the reason for this? "For this question, Xia Zeze's answer is - "The group stage is 9 games, 4 individuals, at least one person must at least play 3 games, so let Chen Yufei and Lin Dan Shao play a game.

Depth | Women's National Team Women's Team Wins Under the Hidden Trophy He Biaojiao took over the second single Gao Qijie also swallowed the loss. Quite a few. The next is the knockout, and the loss of each singles directly affects the overall performance of the team. In the face of women's singles with a majority of young athletes, has there been a strategy for Xia Xuanze? “For young athletes, it mainly comes from two aspects. ready. The first one is based on self-confidence. After the group stage has been played, the team members' self-confidence has improved. However, when difficulties are encountered, there are not many solutions for them. If you have difficulty, if your head is blind, you may get worse. Therefore, in addition to enhancing self-confidence, there are more ways to prepare skills and tactics. This is mainly because the coaches have to think more and tell athletes directly on the court. "Xia Xuanze said.

Tong Kexin: The women's team has encountered unprecedented difficulties.

"The women's team has encountered unprecedented difficulties." This is the first sentence Tong Kexin said in an interview with Sina Sports. In Tong Kexin's opinion, the women's team of the National Yuhan was not at the peak of the 2010 Uber Cup. "From 2012 to 2016, although the women's team won the Uber Cup three consecutive championships, in my opinion, the women's team The advantage is less than one term."

When it comes to women's singles, Tong Kexin believes that after Wang Yihan and Wang Shiyi retired, the women's singles suffered a problem of "faults." She analyzed the characteristics of each female single player on Sina Sports one by one, and believes that the state and performance of the most assured fans is Chen Yufei.

"Li Xueyu has experience, but I think from her performance, I have a little worried about her knees. Gao Qiang is tall and clean, but she is turning to catch the ball when facing fast moving opponents. There are disadvantages in this respect. He Bingjiao is a very talented athlete and I like to watch her play, but she has some problems with her physical fitness and often sweats in the third game.

< Img src="//" /> Li Xueyu

When talking about the women's doubles, Tong Kexin also expressed his opinion. "I think women's doubles are now In the group stage, it is a “judgment.” But as the game progresses, the opponent will gradually understand you, and when it comes to knockouts, if you still use the “creeper”, will the effect be as good as a group match? This is an unknown number.

(Dong Zhengxiang sent from Bangkok)