Tang Yu Cup group match national feathers test new women's team Li Xueqi alone hard to support?


Tang Yu Cup group match national feathers test new women's team Li Xueqi alone hard to support?

Tang Yu Cup group match national feathers test new women's team Li Xueqi alone hard to support? He Bingjiao

Beijing time on the 22nd, the Tang Yu Cup group stage continues. The Chinese women's team defeated the Malaysian team 4-1 in the second round, and took the lead in the two rounds to achieve the first team outing right. The Chinese men's team ushered in the final round of the group stage. Although Er Yi Shi Qiu lost a game in the face of Indian player Pranet, he also won 2 to 1 to lock the Chinese team to a 3-0 score. Although according to the schedule, must play 5 innings, but the Chinese men's team took the team as the first team to qualify.

The Chinese women's team ushered in the challenge of the Malaysian team in the second round of the group stage, resulting in the second singles He Bingjiao off the chain, losing 1 to 2 to Wu Yi, who ranked 31st in the world. The Chinese women's team that lost scores in the You Ju Cup for many years got a cold sweat. In the competition, He Bingjiao was at a disadvantage in his will and mentality under the predominance of technical strength. This also gave early warning to the Chinese women's team that was difficult to defend.

As the first newcomers to the women's team after the Rio Olympics, He Bing Jiao performed well in 2016, but by 2017, her performance has been fluctuating. Especially this year, its own weaknesses have still not improved, and it is not good at playing against the wind and habitual collapse in the game. In the case of Wu Yi, who lost to the field, He Bingjia lost only 9 points and 13 points in each of the two losses. If the name on the scorecard is hidden, I’m afraid no one can guess that the loss is a world ranking. 8th athlete.

Although it ranks eighth in the world, He Bingjiao had only one team match experience last year. It was the Sudirman Cup last year. She was swept by South Korean star Cheng Chih-chiu in the final and was the final for the Chinese team. Lost the championship foreshadowed. In this game, she lost to the opponent whose rank is much lower than herself. He Bingjiao also fell into self-reproach after the game. She said: “The loss shows that I am not playing very well. A lot of scores are easy to make. Give opponents, the game behind will take this as a warning, do not make the same mistake again."

But from the Chinese team this time to bring the single female candidate, He Bingjiao in the next few The day is still ready to continue fighting, which means that she must seize the time to reflect on her own failures, and she wants to understand why she was defeated by a ranking and strength that is not as good as her opponents. More importantly, He Bingjiao needs to be determinedWith confidence, in the next game, regardless of the opponent's strength or weakness, they must take out the attitude and confidence of a one-death fight and fight each point. Only in this way can she achieve salvation in the Youju Cup.

Actually, not only He Bingjiao, but a single Chen Yufei was almost off the chain in the contest with the Malaysian team. Although she defeated Xie Yuyao, she played three games and the score was 18 to 21, respectively. 22 to 20 and 21 to 18, that is to say, if the game Chen Yufei slightly walked away, the Chinese team is likely to have a 0 to 1 behind disadvantage into the back of the game, the scene is very dangerous. Apart from He Bingjiao and Chen Yufei, this game also has places to reflect on, even if she won the game.

Which team in the elimination match wins the first three games, the game ends immediately. At present, the most powerful teams can only come up with two powerful singles. Even if the Chinese team wants to rely on Li Xueyu, they will be able to rely on three singles. To score in the competition, first of all to be able to drag opponents to 2 to 2. However, I have to recall that in the quarter-finals of the Thomas Cup two years ago, faced with strong doubles but weak singles Korea team, the Chinese team hopes Xiaolong, Lin Dan will hold on to singles, and then Tian Houwei will seal the victory in three matches. A single dragon from the clinker unexpectedly lost to Sun Wanhu, and Zhang Nan and Fu Haifeng lost to Li Longda/Liu Yanxing. The men's team finally hated 1 to 3 drinks. However, if Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao collapse successively, the doubles will have a slight loss. Even if Li Xuesheng recovers ten successes, what's the use? (Nanfang Daily)