2018 Digital Expo Official Opening Li Yanhong Talks About Automatic Driving "First Day" Commitment New Search APP Never Advertises


2018 Digital Expo Official Opening Li Yanhong Talks About Automatic Driving "First Day" Commitment New Search APP Never Advertises

2018 Digital Expo Official Opening Li Yanhong Talks About Automatic Driving First Day Commitment New Search APP Never Advertises

May 20th, 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo officially opened in Guiyang The curtain. This year's Expo is based on the theme of “several things in the integration of wisdom and ingenuity,” including open and closed ceremonies, eight high-end dialogues, and more than 50 professional forums. During the Expo, it will also bring “two sessions, one exhibition, one game and series of events in the same period”.

The China International Big Data Industry Expo, which is one of the core activities of the current Expo, also opened on the 26th, with a total of international integrated museums, digital applications, frontier technology museums, digital hardware museums, and international doubles. Creation Hall, Digital Experience Pavilion and the "Belt and Road" international partner city exhibition area. The big data industry expo will include 388 domestic and foreign companies including Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong and Facebook. They will present their latest technologies and applications in the field of big data research and practice.

It is understood that the three big coffee lovers from Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Li Yanhong will join hands again. At this year's Expo, they will also focus on "precise poverty alleviation" and "integration of the two". "Artificial intelligence" and other fields started dialogues. On May 26, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Li Yanhong made his debut. He shared his views on artificial intelligence. Li Yanhong said that Baidu’s unmanned vehicles will be mass-produced in July, and he also displayed a “simple search” of smart search products and promised never to put advertisements.

Production of Baidu unmanned vehicles is coming soon

Safety is the “first day” of autopilot

< p> In November last year, Baidu entered into a partnership with Golden Dragon Motors to produce a driverless minibus without a steering wheel and without a driver's seat. Mass production will be realized in July 2018. Today, there is still a month left before the deadline, and this truly unmanned vehicle can be mass-produced. In this regard, Li Yanhong confirmed in his speech that Baidu’s unmanned vehicle will be mass-produced in July. He is not worried that the vehicle can't produce enough lines, but rather that the car is not sufficiently safe.

"Safety is the 'first day of development' for autonomous driving technology." Li Yanhong said that any auto-driving accident may cause auto-pilot technology to stagnate for one to two years.He disclosed that 50% of the new code in the Apollo production project this year was added for safety, and its safety products have also been deployed first in mass-production smart cars.

On the scene, Robin Li also showed a video of Baidu’s unmanned vehicles evading puppies. When Baidu unmanned car was tested, when the traffic lights turned around, a small teddy was suddenly pulled from the roadside. In this case, the unmanned vehicle did not panic and responded well. It stopped at a steady pace and allowed the puppy to pass safely.

For the purpose of developing autonomous driving technology, Li Yanhong believes that Baidu is not a vehicle builder, but a platform. “Baidu’s technology allows open-source code and open data for all those who want to build unmanned vehicles. Manufacturers can benefit from it."

Starting a search revolution

Committing to a new generation of search apps that never have ads

Long-time, Baidu Search is frequently criticized for advertising issues. At the scene of the "artificial intelligence" high-end dialogue, Li Yanhong said that it will give search new value in the era of intelligence and put forward a search "new manifesto," saying that in order to ensure a good user experience, Baidu's new smart search app is a simple search." Never advertise."

Previously, Li Yanhong publicly mentioned the importance of user experience several times. He believes that user experience is higher than commercial interest, "violation of user experience principle, one-vote veto," and "user experience." The pursuit has also become the core of Baidu's product concept. At the meeting, Li Yanhong demonstrated the function of "simple search", which can complete the search through speech and image recognition. He said that AI search is thousands of people and will treat children and adults differently. Li Yanhong also promised on the spot that simple search will never put advertisements in search results.

In addition, at the fair, Robin Li also shared his views on AI ethics. "The mission of AI technology is to learn from people, to serve others loyally, and to make human life better." In response, he proposed that safety and control, and promote the equal access to technology and capabilities of human beings, make people grow up. There are four principles that AI should have, such as non-replacement of human beings and freedom and possibility for human beings. “The technical development of AI requires the guidance of values. Only under the guidance of the ethical values ​​of AI can we embrace a 'better era of AI'.”

Cover news reporter Ouyang Hongyu