Li Yanhong: Baidu Simple Search Never Advertises


Li Yanhong: Baidu Simple Search Never Advertises

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On May 26, the 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo officially opened today in Guiyang and was held this afternoon. In the "artificial intelligence" high-end dialogue, Li Yanhong, chairman and CEO of Baidu, delivered the keynote speech "For a Better AI Era".

This is the third time that he has come to the Fair, and Baidu had earlier announced the departure of COO Lu Qi. Li Yanhong made his first public appearance.

On the afternoon of May 18, Baidu announced that Lu Qi was unable to continue working full-time in Beijing due to personal and family reasons. He will no longer serve as president and chief operating officer from July but will continue to serve Group company vice chairman. Lu Qi joined Baidu on January 17, 2017, leading Baidu to sort out the company's strategic, business, and organizational context.

After the release of Lu Qi’s news, Baidu’s share price dropped 9.5%, the largest decline in nearly three years, due to investors’ concerns that Baidu’s recovery may be interrupted. On May 22, some netizens broke the news of Li’s family on social platforms, and Baidu’s public relations statement stated that it was purely non-existent.

This time he came to Guiyang to participate in the fair, and Li Yanhong did not mention the above series of events. Instead, he focused the topic on AI.

Like last year, Li Yanhong said that people have many misunderstandings about artificial intelligence. Some people think that it is bionics and threatens human security. However, Li Yanhong said that he is an optimist and does not worry that AI will threaten human security.

The topic of this year's speech looks very good, but the main thing that we talk about is Li Yanhong’s concern about artificial intelligence. “Last year I said that in July of this year, Baidu’s unmanned vehicle will be mass-produced. Now it is May, and it’s not a worry that it will not be able to go offline. What concerns is its safety.” Li Yanhong said in a speech.

He believes that safety is the "first day" for the development of autonomous driving technology. Human safety is the most important, Baidu can not tolerate errors in this area. Baidu Apollo plans not to build a car, but to create an open platform. He said that in the second half of this year, he will see unmanned vehicles that do not require people to control the steering wheel and appear in some closed places.

Li Yanhong: Baidu Simple Search Never Advertises

In the speech, Robin Li proposed various companies in the era of AI We need to follow the ethical principles. There are four main points:

The highest principle of AI is security and control;

AI's vision for innovation is to promote more equal access to technology and capabilities by humans;

The existence value of AI is to teach people to learn, to make people grow, not to transcend or replace people.

The ultimate ideal of AI is that human beings bring more freedom and possibility.

In the speech, Robin Li also made an advertisement for Baidu’s “Simple Search”, a search app developed and launched by Baidu Search in July 2017. The App has been very low-key since its launch. Its main feature is to provide users with a more concise, refreshing, and intelligent search experience.

Li Yanhong: Baidu Simple Search Never Advertises

In recent years, Baidu's search business has become full due to competitive medical advertisements, etc. Under pressure from public opinion. In this speech, Li Yanhong made a promise: "Simple search, never advertising."

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