Warm-up match wins Myanmar, winning 7 consecutive wins


Warm-up match wins Myanmar, winning 7 consecutive wins

Warm-up match wins Myanmar, winning 7 consecutive wins

On May 26th, the Chinese national team faced Myanmar in a warm-up match. In the end, with the goal of Wu Lei, the national team 1-0 victory over opponents. After winning the match, the Chinese team ended the seven consecutive unbeaten wins.

In the last two rounds of last year's World Cup TWO, the Chinese team defeated their opponents 1-0 and 2-1 respectively in their home game against Uzbekistan and away from Qatar.

Next in November 2017, the national football team ushered in two warm-up matches. The first scene against Serbia, the national team lost 0-2 opponent. After 4 days to Colombia, the final national team lost 0-4 to Colombia.

In the East Asian Cup at the end of 2017, the first match of the Chinese team scored 2-2 against South Korea. In the second round, the national team lost to Japan with a score of 1-2. In the final round of the face of North Korea, the Chinese team is still difficult to win a 1-1 draw with their opponents.

At the China Cup at the beginning of this year, the national football team defeated Wales and the Czech Republic with 0-6 and 1-4. At this point the national football team has already suffered seven victorious record. Today's national football team won 1-0 in the warm-up match and won a one-time victory.

Next, the Chinese team will face the Thai team in the warm-up match on June 2.