Nong Jinbao: What happened after it was filed? Or will it be overdue!


Nong Jinbao: What happened after it was filed? Or will it be overdue!

Nong Jinbao: What happened after it was filed? Or will it be overdue!

At present, the loan record has entered the final countdown phase, at the end of June 2018 The deadline for rectification and acceptance is only less than 3 months. Whether the online loan platform can be completed and reorganized as scheduled has become the focus of investors' attention. At this stage, many investors have adopted a prudent investment strategy so that investment funds can be returned in a timely manner. After the online loan platform is filed, it can be used again.

So, is the platform for online loan filing 100% safe? Can investors close their eyes and invest? the answer is negative.

In recent days, some investors have posted that they have invested in the loan number “20180224001” on Jinpinbao mutual funds. The repayment method of the project is to pay interest on a monthly basis and repay the due date. This investment is the first investment made by the investor on the Nongjinbao mutual gold platform, but unfortunately this investment was overdue in the first month. However, investors at the moment stated that the first month's investment income has reached its custodial account.

Nong Jinbao: What happened after it was filed? Or will it be overdue!

It is worth mentioning that the Nongjinbao mutual gold platform has long been In early 2018, it announced that it had completed the filing of its online loan. Nongjinbao Interchange disclosed on the official website: “Our company complied with the policies of the ministries and commissions of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the local financial office’s guidance to complete the rectification of the platform. It has met the compliance standards required by the local financial office, and filed the registration information at the local financial office. After publicity, it has obtained official filing documents.” In response, the platform customer service also said, “Yes, we have obtained the filing document on December 28.”

From this point of view, for investors, even investing in a platform that already has records, it is difficult to get rid of overdue problems.

Hidden overdue items

Nong Jinbao Jinjin is the principal of Xiamen Rongxin Pratt & Whitney Internet Lending Information Intermediary Services Co., Ltd., which was established in 2014.12 Monthly operation in May 2015, with a registered capital of RMB 2001 million, the actual control of the company is Ye Xie. At present, the deposit and management system of Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank has been on-line.

In January of this year, online lendingIt was found that the investment page of Nongjinbao mutual gold started on page 11 and involved at least 5 overdue projects. The accumulated overdue amount was at least RMB 1 million. It was also found that some of the borrowing projects were suspected to be overdue, the platform has been extended.

However, now the Nongjinbao mutual gold platform only displays 7 pages of 50 investment projects, and from the standard repayment records, all of them are “normal repayment” or "Prepayment in advance", there is no case of overdue repayment.

The online lending company tried to find the investor's loan number "20180224001", but failed to do so. The project list of Nongjinbao mutual gold is arranged in the order of numbers, but there is no such project exists between the "20180212001" project and the "20180227001" project. The suspected platform artificially shields overdue projects.

The amount overdue for more than 90 days has exceeded the overdue amount

The Golden Harvest Mutual Funding Platform has started to disclose the loan information since August 2017. /strong> , As of February 28, 2018, Nongjinbao mutual gold accumulative loan amounting to 145 million yuan, borrowing balance of 23,124,300 yuan, accumulative total of 332 borrowers, cumulative number of 2,810 people; the top ten borrowers to be repaid Accounting for 39.79%, the largest single borrower is 4.32% of the amount to be repaid, the loan concentration is high and the risk is relatively high.

Nong Jinbao: What happened after it was filed? Or will it be overdue!

As of February 28, 2018, Nongjinbao mutual gold was overdue The amount was approximately RMB 87,300, and the number of overdue transactions was one. Overdue amount exceeded 90 days and the amount was approximately RMB 501,400. Over 90 days, the amount was over 2 pens. However, the data is quite different. The overdue amount and the number of transactions should have been greater than or equal to the amount and the number of transactions overdue for more than 90 days. However, the overdue data of Nongjinbao mutual gold is just the opposite.

Nong Jinbao: What happened after it was filed? Or will it be overdue!

The picture shows the operation of Nongpo Bao as of February 28, 2018 Information

However, as of December 31, 2017, the overdue amount disclosed by Nongjinbao Interchange was RMB 910,400, the overdue amount was 3, the overdue amount was over 90 days and the amount was RMB 0.14 million, and over 90 days overdue amount was 3 pen.

The picture shows the operational information of Nongpobao as of December 31, 2017.

In contrast, Nongjinbao Interchange has disappeared out of thin air within a short period of one month. 81.41 million yuan, over 40 days over the amount of 400,000 yuan. What is Nong Jinbao's overdue statistical standard? Why is there apparent inconsistency between the data before and after?

Even if the platform collects overdue assets for recovery, the amount can be deducted from bad debts, but it should still be recorded as overdue.

Thoughts on Overdue Platforms

For a hot filing platform such as Nongjinbao Jinjin, it also has the help of a listed company Torch Electronics, and believes that over 500,000 The ability of the pockets is completely unproblematic. Then the platform dared to burst overdue incidents at this juncture. Can it be assumed that this is to release certain signals?

As we all know, the rigid redemption of P2P has always been a business problem that has lingered in the industry. For the consideration of the P2P platform operation, it is absolutely a last resort for rigid redemption.

After P2P regulatory compliance, relevant departments have repeatedly stressed that platform operations should return to the essence of information mediation. Information mediators themselves should not take the bottom of their pockets, so in a sense, this compliance regulation can also be referred to as “going to the custody”.

As the first overdue incident of the Nongjinbao mutual gold, which is the first hot platform for filing, it will serve as a signal that the entire industry will gradually start to take over after the regulatory compliance.

If it's time to go to the real exchange, the P2P investor should go where it is, and Qian Li thinks that it is necessary for investors to think deeply.

From the current situation, the core of removing rigid countermeasures is to let investors realize that the risk of the P2P industry is mainly borne by investors; but the P2P platform must be good at information Transparency, risk control and a series of work. If overdue is behind the platform being a ghost (or self-funded), then investors are undoubtedly required to pursue the responsibility of the platform.

If the platform performs its duties well,The company or individual has experienced overdue due to various reasons. Then investors will work together with the platform to chase the overdue companies or individuals. How to write on the contract and how to deal with it.

Foreseeable is that After the filing, the overdue P2P industry will not be a scourge. Overdue does not mean that the platform is finished, but it shows that the borrower has had some problems. As long as the borrowing company can pay back the money and provide some compensation, then the overdue case will be revealed. It is not a particularly big thing to hit the platform.

This will also provide a wake-up call for future investors. In the future, we must be cautious when selecting platforms, and we must select the best ones. Do not let the platforms and borrowing companies give money to the roll.