Tesla Motors made fatal accidents again; internationalization of Diaspora expanded and landed in Australia; Piggy Park theme park opened in 2019


Tesla Motors made fatal accidents again; internationalization of Diaspora expanded and landed in Australia; Piggy Park theme park opened in 2019

Tesla Motors made fatal accidents again; internationalization of Diaspora expanded and landed in Australia; Piggy Park theme park opened in 2019

Tesla Motors Fatal Accident: American-Chinese engineers drove into the water

Following According to media reports, the San Francisco Bay Area Department is investigating the death of a man who was driving a Tesla car on the road, knocked over a fence, fell off a cliff, and finally crashed in a pond. It is unclear whether the vehicle is in Autopilot's automatic driving mode.

The internationalization of Didi further expands and lands Australia's trial operation.

Dripping and Diving Trips has recently entered Geelong, Australia for trial operation. It is reported that after the trial operation in Geelong, Didi will expand the network car service to other Australian cities in the coming months. Didi will offer special offers in the early stages of the launch, and new users can enjoy 3 free trips of up to 20 Australian dollars. In the past two weeks, Didi has been recruiting drivers in Geelong, but the number of drivers currently recruited is still unknown.

Xiaomi Water Drops Platform was upgraded to Xiaomi Xiao Love Open Platform to launch the Skills Development Contest. The Xiaomi Water Drops Platform was upgraded to Xiaomi Xiaoai's open platform. After the upgrade, developers can use the open platform to develop voice skills and voice services under various application scenarios. At the same time, the 2018 Xiaoai Skills Development Contest campus special event will also be held in the near future. It is understood that after the “Water Drops Platform” is officially upgraded to “Little Love Open Platform”, it will provide developers with multiple capabilities to help developers achieve more possibilities.

China's first-generation fifth-generation maglev engineering prototype test successfully completed.

The fifth-generation new maglev engineering prototype was successfully tested on the 23rd at the National University of Defense Technology pilot line. Wang Yonggang, a senior expert from China National Vehicles and a professor-level senior engineer at the product R&D center of the Tangshan Motor Corporation of China, said that the fifth-generation new maglev train has complete independent intellectual property rights and its key components are fully autonomous. Several technologies have filled the domestic gap. The successful development is a model of military-civilian integration and independent innovation. Wan Lin, President of Cainiao Network: It is estimated that by 2020, the express environmental protection package bag will cover the whole industry.

Wang Lin, President of Cainiao Network, expects to cover 40 billion packets of electronic planes by 2020, and the route plan will reduce the transportation mileage by 30%. , Touched 40,000 villages, the future service carton 5 billion, open carton screening technology. It is estimated that by 2020, express delivery and environmental protection bags will cover the entire industry.Twenty percent of the consumers in the country have a rookie post station where there is a community, and there is a recycling station where there are post stations.

The US group purchased 100% of the Red Cloud PMS

The US group announced today that it has completed the acquisition of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai-based PMS, an industry-leading hotel provider of the industry-leading hotel in Shanghai. After the completion of the acquisition, the company will continue to maintain its brand independence, and the management team will remain unchanged. Huang Xiaoling will continue to serve as a different kind of CEO, and will jointly build a hotel Internet open platform with the US Mission to provide consumers with more convenient and smarter services. Hotel accommodation services.

SpaceX completes its tenth launch this year and launches seven satellites at the same time. According to GeekWire, SpaceX, a US space exploration technology company, today used a second-hand Falcon 9 rocket to complete its tenth launch this year, placing two gravity The survey satellite and five other Iridium communications network communications satellites were put into orbit.

China Express Association Sun Kang: China's express delivery volume exceeded 40 billion in 2017.

Sun Kang, vice president and secretary-general of the China Express Delivery Association, mentioned at the Alibaba Green Logistics Update Media Communication Conference in 2017. China's express delivery volume has exceeded 40 billion pieces, and its growth rate has exceeded 50% year-on-year for 6 consecutive years. It is estimated that by 2020, China's express delivery volume will reach 75 billion or more, with an average annual growth rate of 30%.

Yu Yongfu made his debut as the deputy chairman of the eWTP Ecological Fund. Yu Yongfu made public appearance for the first time since he took office last year in November last year, chairman of Ali Big Entertainment and Gao De. Ali announced the establishment of eWTP. Ecological Fund, Yu Yongfu served as founding partner and chairman of the fund. It is reported that Alibaba and Ant Financial will make strategic investments as cornerstone investors of the fund. The fund will focus on companies in the field of technological innovation and happy life.

Alibaba Cloud AI cashiers were on duty, ordering 34 cups of coffee for 49 seconds

At the "Yunqi Conference Wuhan Summit" held today, Aliyun demonstrated AI ordering technology. The customer orders to a machine at a rate of 5 words per second, and frequently replaces the statement. This machine accurately responds to each conversation. "Point 34 cups of coffee, artificial need two and a half, while the AI ​​cashier only takes 49 seconds."

"Pig Peggy" boosted profits in the production company in China, will open two theme parks by the end of 2019

British film and television production company EEntertainmEnt One had previously stated that it would seek to reduce its reliance on “Pig Peggy”, but “Pig Peggy” has performed very well in China since its launch in April 2016 in China, with book sales exceeding 40 million copies. As part of the cooperation agreement with the British Merlin Entertainment Group announced in October last year, by the end of 2019, there will be two Pig Piggie theme parks in China.

Qzone was banned under the name of "Short Video Remediation." Today's Headline Article

Some friends have discovered that when Tencent's QQ Space PC side shares today's top article link (domain name:), it will not display properly. The pop-up window prompts: “The Internet will be suspended for direct playback during the Internet short video remediation. If you want to watch, you can still use the browser to play the website.” But the text is actually not a short video, but an article content.

Tencent Cloud Announces Price Drops for Core Products, Up to 50%

At Tencent's "Cloud + Future" Summit, Tencent Cloud announced a new round of price cuts for its core products, involving products including CVM, CDN, Database, COS storage, etc., AMD standard instance price reduction of 30%, equipped with NVIDIA P40 card GPU model GN8 price reduction in the southwest region 20%, and for off-line computing tailored to batch calculation 50%.

Xiaomi's valuation of $630-680 billion in IPO quotation has been finalized.

All weather technology has been informed by anchor investors of Xiaomi inquiry that the cornerstone of Xiaomi cornerstone investment has recently ended. Investors are several heavyweights. International investment institutions also have Chinese state-owned assets, GIC, China Life, or are listed. The investment bank has launched the first round of IPO inquiries to the market with a valuation range of US$630-68 billion, which is lower than previously expected. Xiaomi expects to start a roadshow within two weeks and start a prospectus.

Li Kaifu: The era of AI based on doctoral entrepreneurship has passed. Kaifu Li divided artificial intelligence into the four wave of Internet intelligence, business intelligence, intelligent world of real world, and automatic intelligentization. In the wave of business intelligence, Li Kaifu believes that the success of AI companies requires technology, heavyweight business partners, and a strong leadership team. “The era of AI based on doctoral entrepreneurship is over.”