"No.1 Anhui Road" night lighting project starts next month


"No.1 Anhui Road" night lighting project starts next month

The fastest night of the next month will be initiated with the attention of the "First Road in Anhui" Yangtze River Road night landscape lighting project. On the 9th, it was learned from the municipal administrative department of Hefei City that the night landscape lighting project of the Middle Changjiang Road will build the city's first urban memory light and shadow road around the historical buildings such as the old provincial party committee, the old provincial government, and the Yangtze River Hotel. In the second quarter of this year, Hefei City also plans to start construction of the Ma On Shan Road Elevated and the elevation of the Baohe Road elevated building (Phase II).

No.1 Anhui Road night lighting project starts next month

[Illumination Layout] "One Axis, Two Circles According to reports, the positioning of the night landscape lighting project on the Middle Yangtze River is "historical memory, fashion beauty, and wisdom light." The design scope is based on the Yangtze River. Middle Road (Maanshan Road ~ Huancheng West Road) is an urban trunk road, starting from Ma'anshan Road in the east and Huancheng Road in the west, with a total length of approximately 3040 meters. Focusing on roads and buildings on both sides of the road, public facilities and square nodes, etc., 109 selected lighting buildings in 95, to create a distinctive night scene demonstration road. The overall layout of the night lighting is "one axis, two circles, five points." Among them, the Yangtze River Road to create the historical axis, the axis of fashion and the axis of wisdom, two laps were four archway business district, Sanxiaokou business district, five points refers to the old provincial party committee, the old provincial government, the Yangtze River Hotel, Central Park, including Mountain Road Bridge Five City Light Shadow Nodes.

[Business Circle Lighting] Moonlight White Shows Huiyun Culture

Old Provincial Party Committee, Old Provincial Government, Changjiang Hotel, Xinhua Bookstore, Overseas Chinese Hotel, etc. The historical buildings along the street will be the highlight of this lighting, and will enhance the visual impact of history with high brightness and high brightness, and create a complete historical interface of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

As an important business district in Hefei, a large number of high-rise buildings focusing on commercial and commercial functions have also been gathered on the Middle Yangtze River. The lighting project will echo and link the lights of high-rise buildings and outline the gorgeous urban skyline of the Yangtze River Road, showing the beauty of fashion and the prosperity of a hundred years. According to reports, the light color of high-rise buildings will be based on the moonlight white, showing Huiyun culture. The Sanyokou Jincheng Tower and the CBD have a prominent business climate. Through smart wallwash lighting, they are soft and interactive, demonstrating the unique temperament of the high-end business district of an international metropolis. Four archways commercial intensive, sophisticated fashionThe plan will integrate the four major businesses of the Financial Harbor, Hefei Department Store, Postal Building and Yintai Center to enhance the overall value of the shopping district.

[Visual Feast] Creating a Lighting Theme Street

Specifically worth mentioning is that this lighting project will build the Yangtze River Road into the first place in Hefei. A lighting theme cultural street, opening the festival special lighting model, through the interpretation of light, telling the memory of Hefei, lit a wonderful life. It is reported that the festival feature lighting will be based on the linkage of two major commercial buildings and five historical node projection lighting as a support to create a cultural visual feast staged by architecture, greening and lighting. The entire light show is divided into three chapters: “The Soul of the City,” “The Capital of Commerce,” and “Shadow of Light.” In the context of the history of the Changjiang Road, Chairman Mao inspects, the National Day Parade, the Spring Festival, and the Huizhou Opera. Film and fashion life are presented in a wonderful scene. The perfect display of “Chinese style, Huiyin light and shadow, Hefei memory” and Hefei’s “atmosphere and openness” towards a new era have become new points of transmission for Hefei.

Importing Highlights

Old Provincial Party Committee, Old Provincial Government

Face with soft light Symmetrical layout, combined with warm-colored light to show the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the times; during the festival, through the high-tech 3D projection, the Yangtze River Road history classics.

Yangtze River Hotel

A classic three-stage Soviet classicism style with detailed lighting depicting historical monuments such as buildings, gates, columns, balconies, and gables. .

Xinhua Bookstore

The warm golden light portrays the memories of Hefei.

Ring City Park

The lighting is based on arbor lighting, centering on urban sculptures, setting the square memory projection of Hefei, allowing people to walk and experience the changes of Hefei over the past 100 years. Times elegance.

Source Anhui Business Daily