100,000 shareholders received bad news, the two listed companies may be delisted! 13.3 billion market value is dangerous


100,000 shareholders received bad news, the two listed companies may be delisted! 13.3 billion market value is dangerous

100,000 shareholders received bad news, the two listed companies may be delisted! 13.3 billion market value is dangerous

Last night, a group of people had no sleep overnight.

The ST shell resources and the reorganization of the Bo stocks have once been a keen way for some investors. However, with the increasingly perfect A-share delisting mechanism, "shells" are also full of risks.

On May 22, according to the SSE announcement, *ST Kunji and *ST Jean became the first batch of delisting stocks in 2018.

100,000 shareholders received bad news, the two listed companies may be delisted! 13.3 billion market value is dangerous

According to system data, the number of shareholders of the two companies Totally 103,000, the total market value of liquidity reached 13.3 billion yuan.


Indebtedness may result in Delisting

According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, in the case of three consecutive years of losses from 2014 to 2016, the *ST Kunji 2017 annual report shows that this year's net profit, Net assets are all negative, and two indicators touch the delisting conditions.

In 2017, *ST Kunji’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was -350 million yuan, and its net assets were -382.210 million yuan. From 2014 to 2016, its net profit was -204 million yuan, -328 million yuan, -263 million yuan.

In addition to consecutive losses, * ST Kunji is a regular culprit in financial fraud. In February of this year, the regulatory decision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on *ST Kunji and 23 related persons indicated that from 2013 to 2015, *ST Kunji’s inflated revenue through financial fraud was 483 million yuan, and management costs were RMB 30 million. , Inventory of 506 million yuan less inventory, more cost 235 million yuan, inflated profits of 228 million yuan.

Financial fraud plus four consecutive losses, *ST KunThe machine has already been delisted by default.

Similar to *ST Kunji, *ST Jean's net profit from 2014 to 2016 was also negative. According to its 2017 annual report, *ST-Zine’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB 2.363 billion, and its net assets at the end of the period were RMB -1.98 billion. At the same time, an audit report on reservations was issued, and three indicators touched the delisting standard. .

At present, *ST Jean's cumulative debt is as high as 8.735 billion yuan. According to the company’s previous announcement, as of April 27 this year, it had newly added overdue loans of RMB 26 million, repayment of overdue loans of RMB 0.02 billion, new interest payments of RMB 131 million, accumulated overdue amounts of RMB 7.275 billion, and accumulated interest arrears of RMB 1.46 billion. .

Actually, these two listed companies have local state-owned assets background and have a long history of listing, but these have not yet become their “free gold medals” that are free from delisting.


These stocks may exist Same Risks

At the same time as *ST Public and the suspension of listing, there were several companies in the two cities that suggested there was a risk of suspension of listing. Among them, *ST Shangpu, *ST Huaze, Kangdaer, Shandong Geology and Minerals, Kaidi Ecology, Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery, Midea Energy, Fushun Special Steel, and Zhongyida 9 Listed Companies have not disclosed their annual reports on time and there is a suspension of listing. risks of. Of these nine companies, *ST Shangpu and *ST Huazein suffered losses for three consecutive years.

In addition, which stocks exist risk of delisting?

According to the data, as of now, there are 78 ST companies wearing caps and caps, and 28 of them have the risk of suspension of listing.

100,000 shareholders received bad news, the two listed companies may be delisted! 13.3 billion market value is dangerous

Experts pointed out that in the past few years, small speculation, poor speculation, and speculation The wind of shells is prevalent, and many retail investors and institutions prefer to bet on junk stocks. But in the past two years, supervision has strictly enforced the standards for backdoors and severely cracked down on regulations.Avoiding the behavior of the shell, a large number of shell stocks became junk stocks. In March 2018, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued detailed rules for the implementation of mandatory delisting of major illegal companies, and publicly solicited opinions. Retail investors need to be more rational and cautious, alerting ST companies against speculation risks.


Fried Shell Risk Don't go into pits easily!

Buying shells has been one of the quickest ways for many local tyrants to enter the asset management industry. The price of shell resources has also been pushed up and has soared to over 2 million yuan.

However, with the changes in the attitude of the regulatory authorities and the introduction of the New Deal, the risk of speculation and buying shells has increased.

So what is a fried shell or a shell?

Many unlisted companies or well-funded natural persons often opt for backdoor listing and inject assets into the listed company. After the backdoor listing, it caused the performance of the listed company to soar for a period of time. Coupled with the media and stock reviewers, it attracted a lot of undisclosed investors, causing the stock price to soar.

We need to know that companies that choose to go backdoor are generally divided into two categories: one is large-scale, there is a large amount of loans due to shortage of funds, and the latter is often a big impulse. The second is some companies that do not meet the IPO standards.

In other words, a company that chooses to backdoor listing will generally have some financial or other business concerns. Therefore, the fried shell itself has risks.

Those who like shelling are mostly speculators. No one cares about the figures on the income statement disclosed by the shell company. Relatively speaking, they are more concerned about whether there is debt; no one cares about the shell company's Whether the industry is a mineral industry or a garment industry, it is not even a concern for the premium of a controlling company that is up to 1 times the shell company. What they care about is a series of seemingly meaningless six-digit stock codes.

On the surface, with the soaring stock prices of "shell" stocks, the lurkers are happy. However, small and medium-sized investors as a group that can't be informed about the reorganization of the "cards" are very few who can take the cup. In the ups and downs of stock prices, retail investors with lagging information are extremely vulnerable.

Do not always think that you can withdraw yourself in time and make a profit. After all, in this kind of game of drums and flowers, anyone may be the last one.


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